Friday, September 26, 2008

Sheley gives phone interview to WQAD in the Quad Cities

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, after his jailhouse interview with the Associated Press, Nicholas Sheley took it upon himself to do an "on the phone" interview with Chris Minor from WQAD. You can hear two versions of the interview here.

Once again Sheley seems to be giving out mixed signals, in these interviews he has said that he doesn't want just an adequate defense, he wants the best defense. Granted that is what we would all want if in his shoes (ain't gonna happen!), but after that he wants to defend himself???? Does he have delusions of grandeur or does he really think he can do a better job than two trained attorneys who have under gone special training to defend capital cases? We will see.....Sheley's Public Defenders James Harrell and Jeremy Karlin filed a motion for an emergency hearing on Wednesday, I attended and will blog about that next. Sorry this is slow getting put up, everyday life got in the way and then I had no Internet connection all yesterday!
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