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The Mysterious Disappearance Of Eric Preimesberger

 The name Eric Preimesberger first came to the attention of Katfish....ponders because I was seeing Google and Yahoo searches for an Eric Preimesberger on my statcounter. I think the reason these search engines were referencing Katfish....ponders in relation to searches for Eric was because I have  The Hinky Meter listed on my blogroll. I don't really know Valhall, owner of The Hinky Meter but I put her on my blogroll because she has a background in science and does a good job of deciphering the forensic evidence that comes up in various crime cases I follow. She also covers other aspects of the cases she writes about in an analytical way and I like that. I didn't make the connection why I was getting these " search hits" until the other day when I stopped by The Hinky Meter to read about another case and noticed a recent post  by Valhall about Eric's disappearance titled, " Eric Preimesberger: A continuing look at this mysterious case."  For an in-depth look at this case I suggest you follow the above link to this post  that includes links to the other reports Valhall has written about this case. Family members of Eric and Kristi have been commenting at The Hinky Meter as well.

I'll try give you my take on this case as briefly as possible, as well as links to the few media outlets that have carried the story. The mainstream media has been slow in picking up this story. The Hinky Meter has done a great job of assisting the family in getting their story out. Hopefully by covering the case here, we can assist in finding Eric and his family.

Eric Preimesberger

Here are a few pictures of Eric. Please note that he doesn't wear his glasses all the time.
 Eric is 30 years old.
 Height 5' 7"
 Weight 165 pounds.
 Dark Brown eyes.
Dark blond hair (usually keeps it shaved)
Reddish-brown goatee
                           Dragon tattoo on left bicep
         Possibly carrying a backpack or small duffel bag.

If you have seen Eric since April 20th, 2010 or have information on his whereabouts please contact Detective KC Myers in the Robbery/Homicide Division of the Reno Police Department at 775-657-4801. The case number is 10-13551

This is indeed a strange case, Eric Preimesberger, his wife Kristi and their two children, daughter Ivy, 6 yrs and son Damion, 20 months, were planning a move from Reno, NV to Eugene, OR on April 30, 2010. According to what Eric told his family, the purpose of the move was for Eric and Kristi's brother, Tim Morgan, to start a new business building Yurts.

Eric's mother, Kay, called Eric and Kristi's home in Reno, NV on April 20th because it was the couple's 7th wedding anniversary. Kay says that she spoke to Eric and he was excited about the upcoming move and the prospect of the new business.....little did Kay know that this would be the last time she would speak to her son.

Kay says she called the next day to wish Kristi a happy anniversary as well, because Kristi had been out  when she called the day before. Kay said when Kristi answered she blew off the anniversary wishes, said Eric isn't here and hung up. Over the next 3 days family members of Eric attempted to contact him but were told for various reasons he couldn't or wouldn't talk. Finally, on the 24th Kristi confided to one of them that Eric had became angry, thrown his cell phone at her along with the keys to his beloved Ruckas scooter, and left on foot telling Kristi that she would never see him again. Family members have expressed doubt that Eric would leave on foot, he has a bad back and an injured he LOVES his Ruckas. Why leave it? I won't go into Kristi’s stories concerning the last time she saw Eric, but reports are they were suspicious and changing.

 Despite efforts to get Kristi to file a missing person's report, she refused. On May 3 Kristi packed up a Pod with all their belongings, took Ivy (removed from school early) and Damion and  moved with the help of her brother Tim to his house in Eugene, OR. I should note that both Eric and Kristi are originally from NM and that is where both of their Mothers still live.

Both Eric and Kristi's family concede their marriage has been a stormy one, but his family and friends insist he would not just walk out on his children and cut off all contact with his family and friends.After 3 weeks of noone hearing from Eric, his mother was able to file a missing person report with the Reno, NV Police.

This case has been declared a suspicious disappearance and  has been transferred to the robbery/homicide division of the Reno PD, which allows them more investigative options. Despite being the last person known to have seen Eric,  Kristi has not been named a suspect or a person of interest in Eric's disappearance; however,  Reno PD do tell Eric's family they would like to talk to her.
*Update 7/26 : It has been reported that Kristi is communicating with Detective Myers of Reno PD.

Here is where the story takes an even stranger turn.....when Kristi left Reno on May 3, she only stayed at her brother’s home for a few weeks.  A week before Memorial Day she arrived at the home of Eric’s stepsister in Vancouver, Washington.  Kristi had called Eric’s stepsister stating Eric was missing and she needed a place to stay.  She informed the stepsister(Eric's deceased father's step-daughter) that she could not go home to her mother, Karen, and that her brother was only able to put her and children up for a few weeks.  The stepsister invited her up. It should be noted that the stepsister and other relatives were made to believe, by Kristi, that both her mother, Karen, and Eric’s mother, Kay, knew she was staying in Vancouver and that she planned to do so for the entire summer.....this is not the case. Karen thought she was at Tim's place in Eugene and Kay had no idea where Kristi and the kids were because she wouldn't and isn't accepting Kay's calls.

Kristi left stepsister's home on June 16th, saying that she was headed to her mother’s home in New Mexico.  The stepsister and other relatives in the Vancouver area have tried repeatedly to contact Kristi since she left, but her cell phone goes immediately to voice mail. On July 6th the Sheriff’s department of Clark County, Washington contacted the stepsister and took her statement because, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s department the stepsister is the last person to have seen Kristi and the children. The Clark County Sheriff’s department states Kristi did not return to her brother’s home in Eugene, Oregon because Tim had already gone missing himself on June 14th.  The sheriff’s department confirmed that no one has physically seen Kristi, or the two children, since they left the stepsister’s home on June 16th.

 Kristi's mother says she received a phone call on July 2 from both Tim and Kristi, but she says she doesn't know where they are. Kristi told her mother the children are safe. In addition to needing to be returned to the Reno area to assist investigators in finding Eric, Kristi needs to be located for the protection of the two small children she has with her.Here are some pictures of Kristi, Tim and the kids:

Damion Preimesberger

Damion Preimesberger 
Age: 20 months 
Hair: Dark blonde 
Eyes: Blue
Ivy Preimesberger

    Ivy Preimesberger 
Age: 6 years 
Hair: Dark blonde 
                              Eyes: Blue                               



Kristi Preimesberger 

Kristi Morgan Preimesberger 
Age: 30 years 
Hair: Dark blonde 
Eyes: Blue 
Height 5'5"  
Weight 115  
4 Tattoos: on right shoulder (pictured above)
 Kanji symbol on the inside of her right wrist 
 wings on her back
an undescribed tat across her lower back.
Vehicle Description:
Charcoal Grey 2006 Toyota Corolla 4-door CE/LE/S with Nevada License plate (tag # unknown)

Kristi could have been headed to the Reno, Nevada area, the Farmington, New Mexico area, or the Phoenix, Arizona area. This mother and her children are considered to be in danger.
If you have information on the whereabouts of Kristi, Ivy or Damion Preimesberger, please contact Officer William Rogers with the Eugene, Oregon Police Department at 541-255-5301.

Tim Morgan is Kristi's brother, 
she and the kids may be traveling with him. 
He may now have a shaved head and no facial hair.
Height 5'11" Weight 138 pounds

Timothy Morgan
Tim Morgan         

printable flyer- Kristi and kids
printable flyer- Eric
RGJ .com 
City of Reno

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nicholas Sheley Defense Asks For Special Prosecutor

WGIL Radio in Galesburg, IL reports that the defense for Nicholas Sheley filed a motion on Monday, July 12 to have a special prosecutor appointed in his capital murder trial. I haven't seen the motion yet, so I'll supply the article from Their article will appear in black italics in this post and my analysis and opinions of the case will appear in regular type.

The local attorneys for accused spree killer Nicholas Sheley say a recent order in their favor makes it necessary for a special prosecutor to be appointed in the case.

Documents were filed Monday in Knox County Circuit Court by defense attorney Jeremy Karlin asking for the special prosecutor.

Karlin cites an order signed last month by Judge James Stewart that allows the defense to seek certain testing or services on an "ex parte" basis -- meaning, without prosecutors being present -- and also allows the Department of Corrections to transport Sheley for that testing without telling prosecutors.

On April 1, 2010, Judge James Stewart issued an order directing the Illinois Department of Corrections to transport defendant Nicholas T. Sheley for certain testing. The DOC filed an emergency motion  for leave to file a petition for an original writ of mandamus.The motion was denied and the order was entered by the court.

The IL Department of Corrections (IL DOC) then filed an emergency motion with the IL Supreme Court for a supervisory order. The motion was allowed. The Supreme Court wrote in it's order, " In the exercise of this Court's supervisory authority, the Circuit Court of Knox County is directed to vacate its order of April 1, 2010, directing the Illinois Department of Corrections to transport defendant Nicholas T. Sheley for certain testing. The circuit court is directed to conduct a hearing at which the Illinois Department of Corrections may be heard on the subjects of safety and expense, and may suggest alternative orders."

That hearing was held on June 18 and the court, again, ordered the DOC to transport the defendant for the required testing. Stewart told the defense whenever they need an ex parte hearing they should notify the prosecution of the hearing so they are aware, but the order allows Sheley to be tested and transported without the knowledge of the prosecution.

I wrote an entry on the June 18 hearing when
Judge James Stewart upheld this order titled 
"The Nicholas Sheley Case, 
It's A Long And Winding Road To Justice".

But Karlin claims while the order means his side doesn't have to disclose parts of their case prematurely, the filing says "A party to these orders has failed to comply with the terms of these orders."

Karlin doesn't specify in the filing who's at fault -- just that a special prosecutor is needed to help enforce ex parte matters in the future.

Because of the position the IL DOC has taken regarding this transport, Katfish...ponders feels comfortable speculating that the DOC in some way notified the state of a transport. They may have notified another agency within the executive branch of a transport feeling they would still be in compliance but the state was notified ??? I just don't see the State's Attorney or Illinois Attorney General's office failing to comply with the judge's order, besides, how would they know unless it came from the DOC?

But he's now also asking the judge to dismiss the entire 17 count indictment against Sheley, accusing him of bludgeoning to death 65-year old Ronald Randall among other things over two-years ago now -- part of a suspected two-state killing spree, and to strike a notice of intent to seek the death penalty.

We can consider these latest motions as 
just another curve in that road to justice.

This isn't the first time Sheley's defense has made a motion to dismiss the 17 count indictment or to have the option to seek the death penalty removed. Those motions were previously denied in 2009. It's not clear without having seen this latest motion to dismiss and strike if they are being presented as sanctions for failure to comply with the court's order or just a continuing attempt to provide Nicholas Sheley with a vigorous defense. I tend to think it's the latter.

The Illinois Attorney General's office has aided the Knox County State's Attorney in trying the case, but Karlin says appointing a special prosecutor means Sheley's right to a fair trial will be maintained.
Again, this is just my opinion based on what little I know and have speculated about these recent developments.....If the DOC feels they must notify someone about these transports for safety reasons, maybe it is appropriate to appoint a special prosecutor or special master to oversee these exparte matters.

Sheley is currently serving a prison sentence for starting a fight with employees of the Knox County Jail last year. It's not known when this new motion will be heard. 

Katfish...ponders has learned there are hearings scheduled for July 29 and July 30, both at 1:45 p.m. to hear these motions.

In the meantime, several media outlets including WGIL have until Monday to respond to yet another subpoena in the case asking for documentation of their coverage of the case.

The defense filed a motion for a change of venue earlier in the case and have conducted phone polls in Knox County to support their motion. That motion was argued by both sides in November 2009 and Judge Stewart denied the motion calling it premature; however, he did not preclude the defense from renewing the motion pre-trial. The defense must be keeping up-to-date on the coverage in preparation to renew the motion. 

When denying the defense motion for change of venue in November 2009, Judge Stewart said, "Knox County has an interest in this case being tried in the county in which the alleged crime is said to have been committed." 

Any readers who are fellow trial watchers know that in some states the remedy the courts have used to avoid the expense and inconvenience of moving an entire trial, yet protect  right to a fair trial of the accused, is to bring a jury in from another county within the district. Perhaps in this day and age of 24/7 media coverage more states should consider this option. Off the top of my head I know of recent cases in Tennessee and Florida that have successfully done this......I haven't researched it but I know there are other states that do the same.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Really Good Reason Not To Break The Law In Las Vegas

After a lawyer due to defend a man against a kidnapping charge showed up to court 90 minutes late in the company of a young woman wearing a black halter top and tight pants and smelling of booze, a Clark County District Court judge ordered the attorney to take a Breathalyzer test in open court, then declared a mistrial when the test confirmed her suspicions.

Joseph Caramagno
Caramagno denied being drunk in an interview a few days later. He said he was in a car accident on the way to court and suffered a concussion, causing him to appear intoxicated when he was not. He said police were not called to the fender bender, so there was no record of it. "I wasn't drunk," he said. "I was ready to go forward." "I've always considered myself the consummate professional," he said. "I take all my cases very personally."

Watch these videos and you be the judge. I don't know how those people in that courtroom kept a straight face.

District Judge Michelle Leavitt did not order Caramagno into custody on a contempt of court finding; however, The LATimes reported that Wayne Blevins, executive director of the Nevada State Bar told a reporter that Joe Caramagno was representing as many as 100 cases when that incident happened. Shortly after the incident, Blevins said Caramagno "is presently in a rehab center and his current cases have been assigned to some attorneys here in Nevada and those attorneys have volunteered their time and effort to accommodate the cases as a service to the Bar."
Caramagno is well known in Las Vegas legal circles because he was one of the lawyers who helped secure the acquittal of Rick Tabish on a murder charge in 2004. Tabish and his lover, Sandy Murphy, were acquitted of charges of killing Las Vegas gaming mogul Ted Binion. They were convicted, however, of charges stemming from the theft of Binion's silver.

Even though these videos are hilarious the situation is sad. Hopefully he has got his life together so he could return to his practice. Sphere: Related Content

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Joshua Sheley Has 6 Hour Standoff With Police- Updated x 3

Third Update 7/22- attorney change and another continuance at bottom
Second Update 7/17- preliminary hearing details, below 1st update at bottom.
Updated 7/10 - Joshua Sheley appeared in court on 7/07, details at bottom.

Whiteside County Emergency Response Team members escort Joshua J. Sheley, 32, into a police car at 7:15 p.m. (David Rauch/
It has been brought to my attention that Joshua Sheley has been arrested again in Whiteside County, IL.

Joshua Sheley 32, of Sterling, IL was arrested on some outstanding warrants that were issued in Whiteside County on May 21, 2010. I'll get into more about the warrants and the current charges pending against Sheley in a minute.

First, I want to discuss how he and another man, Matthew Simmons, 25 were both apprehended at about 7:15 pm on Monday, July 5, while LE was searching for an attempted robbery suspect. Simmons was arrested on an outstanding Whiteside County warrant for probation violation. 

At about 12:25 pm on Monday, July 5 an attempted robbery at a local Citgo station was reported to the  Sterling police. The QC Times reports that a canine unit used during the search led police to Sheley's home at 905 2nd Ave, Sterling. Shortly after 12:30 pm on the 5th, Sterling police began knocking at the door of Josh Sheley's home, looking for him and one other possible suspect.Police say they talked with a woman with two children. She told officers no one was home, but officers could still hear someone inside. Police then obtained a search warrant and brought in the SWAT team as backup, unaware if the suspects had a gun.

Witnesses tell WQAD News 8 the police with high powered riffles surrounded the area for a block and a half. For the next four hours, police tried to communicate with Sheley and Simmons without any change. Officer eventually shot 20 to 30 rounds of tear gas through windows. Finally around 7:30pm Monday night, the SWAT team entered the house and found both men hiding huddled in a closet. Sheley and Simmons were arrested about seven hours after police first knocked on the door.

The investigation into the attempted armed robbery at the Citgo station continues. Authorities said at this point Josh Sheley does not fit the description of the suspect. So far there is no official word if Simmons fits the description; however, I did see a comment by someone who used the hat-name ignorrance and identified herself as Simmon's sister over on Topix . Part of her comment said, "matthew doesnt fit the description of the attempted robber at citgo, he is BLACK obviously the man was white or they wouldnt have even considered josh a suspect so matthew is totally out of that now when it comes to probation violation okay ignorrance on his part." (c&p as written)

I saw a news clip of the security video of the attempted robbery and the subject appeared completely covered to me, even his face. Identification will likely depend more on height, weight, and clothing....maybe voice. Even if neither man ends up charged for the robbery, it isn't clear whether there will be any charges related to the stand-off.

For those of you not familiar with Joshua Sheley, he is the older brother of Nicholas Sheley, 30,  who is charged with the deaths of 8 people  in connection with a week-long killing spree in June 2008. Katfish ...ponders has reported extensively on the murder and assault cases involving Sheley in Knox County.
Click here to see previous Nicholas Sheley related entries ( newest to oldest dating back to August 2008 ).
Nicholas S. is serving a seven-year sentence in the Pontiac State prison  for an assault he was convicted of committing against the staff of the Knox County Jail, where he was being held following his arrest in July 2008. Nicholas Sheley is expected to stand trial in Knox County sometime between February and May of 2011 for the murder of Ronald Randall,65, Galesburg, IL. If convicted he may face the death penalty.

Josh Sheley was charged with concealment of a homicide and obstruction of justice in connection with the first of the murders his brother Nicholas is charged with committing, that of Russell Reed, 93, of rural Sterling. Two other people were also charged for concealing Reed's death, the charges were dropped for one person and the other, Eric A. Smith, 30, of Rock Falls, was sentenced to 6 years in prison for hiding a gun and ammunition police say was stolen by his cousin, Nicholas Sheley, in late June 2008. Smith, pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a firearm by a felon in December 2009 and for testifying against his cousin, Joshua Sheley, a couple charges were dropped.

Josh Sheley spent from July 2008 until December 2009 awaiting trial in Whiteside County jail, before he was acquitted on both charges of assisting his brother Nick to cover up Russell Reed's murder by Whiteside County Circuit Judge John Hauptman, after a three-day bench trial

Hauptman stated in his controversial ruling that prosecutors proved that Joshua Sheley’s brother, Nicholas Sheley, played at least some part in the June 2008 killing of 93-year-old Reed. They also proved Joshua Sheley likely had knowledge of it, he said. But the judge said the state had not proved that Joshua Sheley took any action to cover up the crime. As frustrating as that verdict was for so many, if Joshua Sheley did indeed take action to cover-up Reed's murder, he can't be tried on those charges again, so it's left up to Karma and God to deal with him for that now. Of course, if Josh Sheley didn't take action to help his brother Nick, he shouldn't be crucified for his brother's sins either. Having said that, it appears that Joshua, like his brother, has temper and impulse control issues that can cause a lot of trouble; so it's not surprising that he has landed in jail again.

When the Sheley brothers  were arrested in July 2008, Joshua Sheley had only been out of prison for a couple months. He has managed to stay out of jail the last six months , but that doesn't mean he hasn't been (allegedly) misbehaving. The outstanding warrants he was just arrested on are 2 counts of aggravated fleeing or eluding a police officer. They are both class 3 felonies. I think the bond is $100, he needs $10,000 to bail out.
On March 19 this year Josh Sheley was ticketed for transportation or possession of alcoholic liquor in a motor vehicle. He pled guilty and was fined on April 29, 2010.  Evidently police saw Sheley driving on May 20 with a revoked drivers license, when they attempted to stop him he fled. The warrants were issued the next day, but it seems he wasn't caught until July 6 after the 6+ hour stand off. I have seen it reported in the media that the $100,000 warrant was for failure to appear for a felony, but the Whiteside County website shows the warrant being 2 counts of aggravated fleeing. ????. I  will try to find out more of the specifics.
If convicted as charged a class 3 felony is punishable by Up to a $25,000 Fine and/or 2 to 5 Years in prison for each count. My guess is some of this could end up reduced, but we still don't know if there will be charges for the stand off or attempted robbery. I wouldn't rule out either one just yet.

Sterling police are asking that anyone with information about the attempted robbery contact the Sterling Police Department at 815-632-6640 or Whiteside County Crimestoppers at 815-625-7867.

Update- 7/10

Defendant in court. Advised of rights & bond. Public Defender appointed. Preliminary hearing scheduled for 7/15/10 at 1 p.m. CMP
Appearance by Public Defender filed. Speedy Trial Demand filed.

2nd Update- 7/17
07/15/2010- Preliminary hearing- Judge Michael R. Albert

Defendant in custody assigned Public Defender (PD) Fagerman. People represented by Assistant States Attorney (ASA) Brozovich.
On Defendants motion, without objection by the state, case continued for preliminary hearing 7/22/10 at 1:00 p.m.before Judge Stanley B. Steines
3rd Update- 7/22
07/21/2010  Appearance, Consent and Substitution of Attorney filed by Attorney Jan Buttron. Statement in Support of Rule 18 fees filed. Motion to Continue filed. Notice of Filing filed.
07/22/2010  Defendant in custody appeared with Attorney Jan Buttron. People represented by ASA Costello. On Defendant's motion, preliminary (again) continued to 8/19/10 at 1 p.m.
before Judge Michael R.Albert

 Quad City Times

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John Mellencamp- "Little Pink Houses" Happy 4th of July America!

Happy 4th of July safe and celebrate this wonderful country we have the privilege of living in!

This song fits perfect with this Slide Show !!!! The United States is a beautiful place, with many attractions!!!!!! Here you see America's Landmarks, Cities, small towns, and everything else in between that makes up what the United States is today!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stacey Barker Murder Trial Now Set To Begin Late September

At the end of September in Lancaster, CA, the scorching temperatures and wicked winds of the high desert should be morphing into pleasantly warm and breezy days; however, things may be heating up in the Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse.

In a hearing held at the Lancaster courthouse on June 28 Superior Court Judge Hayden Zackey has again changed the date for the murder trial of Stacey Barker to now start on Monday, September 20, 2010.
Stacey Barker mugshot

Emma on her  first and only birthday
Barker is a 25 year old Lancaster, California woman accused of smothering her 18 month old daughter, Emma Leigh Barker, before dumping her body in tall grass at the side of a freeway on March 18, 2008.

Our friends, Tori, ANurse and  Ange have again taken time out of their day to attend the hearing and share the details with us. ~ thanks again ladies ~  Tori said the hearing was late getting underway. For almost an hour it seemed as though Deputy District Attorney Kelly Cromer and Public Defender Roberto Dager were playing cat and mouse, every time DDA Cromer came in the courtroom, PD Dager had just left and so she would leave to do something and he would walk in. LOL! Of course they weren't playing games, there were 3 inmate buses at the courthouse today and they have to search each one every time all the inmates get off so this took a while.

 Judge Zackey didn't seem to feel well today, he may have allergies, he's blowing his nose, holding his head and seems in a bit of a mood.....hope he feels better soon, he's a good guy. The attorneys finally settled in and defendant Stacey Barker is brought in. Barker seems subdued again today (Tori used the term lackluster) yet she has her hair up in a braid , it looks like someone helped her with it, it's very neat.

As soon as court is under way, Cromer hands Dager a disc. She says there's a wire tap conversation on the disc ( it isn't clear whose line was tapped) there are also taped phone calls  the defendant made and (most interesting IMO) are letters she has exchanged with an inmate Sutton. Judge Zackey asks, "Is that the Erin Sutton who was in my courtroom?" Cromer, Dager and another attorney (unidentified) all respond, " Yes it is your honor." Judge Zackey looks puzzled and maybe a bit shocked when he finds out it was the same guy. (Evidently he didn't make the connection at the last hearing when this was mentioned.)

Our friends actually made the connection  at the last hearing, but I didn't include the following in that post because we didn't know his first name so we weren't positive it was the inmate Sutton who had been in Zackey's court before.  Judge Zackey wasn't the only one surprised to learn that the inmate Barker has been corresponding with was someone we have talked about before. He has no relationship to this case (before now) but was in court the same day as Stacey back in September 2009. Our friends TD and Anurse nicknamed him "Devil Dude" when they saw him back then, here is how they described him at that time:

Devil dude was a very creepy guy covered in tattoos ( I love tattoos) but they were all over his bald head, on his face all over his hands and arms, he had a very evil look to him, his eyes were seriously creepy...He was brought in to the courtroom and we were all asked to clear the room...He was all shackled up, he had the handcuffs, the chain around his waist, and the bracelets around his ankles...There were I think like 3 or 4 guards in the room....I don’t know what he did, but as we were allowed back in the courtroom, he looked at everyone in the eyes, like he was getting a image of us in his head...He was just creepy, we all had shivers when he looked at us...
Erin Sutton's MySpace profile picture

It turns out they weren't too far off with the nickname. On his MySpace page , he goes by the name "Vampire"
I want to go on record saying that you can't always judge a book by it's cover and we don't know exactly what this guy did; however, he makes mention on his MS that he was arrested and is facing life in prison because of something he "allegedly" did to a guy he took guitar lessons from, after he found out the guy was a convicted sex offender and this guy had been trying to get Vampire to allow him to give Vampire's 12 year old daughter "private lessons". He claims he is falsely accused.....but that's a story for another day. 
 Update: After further investigation we find that Sutton is in jail for felony robbery with a $2 million bail. Perhaps a third strike felony?The RSO "Vampire" mentions on his MySpace is still living in Lancaster and is listed on the Megan's law website as a child molester.

The bigger question is, how did Stacey Barker meet him and why did she choose this guy for a friend? Our guess is she met him on the bus ride to court, it's 90 miles each way. We know of at least twice that they were in court on the same day. Some think it's a protection thing. She may think other inmates won't mess with her if they are friends. I tend to think they are commiserating with each other because they are both "falsely accused and can relate", who knows??? It seems something from their communications will be used in the trial anyway. We'll see......

Ok, back to the hearing....Judge Zackey says he has spoken with both parties and everything is complete in the discovery process. He learned from Cormer and Dager that  both they and some of the witnesses and investigators have commitments near the proposed July 26 trial date, so that date will now be a pre-trial hearing.The trial will be the week of September 24. Monday the 20th will start the trial.(We're not sure if that is when jury selection starts, we'll know more after July 26.)

Zackey was very clear that there will be no more delays. Zackey addressed the lawyers," You both want it to stay in this court right? " They both said, "yes".  He said, "Alright then, there will be NO more delays unless I am in a trial, then you both agree to wait until I am finished to start the trial...the only delays will be from ME, agree?" They both said," Yes" and that was it the hearing was over. Sphere: Related Content