Monday, July 26, 2010

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Eric Preimesberger

 The name Eric Preimesberger first came to the attention of Katfish....ponders because I was seeing Google and Yahoo searches for an Eric Preimesberger on my statcounter. I think the reason these search engines were referencing Katfish....ponders in relation to searches for Eric was because I have  The Hinky Meter listed on my blogroll. I don't really know Valhall, owner of The Hinky Meter but I put her on my blogroll because she has a background in science and does a good job of deciphering the forensic evidence that comes up in various crime cases I follow. She also covers other aspects of the cases she writes about in an analytical way and I like that. I didn't make the connection why I was getting these " search hits" until the other day when I stopped by The Hinky Meter to read about another case and noticed a recent post  by Valhall about Eric's disappearance titled, " Eric Preimesberger: A continuing look at this mysterious case."  For an in-depth look at this case I suggest you follow the above link to this post  that includes links to the other reports Valhall has written about this case. Family members of Eric and Kristi have been commenting at The Hinky Meter as well.

I'll try give you my take on this case as briefly as possible, as well as links to the few media outlets that have carried the story. The mainstream media has been slow in picking up this story. The Hinky Meter has done a great job of assisting the family in getting their story out. Hopefully by covering the case here, we can assist in finding Eric and his family.

Eric Preimesberger

Here are a few pictures of Eric. Please note that he doesn't wear his glasses all the time.
 Eric is 30 years old.
 Height 5' 7"
 Weight 165 pounds.
 Dark Brown eyes.
Dark blond hair (usually keeps it shaved)
Reddish-brown goatee
                           Dragon tattoo on left bicep
         Possibly carrying a backpack or small duffel bag.

If you have seen Eric since April 20th, 2010 or have information on his whereabouts please contact Detective KC Myers in the Robbery/Homicide Division of the Reno Police Department at 775-657-4801. The case number is 10-13551

This is indeed a strange case, Eric Preimesberger, his wife Kristi and their two children, daughter Ivy, 6 yrs and son Damion, 20 months, were planning a move from Reno, NV to Eugene, OR on April 30, 2010. According to what Eric told his family, the purpose of the move was for Eric and Kristi's brother, Tim Morgan, to start a new business building Yurts.

Eric's mother, Kay, called Eric and Kristi's home in Reno, NV on April 20th because it was the couple's 7th wedding anniversary. Kay says that she spoke to Eric and he was excited about the upcoming move and the prospect of the new business.....little did Kay know that this would be the last time she would speak to her son.

Kay says she called the next day to wish Kristi a happy anniversary as well, because Kristi had been out  when she called the day before. Kay said when Kristi answered she blew off the anniversary wishes, said Eric isn't here and hung up. Over the next 3 days family members of Eric attempted to contact him but were told for various reasons he couldn't or wouldn't talk. Finally, on the 24th Kristi confided to one of them that Eric had became angry, thrown his cell phone at her along with the keys to his beloved Ruckas scooter, and left on foot telling Kristi that she would never see him again. Family members have expressed doubt that Eric would leave on foot, he has a bad back and an injured he LOVES his Ruckas. Why leave it? I won't go into Kristi’s stories concerning the last time she saw Eric, but reports are they were suspicious and changing.

 Despite efforts to get Kristi to file a missing person's report, she refused. On May 3 Kristi packed up a Pod with all their belongings, took Ivy (removed from school early) and Damion and  moved with the help of her brother Tim to his house in Eugene, OR. I should note that both Eric and Kristi are originally from NM and that is where both of their Mothers still live.

Both Eric and Kristi's family concede their marriage has been a stormy one, but his family and friends insist he would not just walk out on his children and cut off all contact with his family and friends.After 3 weeks of noone hearing from Eric, his mother was able to file a missing person report with the Reno, NV Police.

This case has been declared a suspicious disappearance and  has been transferred to the robbery/homicide division of the Reno PD, which allows them more investigative options. Despite being the last person known to have seen Eric,  Kristi has not been named a suspect or a person of interest in Eric's disappearance; however,  Reno PD do tell Eric's family they would like to talk to her.
*Update 7/26 : It has been reported that Kristi is communicating with Detective Myers of Reno PD.

Here is where the story takes an even stranger turn.....when Kristi left Reno on May 3, she only stayed at her brother’s home for a few weeks.  A week before Memorial Day she arrived at the home of Eric’s stepsister in Vancouver, Washington.  Kristi had called Eric’s stepsister stating Eric was missing and she needed a place to stay.  She informed the stepsister(Eric's deceased father's step-daughter) that she could not go home to her mother, Karen, and that her brother was only able to put her and children up for a few weeks.  The stepsister invited her up. It should be noted that the stepsister and other relatives were made to believe, by Kristi, that both her mother, Karen, and Eric’s mother, Kay, knew she was staying in Vancouver and that she planned to do so for the entire summer.....this is not the case. Karen thought she was at Tim's place in Eugene and Kay had no idea where Kristi and the kids were because she wouldn't and isn't accepting Kay's calls.

Kristi left stepsister's home on June 16th, saying that she was headed to her mother’s home in New Mexico.  The stepsister and other relatives in the Vancouver area have tried repeatedly to contact Kristi since she left, but her cell phone goes immediately to voice mail. On July 6th the Sheriff’s department of Clark County, Washington contacted the stepsister and took her statement because, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s department the stepsister is the last person to have seen Kristi and the children. The Clark County Sheriff’s department states Kristi did not return to her brother’s home in Eugene, Oregon because Tim had already gone missing himself on June 14th.  The sheriff’s department confirmed that no one has physically seen Kristi, or the two children, since they left the stepsister’s home on June 16th.

 Kristi's mother says she received a phone call on July 2 from both Tim and Kristi, but she says she doesn't know where they are. Kristi told her mother the children are safe. In addition to needing to be returned to the Reno area to assist investigators in finding Eric, Kristi needs to be located for the protection of the two small children she has with her.Here are some pictures of Kristi, Tim and the kids:

Damion Preimesberger

Damion Preimesberger 
Age: 20 months 
Hair: Dark blonde 
Eyes: Blue
Ivy Preimesberger

    Ivy Preimesberger 
Age: 6 years 
Hair: Dark blonde 
                              Eyes: Blue                               



Kristi Preimesberger 

Kristi Morgan Preimesberger 
Age: 30 years 
Hair: Dark blonde 
Eyes: Blue 
Height 5'5"  
Weight 115  
4 Tattoos: on right shoulder (pictured above)
 Kanji symbol on the inside of her right wrist 
 wings on her back
an undescribed tat across her lower back.
Vehicle Description:
Charcoal Grey 2006 Toyota Corolla 4-door CE/LE/S with Nevada License plate (tag # unknown)

Kristi could have been headed to the Reno, Nevada area, the Farmington, New Mexico area, or the Phoenix, Arizona area. This mother and her children are considered to be in danger.
If you have information on the whereabouts of Kristi, Ivy or Damion Preimesberger, please contact Officer William Rogers with the Eugene, Oregon Police Department at 541-255-5301.

Tim Morgan is Kristi's brother, 
she and the kids may be traveling with him. 
He may now have a shaved head and no facial hair.
Height 5'11" Weight 138 pounds

Timothy Morgan
Tim Morgan         

printable flyer- Kristi and kids
printable flyer- Eric
RGJ .com 
City of Reno

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  1. Hey Katfish, this is Kay,Eric's mom I have a better pic of Kristi and of her tat on her right arm, she also has a Kanji sym. on the inside of her right wrist and wings on her back and a tat accross the lower back. the one on her arm thogh is really unique. I'm going to take a chance and give you my email address here and hope you will contact me for the pics.

  2. Hello Kay,
    Thank you for the additional information. I hope you find Eric and his kids soon. I'm glad to help in anyway I can....I did sign up for his causes page on Facebook. Several of my friends have joined. I have a lot of friends on there who are active in missing persons and others who are crime buffs, so I look for more to join :)

  3. Kay I have "know Katfish" for over a year, from another case we follow together. You couldn't have a more caring or competent person on your side.

    Your family going missing is a horrifying prospect to anyone, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Hello LCM, my friend.
    Thank you for your kind comments. Kay is living every mother's nightmare right now. (I'm not a mom, but as good as one, to my nieces and nephew.)
    Speaking of the other case....there was supposed to be a hearing today. Did you go? Looking forward to details.

  5. Katfish,

    I have all my notes by my side so that I can correct or add to an article when I find it. I am blown away. What a professional article. I would like to see this piece over at hinky because..... you have articulated time table. Kay is a dear friend of mine....THANK YOU for helping!


  6. Hi Randie,
    This article is made from all of the information that Valhall of The Hinky Meter wrote and the many comments that were made by readers and friends and family of Eric. Please feel free to let me know of any additions or corrections that this may need. I follow true crime and missing person's cases here but this case and Kay has grabbed my heartstrings. I can only hope this will help.

  7. Awesome article, katfish! Thank you so much for what must have been hours of mining through the comments to pull together such an easy to follow timeline. I am so glad that Eric's story is spreading, and I'm so glad that Kay is finally starting to get the support she needs to find out what happened to her son.

    Kindest Regards,

  8. Thank you all so much, this is a nightmare that you always think will happen to ohters not you. so many times I have said I don't know how a person could go so long without knowing where their loved one is. Now I know we have to rely on Jehovah God and his son Jesus to get us through and make it so we can put one foot in front of the other and keep going for the rest of the family. Thank you all for being so kind and helping to look for my sweet boy.You only have to look in his eyes and look at that smile
    to know him.

  9. nice site Katfish and great article its so awesome too see people picking this story up. Kay deserves to know what happened to her son and Eric deserves justice, Kristi deserves the consequences of her actions and the babies deserve their grandma!

  10. Katfish,

    Where did the information that Kristi was now talking to Detective Myers come from?


  11. Katfish ~

    God makes Mom's in many ways and as we all know, giving birth guarantees nothing. Not all of our children grow in our wombs - often the one most dear to us, grows in our heart - for this whenever "we" speak of mothers, I know you are a mother of the heart. ((HUGS))

  12. Katfish thank you for helping Ky and her family we consider them family and not sure where to her go from here. I listen to her sob and it rips my heart apart, we will not let her give up hope.

  13. I really appreciate all of the kind comments!
    I hope that Kay will have some resolution soon. We can all help to get the word out and pray.

    Val, Thanks for stopping by, you got the ball rolling. It did take a bit of time to sort through everything....I'm still not positive I have all the details exactly right butI think it's close.
    kat :)

    MLR- I was asked to report Kristi's communication in the generic way that I did, but it is from a very reliable said that, is she communicating truths?...that remains to be seen. But the door has been opened and we can only pray the right information flows through it.

    Kay, Mr. Katfish saw Eric's picture and said, "Oh, He looks familiar" I'm sure he doesn't know Eric, but Eric does have that warm familiar look in his eyes that you mentioned at Mr.Katfish's reaction just proves it..

  14. from what i understand, kristi has talked to the detective and her story matches the same one that she told tazy from the very beginning.

  15. anonymous 7/27 at 8:23 am-

    I am really glad that Kristi is working with the police. They probably want more information than she provided in the beginning, so hopefully she is forth coming. Sometimes things that are said just prompt more questions after investigation.
    We should leave that to them.

  16. I am sure that the family appreciates the support and prayers that have been made to this family. It is my understanding that Kristi and the children have told her mother where they are.And that they are safe

  17. Anonymous 7/27 at 3:52pm-

    Thanks for the information.Do you know if the police have been told where they are?

    I know this is an emotionally charged situation for everyone involved. There seems to be hard feelings and suspicions on both sides of Ivy and Damion's families, but now is the time to set all that aside and everyone cooperate and comply with whatever LE requests.

    Until Eric is found this situation will not just go away, regardless of where Kristi goes with the kids. These are both Kristi and Eric's children; however, given the mysterious nature of Eric's disappearance, I'm sure his family feel they would be negligent if they didn't insist on confirmation beyond Kristi's word the kids are ok.

    I have tried to make it clear on this blog that Kristi has not been accused of anything by LE. My prayers are for both sides of Ivy and Damion's families.

  18. It was stated on ValHall's blog today that cadaver dogs hit on Kristi's pod :(

  19. Hey Katfish!
    \I just LOVE this blog! It is so well put together, and the info. is truly great. Needless to say, I want to sign up! You sound like a very special person, a very caring person, and I wish you continued success in all that you do to "help the victims". Oh, if we, as Americans, could only do more to protect the little children of this great country from THE BAD GUYS, the Peds, and abusers etc...what a great thing that would be!

    Just read about the Pod smelling of decomp. How very sad; but I'm not really surprised, are you? I just pray that the children will be found unharmed!

    Toasty1 (Mary Beth)

  20. Hey Toasty 1, Welcome to my pond :) I tend to write about a lot of different criminal and missing person's cases. The ones involving children are very close to my heart.

    Did you read the article that appeared in the Eugene, Oregon news today about Eric and the investigation up there? I made another post that includes the article with links of course. Front page news....about time.

  21. Here is a link to Eric Preimesberger Thread at Help Find The Missing Forum.


  22. News report about the investigation in Oregon:

  23. hey kat could you possibly post the newest photo of tim on the fb page, the one of tim with the short hair thx, could you also send it to kay's e-mail so she can send to her sister

  24. hey kat I really need that pic of Tim if you can get it to me...thanks so much for all you are doing...K

  25. kat i just got timothy's picture up on the fb page, thx

  26. this is part of a correspondence with the Detective in charge of Eric's case. It gave me a different perspective on things......Right now all I want from the media is to put out Eric’s photo, list him as missing and endangered under suspicious circumstances and anyone with information can contact the Reno Police Department or Nevada Secret Witness at 775-322-4900 or at

    The following and above is from Det. Myers to me in an email. The following is somethng I did not know and wanted to share with all.

    Murder is a word that is thrown around in our common language that really means something very different to people in my line of work. Murder has several levels in Nevada and does not include accidental killing, self defense, or justifiable circumstances. Homicide which most people think is synonymous with murder is actually the all encompassing word for a person being killed at the hands of another. Because such hot button words can mean so many things to so many people is why I would prefer us not to use them at all until we can prove one way or another that this case fits into one of those categories.

    ……. talking about when it comes to writing and understanding a search warrant affidavit. In Oregon, much the same as Nevada, you have to articulate a specific crime that has been committed and how evidence of that specific crime is in the place you want to search. The detectives in Oregon found a crime in their jurisdiction that was plausible and used that to write and obtain the search warrant. They weren’t thinking murder, they were open to any and everything they might find out but were forced to pick a specific crime that fit the circumstances.

  27. Thanks for the update. Another hot button phrase is "person of interest".
    I think most LE would say that a "person of interest" isn't the same as "a suspect" in a case, rather someone who may have information that will be helpful to the case.

  28. I removed the post entitled:
    "A Look Into the Investigation of The Mysterious Disappearance of Eric Preimesberger."

    It was brought to our attention that some parts of the article and video posted in that entry have some incorrect information. Because, aside from learning the Preimesberger's belongings are still inside the pod, I have no way of knowing what is accurate and what is not so I thought it best to remove the post. The links are still available to those news reports, just be sure to keep in mind that not everything reported therein is correct.
    Prayers for Eric and his family.

  29. put in the name Zachery Pittman. Read Christy Ragas,story about her son and how she feels about not knowing where Zach is. It is so much of what I feel.............kay

  30. Kay,
    I am familiar with Christy and her son Zachery's story. She has made a few appearances on the BNN blog talk radio show on Sunday afternoons, the show plays live at 3pm central so I think it would be 2 your time. I have commented on a couple articles about Zachery. Christy appears at the beginning on every show that I have caught. The majority of the shows cover the Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings (missing children) cases.You can listen to earlier shows here:

    Have you went to Help Find The Missing Website yet? I have a direct link to Eric's thread in the article above but here is a link to the forum, which covers a diverse group of missing person related topics:


  31. Kat you rock!!! thank you and I can't wait to talk to them next week. Teresa is receiving the care she needs now twice a day for antibiotics by IV, until we can get them to send them to us so we can do it from home again. We have done this before it just is going to push her surgery date back now to around the same time I have to have my back fused. OMG the hits just keep on coming. and you are right about getting the moneys worth.
    love ya talk soon.

  32. katfish,

    You did such an awesome job of reviewing Eric's case on the radio show! I am sure Kay will be very very happy with the information that you helped to get out on Eric's case.

  33. Val and Kay,
    I know everyone was looking forward to hearing from the 2 of you. Maybe next week? Jan and Simon and the panel were doing what they could to summarize the case, but seemed like they were coming up with more questions themselves. To be honest I was having little kittyfish in the chat room trying to get their attention to take my call. LOLOL I'm glad you guys think I did ok. I tried to be careful what to say. I'll go listen to it now. My computer crashed and froze up all my browsers just as I hung up the the time I got connected again there was 3 minutes left. {{{HUGS}}}

  34. wow, they weren't kidding when they said she got her moneys worth on those ta ta's!!!lol

  35. Katfish or Kay, as I understand it, the cadaver dogs hit on the Pod, which now we learn has not been emptied. Do you know if it's been thoroughly searched for evidence? Has the Pod been confiscated? Has it been accessed by anyone other than law enforcement? Where were the flowers found, exactly?

    Grown men don't just disappear.

    My apologies for being anonymous. I can't post in with LiveId.

  36. anon 8/10 11:19
    Thanks for commenting, anonymous comments are just as welcome. If you want me to know who you are sign your name or user name in the message.....doesn't really matter, either way is fine. :)

    No one "just disappears" adults or children, IMO. Although it sure seems that way a portal just opens up and takes them.

    LE isn't willing to share any of the investigation with anyone. At this point they want Kay to continue getting Eric's face out in the media as a missing/endangered adult as much as possible, but want her/us to leave the investigation alone. We have no choice but to comply and trust them, to do otherwise is to hinder the investigation :( LE did make it clear the pod wasn't empty and they searched it with a warrant but beyond that???? they aren't saying. That is why I removed the other post with the article and TV news report from media in OR. I left the links. We know that a lot in the reports was taken from the search warrant affidavit but we don't know what's accurate.....

  37. You did do a great job on the Simon Barrett Show on Sunday. You knew precisely what you were talking about, you were very clear, concise and confident. This was an excellent article, by the way.

  38. Thanks katfish for all of your support. I am going to copy and paste something I started writing just for Valhall and decided it was for so many more people than just goes

    » kay, eric's mom said: { Aug 11, 2010 - 05:08:48 }

    Hey, just a quick note, talked to some nice young man from Quest the phone company here. He said he would get on the causes page for Eric and send to all of his FB. MS, and email address books and get the flyers out all over country, too. NOW I need to have some help in getting this candle light vigil a reality. I want to do it all over the country at the same time same date in each city or state or province or parish or whatever!! Need lots of help with this. Maybe if we submit this idea to the big networks we will get some action. What do you think??
    I need to call Christy, Zach’s mom and see what she wants to do with this. Get all of our Christian Brothers and Sisters to get together no matter what your faith is, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian or whatever your higher power may be called. Maybe make some food or refrigerator magnets or doggie clothes or even doggie water bottles, whatever you think will help. If making things is not your forte’ them maybe setting up a walk ,run ,stroll events for two or four legged family members, for donations. All to be overseen by someone in a bank or whatever just not one of us (the family). Set it up that we would have to make it so we would have to send requests for funds to pay for things like…….ie …….Printing flyers and keeping up on our computers, if they crash , or just give us the name of the guy who might donate his time to help out. Or getting the bill paid to be able to stay online, keep the phone on this month, I don’t know Christy’s situation but, well with all of us on a set income here in our family due to all the disabilities, it gets to add up and frustrate when we have to choose between another ink cartridge for the flyers and diapers and milk. The diapers and milk always have to win, but that hurts our ability to be able to get their faces out there. I have been wanting to print up flyers of Zachary here and asking others to do the same no matter where they live so his face is plastered every where also.
    We have to kick this up a notch and get more things going on. We all need to become bigger and better Warriors for all of our missing. Maybe that is why this was allowed to happen to our families so we can help others to get their loved ones faces back out there.
    As we all know after awhile our loved ones get pushed further and further back and farther under the constantly rising pile of missing persons files that are on our under paid over worked Detectives and Officers and our CSO’s desks. All over this country and in all the other countries that we have dedicated people trying to find our children, can you imagine going home with not just the heartache of one missing person but of hundreds sitting on your heart? So when we do our vigils we need to bring these heroes and Heroines into the light. After I have done it, I will email you and let you know what I sent to CSO Tazy, Detective Myers and Officer Rodgers. I hope it will help them to deal with the stress a littler bit easier.

    To all of you, I Love you all. YOU ALL have become a member of this family, so agape’ love to all. (Christian Love)
    You are now brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers , nieces and nephews and uncles and aunties, yeah even you weird uncle “Harry”, you know the one, that has all the worst jokes in the world the one that he tells over and over but you have to laugh anyway “cuz it would hurt his feelings and he’s just to sweet to ever hurt? Or that crazy old auntie “Sara” the ones with the hats or the cats?
    We love you all. This started as just a “note” to Valhall, but turned out to be addressed to all of you.
    So again Agape’ love to all,
    Kay, Bill, Coby, Eric, Teresa, Cara, Ivy and Damien

  39. I must tell you when I spoke to this young man at Quest, I was ordering new services and while we waited for other things to update and whatever we talked of Eric and why I needed new services for my internet as I will be laid up still for a long time with my back surgery right after this neck surgery and Teresa's coming about the same time as my back her "saddle and femur" will be removed at right around the same tine. Thank GOD I have a sister who will again put her life on hold and take care of us. I just hope she knows how grateful we all are for her. Jehovah has blessed me with a blood and spiritual family that are just AWESOME!!!!!!

  40. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. That means a lot to me. Did you see my note above about my computer crashing after I hung up to go back and listen to the radio show? UGH!!! I need to go listen to the replay, you all always have an interesting show. So much has happened in the Anthony case I really wanted to hear what you guys had to say. See ya around the playground friend :)kat

  41. Kay, you are welcome to post whatever you need to here. I just deleted the duplicate entry. I think a vigil is a great idea. I don't really have experience in that area but I'm willing to pitch in however I can. Would you e-mail me and let me know when you and Teresa are having surgery?

    My life has been crazy this past week so I have been out of the loop. I think I told you by e-mail that I fell on my stairs and hurt my knee last Sat. night. I haven't sought any medical intervention because I didn't want to spend the $$$ to be told it will just heal with time, I can put weight on it when both feet are down but bending is a problem was the dead line I set for myself for noticable improvement or a trip to the DR.....ugh! It is a little better but still hurts pretty bad, despite my efforts to heal myself. We'll see.

    The focus has been off of my needs the past few days. My husband had a very bad allergic reaction to a blood pressure he has taken for several years, late Monday night. He ended up in the ICU for observation. I just got him home today....been doing a lot of running. TTYS

  42. Katfish! Are you alright!?! Now that your husband's home, and I hope doing better, don't you think it's time someone looked at your knee? Do you have it aced or braced to keep it stable just in case you cracked or displaced something? How do you expect to take care of everyone else, as you do, if you don't take care of you, too?

    Kay, I so hope things are going better for you. You've been through so much that the heartache must seem endless, at times; but God has certainly placed you in the right hands, among people who not only truly care but who will do much to help. If there's a specific place set up where one might make a donation, please post it, to let everyone know.

    Also, regarding your above post, I saw at Val's site that she or someone else has posted the contact information for many of the media outlets. I would hope that CBS, in particular, would pick up on this. They've covered missing person's cases before, and in particular Caylee's story, so it seems something they might be quite interested in, if brought to the attention of the right people there. I'll be contacting them tomorrow. Godspeed, to all of you, and especially to Eric.


  43. are so sweet. I have an appointment tomorrow to get my knee checked out. It seemed like it was getting better when i was off it but walking the halls at the hospital has made things much worse. UGH! My poor husband went back to the hospital today by ambulance....they think he has sepsis and is experiencing some mild heart failure....they are monitoring his heart but seem most concerned about the sepsis. All prayers are welcome. Kat

  44. Katfish,

    We will all be praying, Katfish, for both you and your husband.


  45. both families have given more than anyoen could have cam only imagine what it takes for them to put up with all of us "weirdos" in your lives. so here's to the families of those we truct on these sites.!!!

  46. Kat,

    Tim and Kristie have been found.

    Children are safe.

    One of them has confessed.

    Can't relay more until approved to do so.


  47. Deepest regrets to you all. I am so glad the kids ARE SAFE!!!

  48. Please know that we are covered under Jehovah's loving wing, that includes all of you. He always puts those in our lives that we will need at that moment in time. We needed you, but you may have needed us just as much. Please have a person from your local Kingdom Hall a brochure untitled " When someone you love dies" tell them this is not an open invitation to a study or even that you will want them to return ever again, but you promised a person's mother that has been murdered that you would read it., also remember a sericulture Isaiah 41:23 where it says that God Is GRASPIG not just holding but grasping your right hand think about that when you hold your kids hand it may just be light, but when uou GRASP that little hand you are not going to let go anytime soon, and He says he will really help me that is comfort,
    When KC called and asled if I was alone or with someone I knew what he was about to say,,,,,but he kept his promise to tell me HIMSELF when there was a break in the case, and without going into many details Karen, Kristi's and Tim's mom Is a Heroine! Send out good thoughts and love her way, may the babies have the security of a Nana to snuggle in a very short time.
    Please Karen Kiss and love on them from me and KNOW your strength was probably more than I could have done.

    -------Original Message-------

  49. Though this is such sad news, I too am most grateful that the children are safe, and will soon be in the loving, protective, nurturing, arms of family, and especially Gramma's. My heart aches for you all, yet I know that God is most certainly with you, strengthening, comforting, assuring, and surely giving you far more grace than I could possibly muster under the circumstances.

    God be with you,

  50. Kay,
    I am sending loving thoughts and prayers for strength to both you and Karen, and of course all of your family but especially Ivy and Damien....hopefully they will be with one of their Grandmas real soon. Sorry I haven't done much update here....I will after we know a little more. Hopefully Mr. katfish will be home by Monday.

  51. Katfish, I just found out today about Eric's case and so sorry to hear the bad news. I can't believe I didn't see this on Facebook. Your Blog is fantastic first time to Kay I am so sorry for your Lose, My prayers are with you.
    I hope the Guilty person pays..


  52. Hello Shotzie!
    I'm glad you made to "my pond".....sorry if these circumstances brought you here. Eric has a wonderful family and he will be greatly missed. I have learned so much about him and looked at his picture so many times I feel as though I know him. I join you in hoping that the guilty person pays. I will update this more and post it on my Facebook wall as more information is released. At this time Eric's family has not been able to comment about details much, Valhall at The Hinky Meter made a post that may have a little more information.
    Unfortunately until Mr. Katfish is released from the hospital,my computer time is practically nil.
    Please stop by again. I have posts about 3 cases in the draft stage that won't have much left to do once my time is mine again. :) Can you believe there was a search for Stacy Peterson last week right outside my town and I haven't been able to write about it yet....of course she wasn't found or someone else would have....or maybe someone did.??? The agony for the families of the missing has to be unbearable. Thankfully for Kay she has a strong faith to hold her up.

  53. Testing, Katfish. Comments aren't going through for some reason? I hope all is well with you.

  54. There it goes! I couldn't post last night, and so wanted to know how you are, your husband, and Kay. I read on the Hinky that Eric hasn't been found, as yet. This is so distressing, for the family. My heart breaks, especially for Kay, even as it is most anxious to know simply, Why? How did this happen? Why did this happen? They were supposed to start a business together and live happily ever after, right? How could it have gone so wrong? It's just so senseless. And why hasn't he been found, as yet?

    As much as I hate to say this, and delete it if you think it might be too painful for Kay to read, I most certainly don't want to cause her further pain, but Kristie and Tim have to know what they did with him!

    You know, the Pacific Northwest is home to me. When Kyron first went missing I feared he might be family. He's not, but I had to inquire. I know the area and see deep ravines and rushing rivers, dense forests, crevices in granite, and even the abandoned mine shafts we used to play in when we were kids, which leaves me with a great deal of wonder as to where Eric, and Kyron could be, and why no one's talking so these mother's children could be brought home, as they so need to be.

    Our prayers continue for all of you.


  55. Hi Willow,
    Thanks so much for stopping by. DH is home now and is feeling better. he has been taking care of me to keep me off my leg so my computer time is limited. I am working on another article about Eric. Val, Jan and Donchais (Calls for Justice) had done a great job on his confirmation of death, with my personal issues and the great comments left here I didn't think it necessary to do an article at that time.

    Eric's family know more than what they have revealed but must wait for approval from LE to release anything so that they don't compromise the criminal investigation....of utmost importance. The wheels of justice are starting to turn. Likely that the accused will use Eric's location in efforts for a plea deal depending on how they decide what defense they will use. Many people have confessed and then recanted and pled not guilty. I have also seen where deals were made to show the location of the deceased without a confession, with the agreement it won't be used against them in court if they do. A lot will depend on their lawyers review of the evidence against them and their wishes. Thank you for your prayers Willow you seem like a very loving soul :)

  56. Here is the link to an updated story detailing the events leading to Eric's death. Kristi and Tim are both cold-blooded imo.

  57. Hi, Katfish!

    This is Ann-Tx. Hope you are feeling better.

    You really do have a nice site! Enjoyed reading!

    Whenever you finish Zachary Pittman's article, please send me an e-mail. If it is okay with you, I would like to provide a Link to it in e-mails I will be sending to 48 Hours Mystery, Cnn-HLN, JVM, Prime News, and others.

    Get well soon, Katfish!

  58. Ann I would be glad to give you a heads up....although I'm so far behind I feel as though I'm just spinning wheels and getting may just seem that way because of working on several cases at once....No more whining.....back to work.

  59. I'm Ann-Tx.

    Hey, Katfish, I'll be looking forward to your article. I spoke to Christy, Zachary's mom, and this is the latest update:

    There is a new detective (St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office, LA) on the case. He is very interested in Zach's case and is motivated. This is the first time that Christy feels Zach's case is finally moving forward!

    Christy really likes the new detective so far!

    Christy is organizing a cadaver search that will take place soon. The one that was scheduled 3 weeks ago had to be cancelled due to heavy rains in Pearl Rive, LA.

    She said there are things that she is not at liberty to talk about, per the new detective . . . don't want to hinder the investigation.

    I hope Christy is on tomorrow's show even though she won't be able to disclose very much which is understandable.

    Hope to see you on Live Chat, Katfish!


    Eric's remains have been found.

  61. Anon 8/24 @ 4:12

    Thank you for commenting! I was aware of that but had been requested to withhold all information concerning Eric. Thank you for the link too. I have an updated article just about ready to go, I just need to make sure I can report everything I know....I do not want to do anything to jeopardize the integrity of the criminal case.

    Hopefully all of Eric's loved ones will find some measure of peace knowing where he is at and LE can gather plenty of forensic evidence to prosecute those responsible for his death. The truth = justice + I just don't know if we can trust "their truths" without supporting evidence. Once again thanks for posting this here, I hadn't even been looking for articles yet :) I will have a new post up by tomorrow. kat

  62. I hope all remember
    that Eric was everywhere and anywhere his friends gathered to talk about him and tell stories about his antics and silly stories and truly really hilarious voices he used to to. He would do them and make me laugh "til I cried. He would do almost anything to get me out of te low places only he could find me, Bless and keep you.


  63. That should read everywhere and anywhere is friends ARE and talk about him tell stories and share memories with each other, and when you do would one of you or all of you please take the time to maybe write some of the more "G" or "PG" rated ones on line for his kids to read one day. In a lot of ways some of you knew my son better than me, at least as an adult, I want his kids to have that opportunity to get to know the man that he was, the one they will never get a chance to know. At least Ivy will have some memories of her daddy, she will have to share those with little Dee and all of you will have to share yours with both of them, please. Eric was very selective of his friends, each and every one of you held a special spot in his life, and all of you know he was a true and faithful friend. Please do this for him an his kids, thanks so much you guys.
    Eric's mom

    this is the address for Calls for Justice