Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Really Good Reason Not To Break The Law In Las Vegas

After a lawyer due to defend a man against a kidnapping charge showed up to court 90 minutes late in the company of a young woman wearing a black halter top and tight pants and smelling of booze, a Clark County District Court judge ordered the attorney to take a Breathalyzer test in open court, then declared a mistrial when the test confirmed her suspicions.

Joseph Caramagno
Caramagno denied being drunk in an interview a few days later. He said he was in a car accident on the way to court and suffered a concussion, causing him to appear intoxicated when he was not. He said police were not called to the fender bender, so there was no record of it. "I wasn't drunk," he said. "I was ready to go forward." "I've always considered myself the consummate professional," he said. "I take all my cases very personally."

Watch these videos and you be the judge. I don't know how those people in that courtroom kept a straight face.

District Judge Michelle Leavitt did not order Caramagno into custody on a contempt of court finding; however, The LATimes reported that Wayne Blevins, executive director of the Nevada State Bar told a reporter that Joe Caramagno was representing as many as 100 cases when that incident happened. Shortly after the incident, Blevins said Caramagno "is presently in a rehab center and his current cases have been assigned to some attorneys here in Nevada and those attorneys have volunteered their time and effort to accommodate the cases as a service to the Bar."
Caramagno is well known in Las Vegas legal circles because he was one of the lawyers who helped secure the acquittal of Rick Tabish on a murder charge in 2004. Tabish and his lover, Sandy Murphy, were acquitted of charges of killing Las Vegas gaming mogul Ted Binion. They were convicted, however, of charges stemming from the theft of Binion's silver.

Even though these videos are hilarious the situation is sad. Hopefully he has got his life together so he could return to his practice. Sphere: Related Content


  1. His story just gets worse and worse! It's so funny, but so horribly sad! What does that mean, exactly? "Philosophically I've never called 911 in my life." Hahahaha - Only in Vegas.

  2. You are to be commended, Katfish. The site is wonderful, your writing skills all the more so.

    You're another wonder I am most pleased to come to know.


    Guess I should sign,

  3. Philosophically, I think it means he is never sober.

    Thank you for the kind comments :)

  4. Since you're in Las Vegas, I thought I'd ask a Vegas related question (and tell you how much I like your site as well!).

    Do you remember the case of the women who found a young boy walking along a road near a school, and returned him to the school board offices? Their names escape me at the moment.. they had security concerns (well founded apparently) about the school.

    Both were charged with kidnapping, which most seemed to feel was overreaching by the prosecutor's office. In my recollection, the rather 'mousy', retiring personality of the first defendant resulted in a not guilty..and the overbearing, 'unlikeable' defendant received a hefty sentence..the case a study in how perception can influence a jury more than the facts and reasonableness.

  5. Hello Dadgum,
    I'm so glad you found your way to my "pond" :)Welcome! Actually I am in central IL, but I do remember the case you speak of. Lucinda Drake was the "mousy" defendant who was acquitted. The other woman's name slips my mind, but she was a character for sure. IIRC she even lectured the judge????Who does that after a conviction? Dumb azz! I agree that kidnapping was a stretch but evidently the jury felt her actions met the legal requirements. I don't remember if there were lessor charges as an option.

    I have heard that although there is a lot of "sinning" going on in Vegas the residents (therefore the juries) are quite conservative. As you say perceptions carry heavy weight, jurors are human.

    What do you think of Joseph Caramango? Quite sad really, but I think the tapes are hilarious. Hopefully he got some benefit from rehab. I know the judge and the Nevada bar tried to get him help.

    Do you remember the Ted Binion case? Binion (Very rich Vegas family) was killed by his girlfriend and her boyfriend. Caramango was one that got them off for the murder. There really was no doubt in my mind they did it but it wasn't proven. They did get some hefty time for digging up his silver bars though. That was quite a story. Some friends who blogged that trial said Caramango came on some message boards during the trial....wonder how much he was drinking then?

    Did you explore any of my Casey Anthony entries? On the right side of the page is a labels section. Click on Casey or Caylee and all of my reports will come up. I don't write about the case consistently but I follow it closely. There are so many blogs, like Dave, that do a great job with the legalities that I only write when I feel like I have some type of "hook". You might enjoy them.

    Well, I'm off to the grocery store. See you later at Dave's. Please come back occasionally....I'm not as hard of a worker as Dave, but I am working on an entry about the Anthony fairytale.