Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nicholas Sheley Has Been Moved Again And Scheduled To Testify Next Week In His Brother's Trial

I received notification tonight that Nicholas Sheley has been transferred to Pontiac Correctional Center as of 12/4/2009.
The following information is provided on the Illinois Department of Corrections website:

Pontiac Correctional Center
Opened: June 1871
Capacity: 1,058
Level 1: Maximum-Security Adult Male
Level 3: High Medium-Security Male
Total Average Daily Population: 1,612
Average Age: 34
Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $33,031.00
The facility consists of a total of 63 buildings, which comprise of more than 744,000 square feet. The facility sits on a 37-acre site, with 32 acres being enclosed by fencing. Pontiac Correctional Center houses the following offenders: segregation, condemned protective custody, mental health, administrative detention reintegration management and medium security.
Sheley was also in court today (12/4) in Galesburg, IL for a case management hearing in the Ronald Randall murder case. I will put up an entry from this hearing later, there was a lot of legal jargon thrown around that I need to research and look at the motions discussed in the hearing before I can transcribe my notes. (Yes, I wrote it, but I don't know what all of it means) LOL

Nicholas Sheley (NS) is scheduled to testify for the defense in his brother Joshua's trial on Wednesday, December 9, in Whiteside County. We'll see if Nick follows just never know with him. Joshua Sheley (JS), of Rock Falls, is charged with concealment of a homicidal death and obstructing justice. JS is alleged to have helped his brother, NS, hide the body of Russell Reed, 93, Sterling, who was killed in late June 2008.

NS is charged with killing Reed before he allegedly went on to kill seven other people in two states over the next week. Sheley will stand trial for the death of Ronald Randall, 65, of Galesburg first. That trial is tenatively scheduled Late Summer or Early Fall 2010.
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