Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nicholas Sheley Has Been Moved Again And Scheduled To Testify Next Week In His Brother's Trial

I received notification tonight that Nicholas Sheley has been transferred to Pontiac Correctional Center as of 12/4/2009.
The following information is provided on the Illinois Department of Corrections website:

Pontiac Correctional Center
Opened: June 1871
Capacity: 1,058
Level 1: Maximum-Security Adult Male
Level 3: High Medium-Security Male
Total Average Daily Population: 1,612
Average Age: 34
Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $33,031.00
The facility consists of a total of 63 buildings, which comprise of more than 744,000 square feet. The facility sits on a 37-acre site, with 32 acres being enclosed by fencing. Pontiac Correctional Center houses the following offenders: segregation, condemned protective custody, mental health, administrative detention reintegration management and medium security.
Sheley was also in court today (12/4) in Galesburg, IL for a case management hearing in the Ronald Randall murder case. I will put up an entry from this hearing later, there was a lot of legal jargon thrown around that I need to research and look at the motions discussed in the hearing before I can transcribe my notes. (Yes, I wrote it, but I don't know what all of it means) LOL

Nicholas Sheley (NS) is scheduled to testify for the defense in his brother Joshua's trial on Wednesday, December 9, in Whiteside County. We'll see if Nick follows just never know with him. Joshua Sheley (JS), of Rock Falls, is charged with concealment of a homicidal death and obstructing justice. JS is alleged to have helped his brother, NS, hide the body of Russell Reed, 93, Sterling, who was killed in late June 2008.

NS is charged with killing Reed before he allegedly went on to kill seven other people in two states over the next week. Sheley will stand trial for the death of Ronald Randall, 65, of Galesburg first. That trial is tenatively scheduled Late Summer or Early Fall 2010.
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  1. thanks for the updates on this whole sheley case.

  2. cnutze14thst-
    Thanks for commenting and you are welcome. I had planned to attend Josh Sheley's trial this week in Whiteside County but wasn't able to make it. I will post whatever I can find out about it though. Tommorrow is when Nick is scheduled to testify....we are under winter storm warnings so maybe he won't make it either. I am 75 miles from Morrison....Pontiac is 149. I assume they don't take him to the County jail ahead of time as he is now in custody of the IDOC.

  3. Josh Shealy was found not guilty! What a crock!

  4. Yeah, Josh Sheley being acquitted is just another example of the fine justice system at work in Whiteside County.

  5. I was talking to a lady that knew this ice-in-his-veins murderer as a youth. She said that as a youngster Nick Sheley was picked on A LOT due to his small size. I feel sorry for him as a child to have had that happen to him. He is no longer a child and I no longer feel sorry for him. My point is that some of these kids that are allowed to be picked on in our public school system turn on society. Take for example the tragedy of Columbine, 1999. The boys that committed those horrible murders were wrong to do so no doubt. But before the murders took place these boys had been picked on often. Another example: Virginia Tech Massacre, 2007. The young man responsible for that tragedy was "different" and I'm sure I read he was picked on because of it. Across the country, everyday that school is in session, there are children that are being picked on endlessly and humiliated by their peers. Teachers already have their hands full with the main duties of their underpaid jobs. Something needs to change as this is turning innocent children into future violent criminals. Little Dayan Blake (RIP) should not have had to pay for the cruelty that was allowed to happen (probably daily) to a young Nick Sheley. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Sheley needs to be held accountable for his crimes no doubt. But what know? What if there had been harsh reprocusions for the students that tormented Nick the first time? What if there was something in the schools that addressed seriously and worked with kids on both sides of the issue? I'm just saying..........

  6. Anon Jan 21,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    There has been many studies conducted about the connection between bullying and violent behavior as a result of the school shooting sprees that have occured over the past couple decades. Here is a link to one that I found informative:

    It appears the experts don't think it is as cut and dry as just being bullied, rather a variety of risk factors.

    I can appreciate your desire to figure out what drove Sheley and others to be so violent. When I first started to cover this case, I was trying to put a label on what made Nick Sheley kill 8 innocent people until a wise person told me, "That is not for anyone but God to figure out". We are not alone anon(I think it's human nature)I have seen comments on various forums out on the web such as:

    1) " This Nick Sheley guy has had problems all the way back to childhood. He and his brother tortured animals, broke into houses, and pulled kinds of stuff as juveniles. My mother lives near Sterling and she knows the family. Nothing but trouble."

    2) "i grew up with nick, went to school with him, even went to his house for his b-day party's. he was a little crazy back then but i never would have guessed he was capable of this."

    3)"My dad "Nicholas Sheley" is not how all you guys think that he is because of what he has done. None of you guys really know the real Nick Sheley. My dad was a good guy that battled addictions for years, He tried so hard to quit using drugs. I knew that I loved my dad and that I was never going to give up on him. Im still in shock because of what he has done. I just know that i am not ever going to dislike him or not love him. Because no matter what he does I know that he's my dad and I will always love him."
    #3 is so sad.... :`( I feel bad that his children have to suffer the consequences of his acts.

    The state and his defense have had NS examined by professionals who concluded he does have mental defects. It seems most likely that his behavior is a "perfect storm" of his personal experiences, mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse and CHOICES.

  7. Thanks for the response. All information well taken. Speaking of his poor children; a daughter of his recently left the state because of the torment and ridicule she faced in the community. All so so sad.

  8. That is very sad, but maybe it is best for her to put some space between herself and the community. Noone should be ridiculed for the sins of their father, IMO. If it is the same girl commenting on the web she took some hits there too....for the most part people were'nt too hard on her though. I left out the first part of her comment...she said, " You people need to shut up." My advice to her would be stay off the internet regarding her Dad...but that's just my opinion.

    I was glad to see that Nick's ex-wife took steps to publically distance herself and her kids from Nick's "alleged" crimes early on in this far as I know she is the only "relative" to hold him accountable for his actions. She came to court in Galesburg and made it clear to him the effect this will have on their children, she let him know they are suffering because of his choices. I hope all of his kids are getting professional help in dealing with this. :`(

  9. i know plenty of people that were picked on their whole life even as an adult and they didnt go out and kill a 2 yr old or his innocent mom or a 93 yr old man this guy has no remorse hes eating up the attention and fame that hes gained from these heinous crimes