Friday, January 23, 2009

The Grim Reality Of Caylee Anthony's Life And Death

There was once a sweet little two year old girl named Caylee Marie Anthony living in Orlando, FL. with her 22 year old single mother, Casey, and her grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony. Like many other children born to an unwed mother, with no father in her life, her entrance into this world wasn’t under ideal circumstances, but from all reports she seemed to thrive and her family doted on her. At some point things went horribly wrong and before Caylee could turn three she went missing.

I’ll provide a summary, but unless you never turn on the television or read magazines at the grocery store check-out you know the basics of Caylee’s story. ATTENTION: If you don’t know the story and you live in Florida, STOP READING this blog and contact attorney Jose Baez, they need you for jury duty.

The world came to know of little Caylee on July 16, 2008 when Caylee’s grandmother started a media blitz telling the world that Caylee had been stolen from her loving mother by the babysitter….and had already been gone for more than a month by the time it was reported to police. At first the Anthony’s reported Caylee had been gone since June 9, until the police found a video of Caylee on their home computer that showed Caylee singing “You’ll never know dear, how much I love you…“ to her great-grandfather during a Fathers Day visit…“please don’t take my sunshine away…“ It was then decided the last day Caylee was seen was June 16.
As odd as this sounded, we were supposed to understand that Casey had been looking for Caylee on her own and the police were jumping to conclusions about Casey instead of looking for Caylee like any other missing child.

When the police released information that Casey had lied about everything she had told them, had led them on wild goose chases looking for Caylee and the sitter, and her car that she had abandoned, smelled of human decomposition, as well as the fact no one had ever seen this sitter, Cindy and George would have us believe the police were wrong to think that Casey could ever do anything to harm Caylee. If Casey was out of jail she would help them find Caylee. Attorney Jose Baez takes Casey’s case and he joins the media blitz.

I and many others thought these people were in denial. It soon became apparent that Cindy was an overbearing person as well and the thought crossed my mind that this was a power struggle between mother and daughter. Cindy was very much the “queen of her castle” and it became apparent that Casey had long been the “princess“ in Anthonyland. Had Casey hidden Caylee somewhere to teach her parents who was boss? It seemed plausible. After a little time in jail she would crack. Wrong!

Within the first week police were digging in the Anthony’s backyard but found nothing. Then the cadaver dogs were brought in and “hit” on several places in the Anthony backyard and the trunk of Casey’s car. The Anthony’s insisted the dogs were wrong and the smell in the car was rotten pizza although it has now been confirmed there was no food in the trunk. You can see a list of the inventory of the trunk here on page 23 and 24. About this time the Anthonys started plastering themselves, their cars and house with Find Caylee paraphernalia as well as insisting that people should be looking for Caylee, not pointing a finger at Casey.

After a few weeks Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla of California announces he has convinced his bail bondsman nephew to put up Casey’s $500,000 bond. Casey was released from jail on house arrest on August 20. Padilla predicts that after Casey washes her hair and does her nails she will tell where Caylee is. Casey is bailed out and the circus is on!

By now the public is engaged in this story in a way never seen before and rather than supporting the babysitter took Caylee story, strangers started protesting at the Anthony home trying to pressure Casey into telling the truth about what had happened to Caylee. Queen Cindy’s and George’s reaction to this was to personally build a “moat” around the castle made of yellow tape and no trespassing signs to keep the media and protestors at bay. Leonard Padilla brought his motor home and parked it right in front of Anthonyland…center ring.

After a week or so, law enforcement started receiving preliminary test results back from the car. Because of Florida’s Sunshine Laws the media was able to get access to the test results and we learned the evidence showed there was a decompositional event in the car, including hair that belonged to either Casey or Caylee that showed signs of decomposition. Reports also showed evidence of residues of chloroform in the trunk of Casey's car.

When Casey was arrested on economics charges (stealing from her friend Amy) on August 29, Leonard Padilla decided because of the test results and Casey’s unwillingness to assist in finding Caylee, to revoke her bond. Casey was bonded out again by other resources on Sept. 5, rearrested on Sept.15 on more economics charges and released again on house arrest the next day until October 14 when the Grand Jury returned with an indictment on Casey Anthony for the 1st degree murder of Caylee Marie Anthony. She has been held without bond since then.

Through out the next several weeks the Anthony’s released an increasing number of tips from all over the country of Caylee sightings…some even provided half assed photos of “Caylee”. What I wanted to know is if these sightings were to be believed, why hadn’t one of these “concerned citizens” actually approached the child and said, “Are you Caylee” or “Where is your Mother?” It was all bull.During this same time, documents were released that showed internet searches conducted on the computer seized from the home of Casey Anthony's parents included "how to make chloroform" and "neck breaking", the documents also showed timesheets of George and Cindy showing they were at work when these computer searches were made in March of 2008.

Then 179 days after Caylee sang her little song to her papa, a child’s skeletal remains were found dumped in the woods less than 3/10ths of a mile from Anthonyland. That moat that the Anthony’s had created around their home was then replaced by crime scene tape and squad cars, declaring Anthonyland a crime scene.

On December 19th , the FBI notified the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that the remains of the child were positively identified as that of Caylee Marie Anthony. Another search warrant was issued and executed for the Anthony home. Law enforcement wouldn’t release any information about the crime scene where Caylee’s remains were found or what they looked for during their searches of Anthonyland but Sheriff Beary did say they definitely found items that would tie the remains to the Anthony home.

On January 20th another 311 discovery documents were turned over to Casey Anthony's defense. According to Florida law they then become public record, therefore upon request from the media, on Wed. the 22nd the prosecutors released the records to the media. From the documents released has come some very disturbing information about things that were found with Caylee's remains.

According to the search warrant affidavit, Caylee's skeletal remains had been placed in a cloth laundry hamper bag, prior to being placed inside the black plastic garbage bag. The documents further reveal that a backpack with the word 'adorable' on it, a Winnie the Pooh blanket, a plastic toy horse, a size 3T shirt, a kid's pair of striped white shorts and small cloth-type iron on letters were also found inside the bag.

Perhaps most unsettling are paragraphs within a search-warrant affidavit, which detail the discovery of the remains and also the discovery of a "heart shaped" sticker that had been placed on duct tape that was found wrapped around the child's skull over the mouth area. wtf?

The search warrants released also gave a list of items that were looked for at the Anthony home shortly after the child's remains were found that included arts and crafts material, stickers, scrap booking material, all shoes belonging to Casey Anthony, the original clothing George Anthony last saw Caylee Anthony wearing on June 16th (pink colored top, blue jean skirt or skort, white shoes, small child's backpack with monkey design and white rimmed sunglasses), any doll clothing that would fit the doll recovered from Casey's vehicle on July 15th, small plastic toy horses similar to one found at the crime scene, and a black or brown backpack/shoulder bag similar to the one George Anthony saw Casey Anthony with on June 16th. The affiant also requests the authority to observe and note any prescriptions that may be on the property.

There have been many characters who have come and gone from this story and bizarre reports that have been disclosed....too many to touch on here without negating the fact that this story was and is about Caylee Marie Anthony and finding justice for this little girl.

George and Cindy have rarely been seen in public since Caylee’s body was found but Cindy has sent e-mails proclaiming her faith in her daughter’s innocence. The Anthony’s lawyers have also made it known that they will seek immunity for their clients, George, Cindy and Lee. They said that despite previous conflicting statements to law enforcement any future statements they make will be consistent. Law enforcement has not implyed that they will seek any charges against the Anthonys.

As I have been working on this entry, news has been breaking that George Anthony is undergoing psychiatric evaluation after he was reported missing late Thursday night from his Orange County home but was located a few hours later at a motel in Daytona Beach. He had text-messaged family members that he wanted to end his life," Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood said. Local 6 News reported that a suicide note was also found in George Anthony's car. The note is in the possession of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. "I'm being told by sources close to the investigation that the note included wording like "I want to go be with Caylee," Local 6 News reporter Jessica D'Onofrio said.

My message to George would be that Caylee needs him to be here, to stand for her and make sure that justice is done in her case. While all indicators are that Casey is responsible for Caylee's death, the only way Caylee will truely receive justice is when the person responsible is convicted in a court of law. I have and will continue to include him and his family in my prayers as this story unfolds.
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  1. Bravo Katfish!

    That has to be one of the best summaries of the case I have read.

    I was stunned by the news this morning about George. He needs a good long rest and time away. I hope he takes care of himself. The trial is going to be an ordeal for him.

  2. Thank You Ritanita!
    Coming from you that means alot! I have trouble writing about this case, there has been sooo many bizarre aspects of this case it would be easy to make light of it and I have taken jabs here and there but the sum of it all is sadness. Yes, George needs a rest, I hope he takes it and does what is right by Caylee.

  3. I couldn't have summarized this horrible case better myself.
    No matter how f-ed up this whole case is, George Anthony is a human being and I cannot imagine the hurt in his heart (of all of the characters in this fractured fairy tale, I believe he still has some semblance of a heart). Losing a grandchild is bad enough but having to admit your own daughter is a cold-blooded murder is just unimaginable. How does one reconcile that?
    Thanks Katfish!

  4. Great Post Katfish :)

    This really is a FAMILY tragedy! I feel sorry for George. He must hold an awful lot of guilt. He would feel like he should have protected Caylee and failed when raising his daughter.

    I know that's how Owize1 felt when his daughter was molested. He felt like a failure as it was his job to protect her.


  5. Caligirl9- thanks for the kind words but you already did...fractured fairytale... I was looking for that description earlier!

    Cloey- yes, I think Daddys do feel it's their job to protect their girls. IMO, Caylee was everybit as much his girl as Casey.
    My poor Dad had 4 girls and 19 granddaughters! Thank goodness we haven't had anything near this or what happened to Owize1's daughter to deal with.

  6. Katfish, I agree you did a very good job summarizing this family tragedy. I am so glad they finally found this baby girl. And she is laid to rest in peace. I do feel sorry for George. I couldn't imagine being in his situation. I pray that he can get some help. And realize that it was our of his control. I do hope that justice is served.

  7. anon 8:28
    Unfortunately little Caylee hasn't been laid to rest yet. Her remains are being held at a funeral home until her Mother's defense team is done with them. 8-(
    I am sure this only adds to the stress the Anthony's are under.....I hope this whole family will get some long overdue help in dealing with this tragedy. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Anyone else notice in the video accompanying the George Anthony "panel discussion" video that accompanies the CNN story about George's current situation: at 5:47 into the video, it shows George putting out the garbage, which is in a black garbage bag with yellow handles.

  9. Wow, no I haven't seen that. I saw a clip on one of the HLN shows the other day where George was arguing with someone (media or protestor) when he set out the trash and the bags were black with blue handles. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

  10. I want to know the date that George Anthony tried to get the gas cans from Caysee's car and she slamed the trunk.

  11. Here ya go Anon 2:52, I did some work. June 24th was the date George noticed the cans missing, made a police report and had the confrontation with Casey. Juror Thirteen has great links to documents, can link from my blog if you need to. I have got a link here for you to an interview George did with LE about the incident:

    Thanks for stopping by, come again!

  12. Did you see who's following my blog??

  13. You are wrong about the heart-shaped sticker on the duct tape.


    Look way down near the bottom of page #3798.

    If you let this comment stand I'll know you care about finding the truth in this case. If not, I guess you care more about the media sensation.


  14. Hello anon 6:27 PM,
    First off thanks for commenting. I have no problems with posting a differing opinion long as it is presented in a respectful manner. Although in this case I don't think we have a difference of opinion.
    Please reread what I said about the sticker.I didn't say the sticker was on the tape when found. I said the the sticker "had" been on the tape. The reference you sited said that there were no stickers or sticker fragments found on the tape.
    I looked for the affidavit that showed what I was referencing in my post, but don't have time to go back and dig any further. What the affidavit said was when the tape was removed from the skull (not sure if at FBI or ME) it was noticed that there was residue on the tape in the perfect shape of a heart, therefore LE was instructed to search the area for a heart sticker, which was found.
    I don't need to sensationalize this case, it's all that and more without this blogger. Very Sad.