Sunday, March 8, 2009

More On Holly Sheley's Attempt To Collect Reward For Her Husbands Capture.

While at the case management hearing for accused spree killer Nicholas Sheley last week I heard that the Sauk-Valley News had printed a transcript of the letter Holly Gaul Sheley had written to the paper seeking half of the 25,000 reward for her husband's capture.

After hearing that some citizens who reported Sheley's location to the police when he was arrested in Granite City last July had received a reward, Mrs. Sheley decided she deserved it more than than they did and seems to resent they were lauded as heros. Katfishponders recommends reading the article (includes link to transcript)written by Tara Becker for Sauk Valley News at this link.

Katfishponders did a report here on these folks from Granite City, IL who were honored by the FBI and were also rewarded $5000 each. Holly Sheley had the nerve to say these people weren't heros....well katfishponders couldn't disagree more. These two were not only good citizens in reporting to police EXACTLY where Nicholas Sheley was, they were heros because they did so at great risk to themselves, knowing he was already accused of bludgeoning eight people to death.

A report was also done here earlier about Holly Sheley's suggestion that she was entitled to part of the reward. Normally I wouldn't give more exposure to the likes of Holly Sheley, but I know there are many who are reading this from all over the country and wanted to give you the opportunity to voice your opinion about this situation. Many family members of the victims read this blog and I'm sure would like to hear what people think about this.

Here is a copy of the transcript of the letter Holly Gaul Sheley wrote to the Newspapers editor Richard Bird, verbatim:

February 12, 09

Dear Mr. Bird,

I am Holly Sheley the wife of Nicholas Sheley. When I read the article about some people being honored in the capture of my husband and the Chicago FBI was giving them a reward of $5,000 each I was quite disturbed because my husband and I had a great deal of turning himself in.
Nick was right when he said he played a part in his capture - and I have an article that you guys wrote about either the FBI or an Investigator had leaked that a relative of Nick had turned him in. That relative was me. I was told that at first if was to be given to the ones who lead to my husbands capture then the FBI told me it was wrong its to whomever leads to the capture and conviction of my husband. There sure hasnt been any convictions so I am entitled to at least half of the $25,000 reward they had for my husband.

Here is my story:

On June 30 around 4:30 p.m. 2 investigators showed up to where I was staying said they found 4 more bodies. After they confirmed that I knew who those people were the Investigators told me that I had (underlined) to go with them until my husband was caught. I had to leave my children with family members and the investigators had confinscated 2 phones (cell phones) from my friends because the investigators knew Nick called me everyday. I was Nicks peace he trusted me. The negotiators had me put this ear plug in my ear everytime there was a private or unknown call on these phones and made (underlined) me record every phone call I had with my husband.

On June 30 when the entire Town of Sterling and Rock Falls went crazy saying there was sightings of my husband and the city spent over $40,000 that night going to those service calls – The negotiators (FBI Agents) city police, state police, and the Investigators knew Nick was in St. Louis, Mo because Nick called me earlier from someones cell phone which the FBI got the number from U.S. cellular and tracked the number to a guy in St. Louis, Mo.

The police knew where Nick was that entire time but continued going to all those service calls on June 30 because they did not want to lead the media on that the FBI and police knew of Nicks wherabouts. I was with 2 FBI agents, a field officer, a state officer and at least 1 investigator at all times. They kept me in a hotel in Rock Falls I was secluded from everyone. I was not even allowed to talk to family. They held me against my will until my husband was found.

I had to do whatever it took to keep my husband alive. I would beg him to call his Attorney Mertes everyday and turn him self in just as long as he did not come back to Whiteside. I was threatened that if Nick came here and he was caught they would shoot him. And for the sake of my children I did not want our 6 children to see their father in a casket just because the embarrasment the police and Spencer had on them for the way the entire situation was handled.

On July 1st Nick called me around 12:30 p.m. and I had finally talked him into calling his att. Mertes to turn himself in. Nick called me back around 3 pm and told me to get the family together because he was comming home. He explained that Mertes and 2 FBI Agents were comming to get him that is why he called Mertes from a land line cause he knew they could trace the # back. He said there was time because Mertes and the agents still had a couple of hours before they would get there. Nick didnt know the agents and Mertes was going to fly there in 20 min to get him but the Granite City had their praises because they actually thought they were the "REAL HEREOES" in this situation.

If I did not cooperate with them I was gonna get arrested so I believe that a great portion of that $25,000 reward money belongs to Nick and I 6 children whose lives have also dramatically changed because they no longer have a father around to do all the things a father should do. People dont understand that even though they're loved ones are dead and gone in the flesh forever our children suffer more than I or Nick does. The money I rightfully should have will go directly to our 6 children in a trust fund so I know that they will have something even though their father is accused of killing 8 people. Our children are not to blame here and people want to lay judgement on others but the only person that can judge is GOD and if you are a Christian you know what I am talking about. God says "NO sin greater than another." Read the Ten Commandments and every person here on Earth has committed at least one of those sins. So please for my children judge yourself first before you judge others.

These people in Granite City are not the true heros here. It was all myself (Holly Sheley) (Att. Mertes) and Nick himself. I have all articles on what has been written and if I do not get what is righfully mine it won't be just in our local paper how crooked the system is but it will be Nation.
Remember I don't have a gag order. I will tell me story.

katfish here again. Usually katfishponders wouldn't criticize the family of an accused, but it is so offensive that someone would degrade those who behaved as good citizens and then ask for a reward for help that wasn't even voluntary. Something Holly Sheley left out is that her children are also without their mother because she is spending a couple months in the county jail for a DUI. I also don't normally ask readers for comments (although they are always welcome) here at katfishponders, but I really would like to show support to the families of the 8 victims in this case. Sphere: Related Content


  1. So, let me get this straigh. Mrs. Sheley thinks she should get some of the reward because she answered some of her husband's phone calls in the presence of LE and then recorded said phone calls? How many phone calls did she have from him BEFORE the investigators isolated her? She states it herself, she was going to get arrested if she didn't cooperate. In other words, if the investigators hadn't cornered her, she wouldn't have cooperated??

    I'm sorry for her kids, they didn't deserve to have such a pair of losers for parents. But I feel a lot more for the victim's families. Neither of the Sheley's deserve a cent of that reward. Period.

  2. Katfish, you have done an excellent job covering this trial. The families of the victims have our deepest sympathy.

  3. Katfish,
    Thanks, as always, for your excellent coverage of this trial. While she makes my blood boil, Holly Sheley is exactly the type of worthless person one would expect to be married to Nick Sheley and to stay married to him after he killed 8 people! While I feel sorry for their children, I do not believe they or Holly are entitled to any reward money, but Holly's letter does make one pause to wonder if the prosecuting attorneys have considered filing charges against her for accomplice to murder. By her own admission ("Nick called me earlier from someones cell phone which the FBI got the number from U.S. cellular and tracked the number to a guy in St. Louis, Mo"), Holly aided Nick as a fugitive. Perhaps the victims' families should file a civil suit against her. Of course, it probably wouldn't be worth the effort since they can't hold down jobs in jail. Holly, you are right about not being bound by a gag order. Keep talking. You are making yourself and Nick look great!!!

  4. Her cries for money fall on deaf ears here. This doesn't sound like anything but selfishness. Shame on you, Holly! Now you've let the kids down, too. Way to forsake them.

    I hope the children are with good relatives being loved somewhere, and that the relatives or authorities make sure the kids are in a safe and loving environment. They're going to need it with parents like this.

    Congratulations to those who got involved and approached the police about Sheley. They are heroes in a day and age where people don't want to get involved. We will never know how many lives these people saved, but on the spree he was on I'm sure there would have been more.

  5. I don't feel she deserves the money, she had contact with him right along.

  6. Anon. 3:19 PM, I agree with all you said...except I want Holly to shut up!

    Thanks to everyone for their comments.

    After reading some of the Sauk Valley reports (and comments made there) plus, what I know about the case already, it sounds as though all of the children are in safe hands.

    N.S.'s ex wife has always had the two kids from their marriage and she has been vocal about her disapproval of what "Nick" has done and ensuring the children have help in dealing with whatever trauma they may experience.

    The children that Holly had prior to "Nick" have been out of her custody for some time.

    From what I can glean about "Nick" and Holly's 2 kids, they are also in the safe hands of family (for how long?). I hope all the children are getting the assistance they need to deal with all of this. They didn't choose their parent's path.

    When reporting this case I attempt to remain objective in my reporting and just disclose what I see and hear in court.
    I was so offended by this letter I felt the need to show some extra support to the families of the victims of Sheley. The wheels of justice in our country may turn slowly, but I truely believe our justice system is the best there is and hopefully you will all see the correct outcome in this case. Hang in there and know there are MANY people watching this case.

    If N.S. has any brain cells left he is fearing the wrath of God, this is not just an oops.

    katfish will now attempt to return to normal reporting.

  7. Those two people were so deserving of that reward money, I just wish it could have been more. I don't think Holly deserves anything, except to be where she is (in jail). I'm sure the children are doing just fine. It's probably the first time they've experienced life as it should be.
    I'm addicted to your blog Katfish! Keep writing, because I look forward to reading your entries.

  8. katfish,

    I've been following your coverage of this case and appreciate all you are doing to get coverage to us all.

    As for Holly, she won't get a nickle. Why on earth does she believe that because she was forced to cooperate, she's been stellar, no... sorry... MORE stellar than those good citizens?

    Thanks again

  9. Holly's DNA found in truck! She's screwed now!

  10. Anon June 12,
    Thank you so much for letting me know. Was her DNA found in Ronald Randall's truck or was it another one? I don't want to sound flippant because this is a tragic case, but this info invigorates me. I hope she is charged in some way. I have notes from a hearing a couple weeks ago that I haven't done an entry on yet...just burned out on Sheley and his bull. I may get that entry done now, thank you! If you have any other info you want to share you can e-mail me through my profile. If their is any info you share with me and don't want published just let me know.
    Katfish ;~)

  11. shes a selfish witch what about the expenses the families had to cover for autopsy reports and funeral costs the biggest price is never getting to say goodbye or see their loved ones again!

  12. Rot in hell Holly! Hopefully the state has the sense to take your children from you. You had the opportunity to stop him from killing more people and you had sex with him and went home. Sick Sick person you are. Life in prison is not enough, bring back the death penalty!

  13. Not sure if any of you are still following these cases, but Holly's DNA was found in the truck of Mr, Randall. Nick is finally having the trial for the 4 people in Rock Falls. That verdict should be back by the weekend.

  14. She is complete and total disgusting vile pungent drug bag scum of the earth that is a complete and total waste of air