Monday, April 13, 2009

HB 45 DEFEATED! THANK YOU to the heroic legislators that stood on the right side protecting murder victim's family, law enforcement, and public safety

The more than two to one overwhelming defeat of this bill should send a message to those who supported it that there are better ways to reform the prison and criminal justice issues that need fixing, no doubt, in our state, than to re-open the sentences of convicted murderers 25 years later and release them just because they are 50 years old ("elderly") and have been well-behaved in prison (who couldn't be?!).

CONTACT YOUR HOUSE REP TODAY to say Thank You or to tell them not to support the retroactive and early release of murderers sentenced to life without parole or long term sentences - Here is how YOUR Rep Voted.

For more information on the history of this bill, those who sponsored it, and sound observations about better ways to reform prisons and sentencing, including addressing the overwhelmingly larger issue of non-violent offenders visit

Katfishponders is so happy to report the defeat of House Bill 45. Thank you to any readers who took the time to call the Illinois Legislators. While there is definately room for prison reform in Illinois and every state for that matter, it is encumbant upon us as citizens to make sure the reforms don't do more harm than good. Sphere: Related Content

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