Monday, July 27, 2009

Stacey Barker Preliminary Hearing- Conclusion- Guest Entry By Tori

August 10 there was another hearing at the Antelope Valley Courthouse for this case. Thanks to ANurse for taking the time to attend and report to us about the hearing. Because the hearing only lasted 10 minutes we will just present the coverage as an update here.

The judge and the attorneys were the same as at the preliminary hearing. There were 3 members of the accredited press at this hearing. When Stacey Barker was brought in she was very pale and appeared thinner than at her last appearance. She was wearing the yellow jailhouse attire and had put her hair up in a loose bun. She didn't make eye contact with anyone in the gallery.

During the hearing Stacey Barker again entered a Not-Guilty plea to the Murder charge and the counts of child abuse and assault on a child causing death.

The defense asked the court for more to time to file a response which the judge granted. (The state appears to have filed a motion either at or after the preliminary). The next hearing date is September 9.

Original entry:

On July 21 the Preliminary hearing was held At the Antelope Valley Courthouse with Judge Carlos A. Chung presiding. Here is a link to the coverage of the first day of this preliminary hearing.This report is from the continuation of that hearing held today, July 27. Deputy District Attorney(DDA) S. Kelly Cromer represented the people and the defendant is represented by Deputy Public Defender(PD), Roberto F. Dager.

Thanks Tori for devoting your time to attend this hearing and sharing your report with us, you have done a great job!

The Prelim was short, started at 9:30, Stacey Barker again came in looking gaunt,messy also emotionless.

The first person on the stand was Detective Nava, as usual a great witness. She was so good, she made me get choked up, that has been easy to do listening to this case.

The PD started out questioning Nava about how long SB was interviewed, she estimated about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. He then said didn't she stick to the same story the whole time, that it was a accident and not her fault.
Nava said the story changed a few times but yes she maintained that it was a accident. I would never hurt my daughter on purpose.

PD: Is it true that you thought she was lying?
Nava: Yes we knew she was lying.

PD: Did you throw out different scenario's of what might have happened?
Nava: Yes, I asked her if she might have drowned, shaken the baby, if she might have hit her too hard or something like that.
PD: And what was her answer?
Nava: Her answer was NO.
PD: Did you keep asking her to tell you what happened, the truth, that you were not buying her story of the events?
Nava: Yes.

PD: What did she say, did she stick to her original story?
Nava: No, she kept changing it.

PD: Didn't you tell her YOU wanted her to say she smothered EMMA?
Nava: NO, she said she didn't know what I wanted her to say and I told her I wanted the truth on how the baby died, because we already knew the truth. One story was she had the baggie in her mouth and when SB turned and looked Emma's head was to the side and she was dead, so she threw the blanket over her face and continued to drive. I wanted to know the truth. Having kids of my own I would have pulled to the side of the road and called for help... did something, so I knew this was a lie.

I said the coroner would know if Emma died from a baggie, if it was stuffed in her throat far enough to cause death, that the baggie would have left scratches in her throat and the coroner would know if she died from the baggie. That is when she changed the story to Emma had the baggie in her mouth and she was playing the game of peek a boo throwing the blanket in her face over the seat and it got caught on the seat and she smothered. After more questioning on that, she told the truth of holding her hand over Emma's mouth and nose with the blanket on her face during the peek a boo game.

PD: Isn't it true you told her the only way you were going to let her go home is to say she suffocated Emma?
Nava: No, we were not going to arrest her at that time anyway.
PD: Is that because you did not have enough evidence to hold her?
Nava: Started to say no but the DDA objected and Nava did not finish the answer.
PD: Did you tell SB that they found blanket fibers in Emma's lungs?
Nava: NO
PD: Isn't that standard practice to force someone into a confession?
Nava: NO

PD: Did you interview the whole family and they told you she was a good mother, that she ran for Emma every time she fell, that she rushed her to the Dr. when she had a reaction to peanuts?
Nava: Yes, everyone in her family said she was a good mother.
At this time the PD asked SB'S mom to step out of the room as he might want to call her as a witness to how SB treated Emma.

PD: Did you review the cell phone calls?
Nava: Yes, they pinged the path one would take to Long Beach, the last ping was...I believe Lawndale. So we know she never made it to Long Beach, she turned around and started back. That is when she put Emma out into the bushes, went to the park and ride where she hit herself in the ribs and banged her head on the steering wheel twice, took off her clothes and made up the RAPE and Abduction story. She kept telling us she didn't want people to blame her and she was a good mother, it was a accident. She was in a panic that is why she left Emma.

That never happened (Barker testifying) because Judge Chang said he did not want her to testify that it was only the Preliminary hearing.

The PD asked for a dismissal of all charges, the Judge denied it.
Judge Chang also denied a bail reduction, or a release, at that time he ruled that Stacey Barker will be held over and tried for charges of Murder, and one count each of Assault on a Child Causing Death and Child Abuse .

All in all, everything stated above is what I remember, some wording or order it was said in might be off a bit, sorry. If anyone else from the boards was there and remember more then I did please add to it for me...thanks.

Not sure what the next date is for but it will be on 8/10/09.

There was another member of one of the boards there and put me on blast, she said my name so loud everyone in the Barker family looked at me, so they know who I am now, not that I care. I was not hiding or anything, it is a open hearing and public record. I just was embarrassed, the Barkers thinking OH that is the nosey bitch that has been doing all the typing...talking. LOL but it's all good.

I arrived at the court at 8am. I asked my daughter what room another person I know was in that is on trial. Anthony, Emma's father said,"Yes, it is in this room." I said, "Oh then Doroam is in here for sure this time?" He said, "Oh sorry, I thought I saw you in here last week and were asking about Stacey Barker (SB)." I told him I was in here, and in the other trial on breaks, but this one was more interesting.
I said I felt bad for him and how tore up he was last week. He told me he was Emma's father and that the guy with him was his brother Patrick. I told him how sorry I was for him and Emma and that he made me cry last week. He said," I am trying to be strong but sometimes it is just toooo much for me that is why I kept walking out".
I told him she was so beautiful and had the prettiest smile, the pictures were so cute. He said he bought her the pink tu tu in the pictures and I think he said he had the picture taken. He started to cry and walked to the water fountain. He also told me what Jason said about her playing games and using Emma against him and forbidding him and his family from seeing her, that in fact he did feel guilty for not trying harder to see Emma, that he loved her with all his heart.

His brother Patrick said that none of his brothers or sisters saw the baby until her 1st Birthday when they came down with Anthony, he said they have not seen her more then twice in her life.

Anthony shared a memory with me and we both almost started to cry and we hugged each other. I felt so bad for him, he does not seem like a bad guy. He looks like a clean cut guy, not tatted down, not dirty, did not look like a druggie, just a down to earth guy .
He had no problem with me being there or mad that I had nothing to do with this but was there being nosey and he was still comfortable enough to talk to me about Emma. He said he stays away from the blogs because he could not take it, he was a mess and to go on the blogs would make it just that much harder for him. He also did not like SB'S lack of emotion that hurt him and made him mad.

The Barkers do not seem to have a problem with Amthony as Mr.Barker asked him and his brother to come sit with the family. So why did they allow SB to hold Emma away from him?

I just want to close with KUDO'S to Detective Nava she is Awesome. this must be hard on her too, from the time she took the stand her voice was cracking like she could break down and cry at any moment. She is amazing, she tore into the PD like a lion when he said she was feeding SB the story and making her tell a lie as to what happened. She must have scared him because he shut the hell up on that bs defense...LOL you go girl!

If I remember more I will let ya know, and sorry to say I cannot attend the 8/10 because of Vacation plans..........Dammit. I know that my know who you are, will do a fine job of being our ears....;-) ttyl.....tori

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  1. Thank you so much for bringing Tori's coverage of this case to us. She is doing an excellent job!

  2. So let me get this straight.. This means she basically admitted to killing Emma but the press is not at all reporting it. I know the press does what they want, but I need some clarification.

  3. Thanks Ritanita, I will pass your kudos on to Tori.

    Anon 7:37pm -
    This means Detective Nava testified that Stacey admitted killing Emma. I can't answer why the accredited press didn't report this. Did they report she didn't? That confession will most surely come under further scrutiny at the trial.

    The only purpose of this hearing was to decide whether there was sufficient evidence to go forward with a trial. The only media report I have seen addressed that issue only....that the judge determined there is sufficient evidence to move forward.

    Tori is just reporting what she saw and heard during the hearing. From her report you can see that Tori may have formed an opinion, as many others have(one way or another), and that is every citizen's right.

    Inside the court, the jury must give the defendant the presumption of innocence until they review ALL of the evidence and feel the state has proved their case beyond a resonable doubt. The taped interrogation of Stacey Barker by the police and the Coroner's testimony will be part of that evidence. Doesn't look real good at this point.....

    Thanks for your comment. I hope I was able to clarify what you wanted. Your views are welcome here.

  4. I can't believe what she has done I used to work with her and. Never thought this would have happen.

  5. Anon 8/17,
    It is always a shock when something like this happens. In this case and the Casey Anthony case it seems as though their families knew they were irresponsible and because of that assumed much of the responsibility for raising the the extent enforcing the mother's responsibility to the child was almost a type of control or punishment.

    This is speculation but it seems like some type of disconnect occurs in the bonding process when families absolve the mother of primary responsibility....although how anyone could kill a child is beyond reasoning....even in a fit of rage.

    I don't blame the family for stepping in for Emma's or Caylee's care, they did what they thought was right for the child. I wonder if that was a pattern in Stacey and Casey's upbringing that interfered with their emotional development in some way.

    What type of personality does Stacey have? A party girl? Quiet or loud? Introverted or extroverted? etc...Just curious.

    Thanks for commenting. :)

  6. Hi there Katfish, its TGT......I LOVE that you cover this as well, like I said before at NP you are awesome....

  7. Hi Kat,
    Loved the picture...good looking family and pet!
    Today I had the pleasure of meeting TGT and Nurse, they are ammmmmmmazing ladies, then I see the picture of you and your dh and dog, knowing the faces behind the words make reading the blog seem like we are all old friends, I will ask my daughter to put up a pic of me, I am not that just posted on the B-day Celebration today at NP. again congratulations.

  8. I love your blog thank you so much for writing it down for me today. I think it was fate you came through my line. I also LOVE that I could light a candle for Emma!! It brought tears to my eyes. Can wait to hear what happens in the Casey Anthony trial next month.

    Chelsi(from Wal-Mart)

  9. Chelsi! Thanks so much for your kind comments! I agree it must have been fate to bring me through your line. I don't tell everyone I see about my "hobby" either. :)
    My friends out in California attended a hearing yesterday in the Stacey Barker case and justice for Emma is soon approaching. The judge said he would like to start jury selection on April 18...the trial will begin once a jury is seated. While I'm convinced with what I know so far about this case that Stacey Barker killed her daughter we haven't heard the defense side yet....regardless even if it isn't proven to be a homicide she dumped Emma's body and made up the kidnapping story so she wouldn't get in trouble. Tori said there is a hearing tomorrow too and I will combine details of yesterday's hearing to write an updated post.Isn't Emma a gorgeous child. I follow lots of different cases but the ones involving children grab my heartstrings. :`(

    Casey Anthony's hearing will be televised on TruTV (channel 55) it will also be shown in it's entirety (no commercials)online through several Orlando TV stations and at You could bet money whether I get into the trial (there will be a lottery) I will be glued to my TV/computer monitor. If convicted for killing Caylee, Casey may face the death penalty. This case is the strangest I have ever followed. The whole family are blatent liars. CBS is airing a 48 hours episode about this case this Sat. night from the defense perspective....beware it sounds like it is the defense attempt to taint the jury pool....the state has a very good case. Who goes partying for 31 days while her child is missing and then leads police on a wild goose chase when they are finally informed her child is missing? I can't wait to see how the defense spins that. :)