Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Memorial For The Victims Of Nicholas Sheley's Alleged Killing Spree

As most readers of katfishponders know, Nicholas Sheley has been charged with 8 murders in connection with the week-long, June 2008, killing spree. Of the 8 that were killed 5 people were in Whiteside County, IL, those are Russell Reed 93, of rural Sterling; and Kilynna L. Blake, 20, Dayan K. Blake, 2, Brock A. Branson, 29, and Kenneth R. Ulve, 25 in a Rock Falls, IL apartment that they shared. In Knox County, IL, Ronald Randall 65, of Galesburg was killed. In Festus MO, a couple visiting from Arkansas, Tom and Jill Estes, both 54, were the last to be killed before Sheley was captured in Granite City, IL.

I was recently sent some pictures of Kilynna (Kye) Blake and her son Dayan Blake. The pictures were sent by a friend who said I could share them with the readers of katfishponders, his wish is for them to be remembered how they lived.

I would like to do a memorial with pictures of all of the victims in June at the 2 year anniversary of their deaths. All too often the victims are lost or seemingly forgotten as the accused moves through the criminal justice system. This is about them....not him! There are thousands of readers who have been following this case on katfishponders who, I’m confident, would like to pay their respects. I have hesitated to publish pictures of the victims because I didn’t want to invade the privacy of, nor cause more pain for their loved ones.

I would be interested in hearing from family how they would feel about my publishing this memorial and I will respect your wishes. There is a link to my e-mail on my blog profile where you can send your thoughts and/or pictures of your loved ones. Just put your loved ones name in the subject line. I have pictures of all of the victims except Kenneth Ulve that were released in the media at the time of their deaths. I would ask the family and friends of all 8 to send me pictures of their loved ones they would want to share with the readers of katfishponders.
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  1. How sad the situation is. I appreciate you seeking the wishes of the victims' families before publishing a memorial.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kathy. This is a very sad situation and the last thing I want to do is add to anyone's pain.
    After I received the pictures of Kye and Dayon in their everyday life (so different from the posed picture released to the media,not better neccesarily, but they do more to reflect their personalities and really show WHO was lost)along with the sender's suggestion that I share them with readers, I decided to pose this idea. I posted this far in advance so as not to "spring anything" on anyone. I will respect the wishes of their families.