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Will 2010 Be the Year Of Reality Checks For Casey Anthony And Her Family?

It has been a while since Katfishponders posted anything related to Caylee Marie Anthony, her mother Casey, or grandparents George and Cindy. It’s not that I haven’t been following the case, it’s just there hasn’t been anything “new” in the many discovery documents released since last June that have motivated me to write beyond commenting at other blogs and forums.

There were a lot of motions filed and hearings held in the fraud and murder trials, but honestly there are other bloggers “better equipped” to break-down the legal issues. My “go to” people are Ritanita at “Trials and Tribulations” and Dave Knechel at “Marinade Dave’s“. If you aren’t familiar with them, I recommend you check them out. They both offer informative, factual and often witty interpretations of the legal issues in a way that anyone can understand…..BUT DON'T GO YET…..I have a few thoughts I would like to share about recent events in the lives of the Anthony clan.

Before I get to my thoughts about recent events, I want to clarify my feelings about this case. If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. If you have read my earlier posts about Caylee’s life and death, and the people she loved, you know that I think the evidence released in the discovery combined with her actions indicates that Casey is responsible for Caylee’s death. I don’t think anyone but Casey is responsible for what happened to Caylee; however, I do think her family bears some responsibility for the media mess this case has become. Here is why I feel this way…

When the story broke that Caylee was missing it didn’t take long to realize Cindy is a forceful personality….the “Queen of her Castle” so to speak and Casey was the “Princess of Anthonyland“. As the details ( i.e. Casey fables) came out about the circumstances surrounding Caylee’s disappearance, it became apparent that the fairytale world that Casey had concocted was a grim tale.

Despite Cindy’s efforts to portray Casey as a “fair maiden” whose daughter had been stolen by the “evil nanny”, the reality was that Casey was an accomplished liar, a thief and Caylee was most likely dead. George and Cindy “seemed” to refuse to accept reality until Caylee’s skeletal remains were discovered December 11, 2008, six months after she disappeared. The toddler’s remains were bagged and partially buried in a swampy, vacant lot near Anthonyland. When the State announced they were seeking the death penalty for Casey, the Anthony’s went into “battle mode“ and in my opinion, just made things worse. Thankfully, they have quieted down a bit for the most part.

Never fear….Casey’s “knight in shining armor“, Jose Baez, and the rest of the princess’s “army of minions” have taken over the spinning of the tale, and spin they have, in an effort to cast blame on anyone but Casey. I won’t even go into that, they are doing whatever they can to create doubt for their client…the problem they seem to have is one word, “reasonable” that needs to fit in front of doubt.

In recent months reality “seems” to be breaking through the various chapters of this fractured fairytale….notice I emphasize “seems”….I’ll get to that. A few of the reality break-throughs so far this year are: Casey is now a convicted felon. George and Cindy are possibly going to lose the whole damn castle. Casey is reportedly out of money for her defense with the clock ticking as a date has finally been set for the murder trial and the judge has set deadlines for witness lists, depositions, etc.

Reality Check #1- Casey is now a convicted felon.
On January 25, 2010, Casey Anthony pleaded guilty to check fraud and sentenced to time served. Anthony has been held without bond since she was indicted for first degree murder in October 2008. The guilty plea means Anthony now has six felony convictions on her record.
Anthony admitted stealing a checkbook from a friend, Amy Huizenga, and writing four checks worth nearly $650. She wiped tears from her eyes as she spoke briefly in court.
"I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm sorry for what I did," she said. "I take complete and full responsibility for my actions, and I'd like to apologize to Amy. I wish I'd been a better friend.

In my opinion, the most notable thing about this hearing is that Casey actually broke down and cried after she spoke in court. (See picture) Now we know what Casey looks like when she is truly crying, versus what we have seen before where she tries to squeeze out tears but ends up hiding behind her hair, dabbing her eyes. The question is…..was she crying because she is now a convicted felon….or was it because she felt bad that she had stolen from her friend Amy? I really don’t know, but things are never what they seem with this family.....the thought that occurred to me when I saw her crying, is she crying because this the first time she has ever REALLY been held accountable for her actions?

Reality Check#2- George and Cindy are possibly going to lose the whole damn castle.

George and Cindy Anthony said they did not know that Bank of America had
Filed Foreclosure papers on their home until WKMG Local 6 News reporter Mike DeForest brought it to their attention on February 22 .

The Anthonys have owned the Hopespring Drive property since 1989, but four years ago they refinanced their home for $121,000. According to the filing, they still owe nearly all of that money. Bank of America said that since June 2009, the Anthonys have failed to make their $785 monthly payments.

The Anthonys' attorney, Brad Conway, said his clients' granddaughter's death contributed to them losing the house. Conway attributed the couple's latest financial problems to the notoriety of the case and the emotional toll caused by their granddaughter's slaying.
Cindy had to leave her job because of stress-related medical problems and has been on disability for more than a year. George -- like many others in this economy -- is having difficulty finding work, said Conway, who added that George Anthony has an added difficulty because he is instantly recognized and rejected by most employers either because of who he is or because companies fear he may bring unwanted media attention.

Many had speculated that the Anthonys were profiting off book and movie deals, but Conway said this foreclosure proves that never occurred.

My first thought when hearing about this is how awful for the Anthonys. I do feel bad for them to lose their home after everything they have been through since June 2008. But I remind myself that things are not always what they “seem” with the Anthonys.

On October 17, 2009, while Cindy and George Anthony set sail with son Lee and his girlfriend Mallory for a 4-day Bahamian cruise on the Monarch of the Seas, CBS aired a 48 Hours Mystery episode featuring The Anthonys and some of the defense and others involved in the case.
That came after George told prosecutors under oath that no one will hire them and, just to make ends meet, they had to accept a few thousand dollars from the CBS network for the exclusive interview. Cindy told prosecutors it was more like $20,000. Brad Conway, told Eyewitness News that the Anthonys deserved the short break and that it's not newsworthy. At the time I agreed with Conway…they have been through hell.

Looking back now, I don’t imagine Bank of America was very thrilled with the idea of this cruise when they hadn’t received a mortgage payment for 5 months.

On Friday, March 12, it was reported by WKMG that George and Cindy Anthony have hired real estate attorney Mark Lippman to assist them in saving their home from foreclosure. The couple claims Bank of America failed to notify them of their delinquency as required by federal regulation.

OMG! Reality check! If you don’t pay your mortgage for 9 months the bank has every right to foreclose your home. A few questions come to mind….how is it that WKMG Local 6 knew on Monday, February 22 that the bank was foreclosing, the same day the foreclosure papers were filed? I suppose that can be explained because the foreclosure was filed with the Circuit Court so is part of the public record. The other question is why does WKMG know that the Anthonys hired Mark Lippman? That is not public record, so they had to be notified by someone….but why? Are the Anthonys living in a fairytale world where the king and queen are entitled to priviledges the rest of us aren't....or is it something else?

Reality Check # 3- Casey is out of money for her defense.

How Casey Anthony can afford to pay for her defense has long been a topic of debate. She had no assets when she was arrested on check-fraud charges in 2008, before Jose Baez joined the case. Despite this lack of funds her defense grew to include several nationally recognized expert witnesses and attorneys Linda Kenney-Baden and death penalty expert Andrea Lyons, none of whom live in Florida.

Prosecutors have speculated Anthony's "seeming conversion from pauper to princess" could be based on the sale of her photos and videos to media companies. TV networks often pay "licensing fees" for videos and photos. Baez has refused to say how Anthony is paying her attorneys. In March of 2009, there was a hearing based on a motion filed by the state before Judge Stan Strickland concerning the funding of Casey Anthony's defense. The State was concerned about possible conflict of interest between attorney Jose Baez and business deals relating to Casey Anthony's then-current riches. After an in-camera meeting with the defense, Judge Strickland stated he was satisfied with the defense's explanation and the motion went no further.

On March 8, 2010, Casey's defense filed a Defendant's Motion For Determination Of Indigency For Costs. The motion included an affidavit from the defendant indicating fees of $89,454.83 and $22,500 have been paid or will be paid to defense attorneys Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon, respectively. Baez and Lyon are not seeking public funds for attorney fees, and their motion stated that Lyon, is working pro bono. No mention was made of Linda Kenney-Baden in the motion. When Anthony filled out her affidavit, she said the fees paid or to be paid to the attorneys were or are being paid by herself.

Based on the information provided in the affidavit, the Orange County Clerk of Courts found Anthony indigent on March 9. In Florida, judges have to give approval for the various costs when defendants are found indigent. There will be a hearing before Judge Stan Strickland on March 18 on the motion for costs / “pauper to princess and back to pauper” motion?

The bottom line is if the state pays for costs the defense must make full disclosure of the sources of the money paid to date for the defense and anything paid will be at a pre-determined fee.


Reality Check #4- The clock ticking as a date has finally been set for the murder trial and the judge has set deadlines for discovery, witness lists, depositions, etc...

This reality check may be as much a reality check for the attorneys as it is for the princess. On March 8 there was a hearing that set May 9, 2011 as the date this case will go to trial. While that may seem a long way off to us, the attorney’s from both sides will be very busy. Judge Strickland also set up a schedule of deadlines to ensure this trial stays on track, you can see his order here.

In a case that things are not always what they seem, things are a changing and the reality is those involved should be more accountable from here on out.

The saddest part of this story is no matter how things work out in the end there will be no "happy ending" because beautiful little Caylee is gone forever.....

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  1. Katfish,

    You hit the nail on the head with the current situation. With this family, nothing is normal. While I can sympathize with the Anthony's initial situation, having a daughter arrested for the murder of their grandchild, my sympathy goes down the drain because of their behavior and lack of ability to deal with it.

    Had they gone the route of others in intense grief, they would have stayed in the background and been supportive of their daughter while slowly picking up the pieces of their daily lives.

    As for Casey's indigency, it will be a fascinating hearing on Thursday at 11:00. While most applications for immunity are pretty much rubber stamped by the judge, this one will include the Justice Administrative Commission representative.

  2. Ritanita,
    I look forward to this hearing on Thursday, hopefully with JAC holding the purse strings there will be some accountability. I totally respect Judge Stan Strickland but understand that with this being a death penalty case he has to bend over backwords for the defense.

  3. This is Kadrmas 21 speaking. Well, you have seen my post in the older thread on this. I do think Casey was truly crying but not for the reasons she should have been. I say this because Casey had/has a very lengthy criminal history. She managed to avoid criminal charges until she was 22 years old but she had a very lengthy and disturbing record before that. She had stolen from friends, stolen from her parents, when I say stole I mean 20 bucks here, 20 bucks there, that kind of thing. She even broke into Caylee's piggy bank and stole out of that.

    However the big one was when her elderly grandmother sent her a birthday check and somehow Casey was able to get into her grandmother's bank account and ended up stealing over 3 thousand dollars from her own grandmother. I mean that is disturbing but looking at it, Casey since she was a teenager and possibly even before that had a very lengthy track record of stealing, lying and basically coming off as a person that was incapable of telling the truth. I mean she would and has told lie upon lie upon lie no matter how obvious it is she keeps lying because she is basically not capable of telling the truth. Anyway, getting back to grandma. Her grandmother wanted Casey arrested and charged but Cindy talked her out of it. I believe this was Cindy's mother that Casey stole from.

    I personally think the whole 'lets handle it in the family' mentality did more harm than good with Casey. I think from an early age, I think Casey got the impression that whatever went wrong was not her fault and anything that she did that was wrong or illegal was always someone else's fault and that she was not accountable for her actions. Thus I think over the period of time I think she got used to this and in her own mind convinced herself that she could do whatever she wanted to and get away with it.

    Like I said, somehow she made it until she was 22 before law enforcement ever entered the picture with her. However she had a record of offenses she could have and should have been arrested for going back to her early teens. Plus Casey and Cindy always clashing. It is weird because to me anyway, Cindy and Casey are very similar in personality. Both are very abrasive, they are very domineering. George on the other hand comes off as being very passive, a man who seems dominated and perhaps even controlled by his wife and daughter. Casey said as much when she lashed out at Cindy from jail saying that 'I like dad because he is not hard on me' I took this to mean that George tended to give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a pass on a lot more stuff and not ask the tough questions whereas Cindy was harder on Casey.

    But truth be told, as I have said before, I think Casey was always a disappointment to her parents, in particular Cindy. I think that unlike George, Cindy was more willing to express her disappointment verbally whereas George would be afraid of offending Casey so he did not say anything although he probably felt the same as Cindy. But again, Casey had been like this from an early age. A high school drop out, no desire from what I can tell to have a job or have an education or really anything. She seemed perfectly content to mooch off of whoever, whether it was her parents, boyfriends, friends, whoever even if this meant stealing from them.

    Casey, looking at her, she is above average in intelligence but her problem is her arrogance. She is smart but she is not nearly as smart as what she thinks she is. Like when she was dating and living with Jesse Grund, it was the same thing. I mean she duped all of these guys, all of whom were college educated, Grund and a couple of his friends were in law enforcement at the time. She was very good like that. I mean she would go off and talk about college as if not only had she experienced it, but like she had graduated. When in fact not only had Casey not graduated college, she had never even attended college! In fact, she had never even graduated from high school.

  4. Another possible point on this case: Clearly Casey is getting her money from somewhere. That being her parents. Her parents in my opinion had that house paid for or were on their way to getting it paid for. My guess is they took out a second mortgage on that home and could not keep up the payments as it is hard for them to find work in the Orlando area as no one will touch them with a ten foot pole due to their daughter's bad publicity. Many people feel they would be bad for business I imagine. But George and Cindy bought that house when they moved to Florida from Ohio in 1989, thus they have owned the house for 21 years so I feel they either had it paid for or had paid the great majority of the mortgage off and took out another mortgage to finance Casey's defense.

    I mean looking at Casey, she is a classic narcissist. She is not just arrogant, it goes beyond that. She in her own mind is the center of the universe and everyone and everything revolves around her and what she wants and what she needs or thinks she needs. Everyone else and their needs come either second or not at all. I mean she does not care her parents are in foreclosure, basically they have bankrupted themselves financing her defense. It does not directly affect Casey so she does not care. That is how Casey is, she is basically either unable or unwilling to care unless it directly affects her somehow. In this case, she is in jail, so what does she care if her folks lose their home?

    In my opinion, Jose Baez, Andrea Lyon, even Casey herself, I think they all know Casey is going down and the only question is for how long? If the defense were smart, they would admit Casey is responsible for Caylee's death and try to pass it off as accidental, maybe try to get an aggravated manslaughter conviction into it for a 30 year sentence. At this point I really think that is the best Casey could do and even that would be wishful thinking. But Casey has gone too far to turn back I guess. I mean basically Casey knows it is all but certain she will either get LWOP or possibly a death sentence and basically knows she will be in prison for the rest of her life, thus she is in no hurry to get there. Unlike how she is being treated right now, where she is in her own cell in isolation, in prison, if she got LWOP which I think she would get LWOP and not death if convicted at trial, she would be thrown in general population and become someone's bitch. I actually think life in prison would be more of a punishment for someone with Casey's mentality than death.

  5. Hey Kardmas 21,
    I guess this is one case we'll just have to agree on. :)
    Andrea Lyon will consider this case a win as long as Casey doesn't get the death penalty. Unless some other direct evidence turns up, I don't see the DP happening either.
    Baez well...regardless of what happens to Casey, he is now a household and everyone knows Casey has sunk her own ship so he won't have to take all the blame if/when she is win.
    I feel bad for everyone else in this story, especially little Caylee.

    I will get back with you on the Jensen post. I've been busy today. It's nice that someone else is following the appeal as close as I am.

  6. Hey Katfish, yes overall I agree with your opinion. I tend to go easier on George and Cindy than you do though. I guess it is because, I am not saying they did not deserve to get foreclosed on BUT it could be they were not notified of that foreclosure and thus I feel should be afforded an opportunity to come up with the amount of money needed to avoid foreclosure for the time being. I mean obviously they had not paid their mortgage, I guess last May was the last time they had paid it, but it seems to me they have basically bankrupted themselves financing Casey's defense.

    But yes, you are correct in that Andrea Lyon and Jose Baez for that matter, will view it as a victory if Casey gets LWOP instead of death. To be honest, looking at it, there is no doubt in my mind she will be convicted of either first degree or second degree murder. Under Florida law, you can be sentenced to life in prison without parole even for second degree murder if you have prior felony convictions which Casey does. Second degree murder if Casey got found guilty of that would be classic compromise verdict. The jurors would convict on that, knowing it was very likely that Casey would get LWOP but that way, if convicted of 2nd degree murder, it takes the death penalty off of the table and thus spare the jury from having to recommend either way.

    But like I said, basically Andrea Lyon and Jose Baez know Casey is going down in some way, shape or form. She will not be walking out of that courtroom a free woman, it just will not happen. Basically, at this point Andrea Lyon and Jose Baez's biggest goal is to keep Casey from landing on death row. There is currently only one woman on Florida's death row.

    But yeah, Lyon, her biggest area of practice is keeping clients off of death row, that is what she cares about first and foremost. I am sure clients of hers have been acquitted but her biggest goal far and away is keeping them off of death row. Baez, this guy, most of his career before this case was spent practicing lower level criminal defense as in misdemeanors and non murder felonies. Hence why he had to bring Andrea Lyon in, he was not even qualified to defend a capital felony on his own.

    Basically this case has been a windfall for Baez and yes has made him a household name, so much so that regardless of what happens to Casey, he will get business for years to come because of it. He and Casey have also had a strange relationship. Like both when she was out on bond and now, Casey has made odd jokes like wondering if people believe that Jose is 'hitting it' meaning having sex with her. I am not sure if that is the narcissist Casey just spouting crap and being outlandish as usual trying to get attention or if there is something more to that? My guess is she is just spouting but who knows?

    But yeah, looking at this case, none of these attorney have successful histories of acquittals. Baez's history before this case was a history of plea bargaining. I mean like Lyon I am sure that Baez has got clients acquitted or convicted on lesser charges but more often than not it winds up at trial for these guys. Andrea Lyon in particular, most of her clients get convicted of murder 1 and she does not seem to really give a crap. As I mentioned her goal is not to get a client acquitted of murder, her goal is to keep a client off of death row, nothing more, nothing less than that.

    Linda Kenney-Baden is another one. Not a great track record. She did manage to win Phil Spector a mistrial and keep him out of prison for another year and a half but that is about all. Whether it is Baez, Kenney-Baden or Lyon, all are like Mark Geragos. A high priced guy who appears to have never won a single case. People basically pay him because they feel that he can get you convicted of something lesser. I do got to give the guy credit though, he did come VERY close to keeping Scott Peterson off of death row which is amazing in and of itself.

  7. Well, yet more scandal in this case for the Anthony family. George Anthony, a woman came forward recently claiming she had an affair with George Anthony. River Cruz whose real name is Crystal Holloway is the woman's name, she sounds like she is over 20 years younger than George and claims that George claimed he believed his granddaughter's death was 'an accident that snowballed out of control'. Not surprisingly, Anthony not only denies making the statements, he has denied that he even had an affair with River Cruz. However there is evidence the two at least knew each other as River Cruz had text messages from George Anthony's cell phone number.

    The affair allegedly started after Caylee went missing but before her body was found and continued for several months afterwards. The two evidently met in the summer of 2008 when Cruz was a volunteer helping search for Caylee and in November of 2008, Cruz and George Anthony began a sexual affair. The affair continued until it evidently ended in the summer of 2009. Evidently the woman gave 5 thousand dollars to George Anthony and it was found at the time she claimed she gave him the money, 5 grand was suddenly deposited into a bank account belonging to George's elderly mother as George oversees her finances as she is in an assisted living facility.

    However George Anthony has much more to worry about than affairs or even accepting money from his mistress. What he has to worry about is that if he did indeed say 'Caylee's death was an accident that spiraled out of control' then that would be a pretty strong indicator he knows more than he is telling. In fact, at a deposition, the woman he described as being 'Zanny the nanny' fit his mistresses description to a tee. In fact afterwards she was angry with him for describing her as Zanny and confronted him on it.

    However under Florida law, that is a very serious offense to perjure yourself, well any time, but it is especially serious in a capital case proceeding like this. Under Florida law, that is a 2nd degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in state prison. The State Attorney's office is currently investigating, I think they will try to cut George a break but they want him to fess up and tell the truth, it is not outside the scope of possibility that George could get charged with perjury. The reason for this is he was describing a woman that while she existed, he was describing his mistress as being 'Zanny the nanny' when in fact George never actually met Zanny the Nanny and might not have even heard Casey start talking about this woman until after her arrest when Casey started trying to throw blame at a person that in all likelihood does not even exist.

    But when George says 'it was an accident that spiraled out of control' I mean clearly that would indicate more than he has come forward with. I do not think George had anything to do with Casey turning up dead but I am starting to believe more and more that he knows more than he is telling. I think at some point Casey broke down and said something, perhaps off the record, I mean she will never admit publicly that she did this I do not think, but I think off the record, I think at one point she claimed that she gave Caylee too much chloroform and ended up killing Caylee by accident. There are rumors that Casey had given chloroform to Caylee in the past, mostly when Casey would go and party she would drunk her daughter so that Caylee would be knocked out for several hours and not be a bother.

  8. Im not sure I buy into this "it was an accident" pillow talk story. I could care less about an affair that's their business, although it does effect George's credibility. If Caylee's death was an accident what was the point of the duct tape on her skull, and why involve the car with decomposition and incriminating 911 and testimony? Things are just not always what they seem with these folks. As I said in my post, I do not think they had anything to do with Caylee's death; however, they need to leave the "spin" to the defense attorneys.

    I honestly wouldn't want to cross the street in G+C Anthony's shoes...I don't think anyone deserves the majority of the hell they have been through. Now if it turns out it was an accident and they knew about the accident and let Caylee lay out there and rot, they deserve to have the book thrown at them.

    I disagree G+C are broke from financing Casey's defense. They testified under oath they didn't have money to do that when Casey was first arrested. If you follow the link to the foreclosure filings I provided they refinanced their house right before Caylee was born and still owed almost the whole amount they borrowed when they stopped making payments. If they weren't notified of foreclosure they certainly should have the right to pay the arrears....I don't personally buy that....not for 9 months.

  9. Well, like I said, you know, looking at it, I think that as long as they start paying the bills, they should be allowed to stay in the home. I am sure in the end they will work something out although it could be they want to leave the Orlando area too. I mean I guess the only jobs that will even considering hiring either one of them are minimum wage, certainly not enough money to keep up payments on a house. In the regard of refinancing, what happened there has happened to many people in this country when there were more liberal policies in place.

    From what I understand, George gets unemployment benefits and his small police pension from when he was a cop in Ohio, but if he makes more than a 1,500 a month I would be surprised. Cindy is on social security disability as I understand it, so she is probably only getting 600, 700 dollars a month from that. It is enough for them to pay utilities and buy food but yeah. I mean clearly they are getting the money from somewhere, but where? Baez has got paid what, 100 grand since he got on this case? Andrea Lyon is actually on this case pro bono in terms of the legal stuff although she charges for travel costs and other 'expenses' and her bill has racked up to around 20 grand.

    In terms of the duct tape, I mean to me, looking at it, it does kind of make sense if you believe it was an accident. It is because Casey freaked out and she wanted to make it look like some stranger killed Caylee. So put the duct tape on and all that and it looks like an abduction, a kidnapping. It was one HELL of a coincidence that Roy Kronk, a guy with his own spotty track record, in fact he himself was charged with kidnapping once although he was later acquitted of that charge, would be the one to find the body.

    Now do I believe that Kronk had anything to do with this case other than being the poor sap that stumbled onto the body? No. But for the defense, this guy is a gold mine, a guy with a history of domestic violence, a guy who was arrested for kidnapping even though he was later acquitted of it, it still looks bad. I suspect the defense will try to shift the blame onto Kronk. First it was Zanny the Nanny but since they know that she does not exist, this is a better choice to shift the blame onto a guy that while he is innocent in my opinion he is a sleaze.

    The accident theory, I mean, the one big thing that the defense has going for it, really about the only thing they have going for it, is, even though the medical examiner ruled the cause of death homicide, the actual cause of death is actually undetermined. But again, the problem for the defense is they continue to deny that Casey had any responsibility in this. If they would admit that she was responsible for Caylee's death but that it was an accident, I could see Casey getting a manslaughter conviction, but she continues to deny she had anything to do with any of this. That is a problem for the defense. In the end, my prediction is, assuming there is not a hung jury, she will get convicted of first or second degree murder. In fact, my theory on why the state dropped the child abuse charges was that if they had not dropped them, Casey could then have had a jury instruction for third degree murder, and that is a 2nd degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years. That is another one that tends to be a compromise verdict.

  10. But also, looking at what the mistress claims, she did not say that George said that he knew before hand this was an accident. I mean, he did not know anything was going to happen. I think after this happened, I think he believed Casey for a while, mostly because she was his daughter, I mean who would want to believe their daughter murdered anyone let alone their own granddaughter? But I think over the course of time, I think George's cop instincts kicked in and I think eventually he came to the conclusion that Casey was involved and that Casey in some way, shape or form was responsible for Caylee's death. The fact he accepted this was evident in George's suicide attempt. First there was anger and then there was acceptance but it was devastating to him. Losing Caylee was bad enough but then to come to the conclusion your daughter killed your granddaughter? Even worse.

    To me anyway, it seems to me that George has accepted the fact that Casey is in some way responsible for Caylee's death. But yes to live with himself he probably minimizes what Casey did because I would think it would drive him crazy if he did not. Whereas Cindy seems to be in just total denial about this whole thing. I mean she was another one, she says in the beginning 'it smells like there has been a body in the damn car' and then later she is saying that it was just 'rotten pizza'. I mean to me, I think she thought Casey did something to Caylee from the start and then that scared the crap out of her to think that so she started denying it to herself. I mean certainly Cindy's opinions of Casey have been pretty low for a long time, I mean Cindy even called her own daughter a 'sociopath' and basically said that Casey was an unfit mother.

    I mean, in this case, it is just obvious that Casey does not care about anyone but herself. I mean to put her parents through this. To put everyone through this. I mean to be honest, she should just fess up, say she did it, and maybe do herself and everyone some good but she won't. Like I said, she has no motivation to do so because it would not benefit her to do so and she does not do anything unless it benefits her to do it.

    But look at Casey's behavior. She waited a month before reporting Caylee missing, that alone makes this case stink right there. I mean the only reason it even got reported to the cops was because Cindy confronted Casey on where Caylee was and Casey had in the previous days come up with one crap excuse after another and finally it was obvious to Cindy that Casey was lying. I can guarantee, if this had not been reported to police, Casey would still be walking around out there right now. I mean she seemed perfectly content to live the rest of her life without reporting her daughter missing because once Caylee was dead, that was it, Caylee was gone to her.

  11. But the same goes for George too. I think in the beginning he too thought Casey did it. I mean he himself said to the cops back in July of 08 he said 'I am going to be honest with you guys, I was a cop for over 10 years and that smell, I know what that smell is, you never forget it' he knew there had been a dead body in the trunk of that car. But like Cindy, I think that scared the hell out of George to think that, to think that his daughter killed his granddaughter and I think he wanted desperately to believe Casey's story no matter how far fetched it was. But I think after Caylee's body was found, I think that is when he realized that Casey did it. But again, to live with himself, I think he minimized it in his head and tried to convince himself that it was an accident.

    But Casey's behavior, I mean okay, with her car. She abandoned the car at a gas station, with the keys in it! I know why she did this too. She was hoping that some homeless person or some thief or basically someone with a criminal history would steal the car and then get caught joy riding in it so she could frame them for what happened to her daughter.

    Plus her usual narcissism kicking in. She is being interviewed by detectives about her daughter and her biggest concern? How her hair looks. Continuing to play with it and flip it around and flirt with the detectives and things like that. She even does that in court where she is constantly playing around with her making sure it looks good.

  12. Hey there Kat I like the way you think!! And then the way you put it out there! Let's see shall we go backwards or start at the beginning?

    Regarding the money.

    Very early on someone in this mess received $225,000.00 for pictures and videos of the real princess in the A house. The A Team has said all along it wasn't them, while JB has said all along where the money came from was none of anyones business. Counting on my fingers the dollar amount JB says is due to him - the amount Lyons says is due to her and the amount JB says is left.... O.M.G. that almost comes out to the dime... guess we know who sold the pictures.

    Funny with just some change left over there is no mention of anyone else being owed or paid. The PI team that JB hired said in depo's they were never paid. Now I wonder if JB let everyone else donate all their time and energy to the cause. Also interesting how JB screamed and hollered about getting discovery from the state but he never did pick up and shell out $9G for the Caylee alive tips.

    The A's took out a 2nd mortgage around the time Caylee was born, depending who you believe it was either to payoff George's online gamboling debt, the ponzi scheme he bought into <> or the $40+G KC ran up on their credit cards....

    The first time KC "borrowed" money from GMa was on Caylee's BDay party. It was around $100. - Cindy paid her back and convinced her not to call the cops. The 2nd time the bank authorized $$$ to be paid out of an acct that is only supposed to be used for Cindy's Dad's care. Shirley told the bank to press charges - the bank had to replace her funds - but for whatever reason chose not to go after KC.

    In the beginning Cindy received a check - paid by her employers or their Insurance Co, don't remember how long it was going to be paid but when time ran/runs out she will be/was able to collect State paid Short Term Disability when that runs out she will be eligible - due to the severe depression to collect SSD <>. I can just about guarantee the monthly sums comes out to more than $1,000/mo. regardless which check she was cashing.

    So Cindy collects $1100/mo and George collects $1500 (according to anonymous) That's $2600. Plus Lee moved in with them some months back to help pay the bills. So even just using the $$ from CA & GA. They still have $1700+/mo to live on. that's not chump change.

    I have a really hard time believing George handles his mom's $$ affaires but maybe. His siblings are much better off than he - financially, as a matter of fact he borrowed (or was gifted) money from someone in the fam early on in the search for Caylee - even telling KC so in one of the Jail conversations. And his father Lee Anthony 'the original' was A & W when this story began - his mom was too, Cindy had been going to take Caylee to visit back in June or July but KC didn't bring her home....


    Re The Car

    And just to keep it real, the Pontiac was abandoned at a check cashing business parking lot, not a gas station. Next to the dumpster. Rumor was the keys were in it - that was not verified and it is not mentioned by the A Team - who took the battery out of it once getting it home, which makes me think the rumor was 'off' on that' fact' - since if they had the keys - they need not worry about the car being taken by "anyone who might come by" and see it in the garage remain un-named when talking to OCSD - Det's but be name KC in the Depo. ; )

    No matter what either say, pizza - squirrels - or squirrel pizza - Cindy and George both know that smell. Nothing else smells like that smell.

    The Nanny

    When KC wouldn't produce Caylee 7/15 Cindy says I'm calling 911 - KC asks repeatedly to be given 1 more day... was this to A) get Caylee back from Zany - B) flee to Mark in CA or - C) use her neck breaking skills and house hold weapons on her parents so she and Amy could move into their houser??? It's a mystery!

    I have a hard time believing even JB is dumb enough to shift the blame to Kronk. First they have already said the nanny took her from the park - another problem with out right blaming Kronk - he called LE 3 times back in Aug 08, so far JB has done his best to keep the possibility Caylee wasn't there in Aug. 08 - She was placed there after KC was locked up in Oct. He already said it - he can't pretend he didn't, unless he is going to use the Kool Aid defense too. If he is on the juice he may just accuse Judge SS - of being 'Zany the Nanny'. He is one of the few people in Orlando so far not accused of being involved. (I'm sure it helped early on when Cindy kept trying to convince OCSD that Jesse was Jeff, no Jesse was Zany, no Amy was Zany, no maybe Richardo was Jeff, or Jeff was Zany (oops I found a possible combo that Cindy missed!!)

  14. Oh so many things to discuss here!! The late Nov '08 interview of Michelle B that was done the same day Cindy and George gave a lengthly interview to one of the local news stations. You know the one I mean - the only time we have ever seen a silent Cindy in front of a camera. Calling her silent isn't fair - comatose is the right word. If you haven't seen it check it out, I can find the links later if you need. Cindy and Michelle both know something George doesn't. Watch Michelle every time she talks about a Caylee sighting - her words don't give her away - her movements do. Watch her say the child in the latest photo touched something it could be finger printed to rule out the sighting (she never says 'in the mall' but that's where the last Caylee alive photo came from). Not counting the one in CA that The A Team went to check out the day Precious Caylee was found.

    OK, I'll toss this out there I have an opinion on everything else, River Cruz? Really?

    Miz Cruz where exactly did you meet Mr A? (pls add the "refined southern accent" where needed) "Ah met him on a search for Cay'lee." Can you be more specific please? "Well, Ah was looking in all those places KC looked, cos a mother knows where to look for her baby better than anyone." So Miz Cruz could you enlighten us just a bit? "Oh hell, I met him on the corner of Here and There. He drove by, I waved, he stopped and the rest is our history..." And Miz Cruz, how many times did you actually meet Mr Anthony on the corner of Here and There? "Well it might have been just that one time, because all those damn paparazzi that were following him everywhere he went back then, but it was still very memorable." Thank you, Miz Cruz - it's been... well, let's just leave it at that. Am I saying it didn't happen? I don't know, I don't even care! But the night that George went missing for several hours.... the local news was already mumbling "Where's George" before the call even went out to LE. Those people had created a circus, they were the main attraction and their every move was under the big lights.

    OK Anonymous, gotta go back to real world now. The one where grand parents of a murdered toddler actually grieve - and don't tell anyone (let alone a depo full of attorney's) their PI's are still looking for the child, three months after her memorial service.

  15. Hmm, well that was kind of a wild post. I do not even really know where to begin with the responses. I mean was this meant to be a mockery of me or something?

  16. No Anonymous, I would never mock anyone, that would be rude. (OK take it back I have rudely mocked the A Team - But they deserved it.

    You're right it is wild and I am going to pass on to Kat to remove as much of it as she would like. Once I started typing, my fingers just got carried away.

    Take care...

  17. Hey guys,
    I wanted to wait and let LCM respond herself, although I was pretty sure she wasn't mocking you Kardmas. You both have a lot to say. you know...Kardmas, at times, seems to like to play the devil's advocate, but we respectfully disagree when we disagree. No harm, no foul.

    Kardmas, LCoastMom has no problem voicing her opinions, knows the facts about the cases she follows and usually interjects some sarcastic wit. Again, no harm, no foul.

    LCM, I will not change a word of your post...I know your sense of humor. Even though this is not a funny subject,like so many cases we follow, if we don't interject a little humor now and then,I personally couldn't bear following this stuff....especially with some of the Anthony antics.

    Ok court today was interesting....the judge didn't rule yet on Casey's motion to be declared indigent, he wants written proof where the money Casey had has gone. That's $200,000 for licencing rights on pictures from ABC, $5,000 from an anonomous donor, $ 70,000 from Malcuso(sp) the California attorney who recently had to leave the case.( He is accused of misappropriating funds from client's accounts)Andrea Lyon testified she has a fund that comes from charitable donations and a number of law students who assist her in cases to for grades....she said they have spent $50,000 from that fund. From here on out all attorneys are pro bono.
    I don't usually blog about Casey very often but so much has happened lately, I may throw another one out there. If I don't end this it will be as long as a blog. LOL Oh a FL death penalty lawyer joined the case "for fun" today. Geesh!

  18. Kat, (((HUGS))) I hope you know how much I luv you. I truly do. (Not just cos you didn't erase my blathering ;) In case any of your readers aren't aware; you are one of the most kind hearted people I have ever met. That is not to say you run on the emotional side, I think you are very L brained, so all that goodness is met with incredible honesty, fairness and the rare ability to see thru the BS.

    Anon & Kardmas - I love a good debate and goodness knows there is more than enough to go around re The Whole Bunch of them. I do have a tendency to be a little "tongue in cheek " - there is just so much the A's and JB have put out there that is so easily taken apart and tossed around.

    As Kat so eloquently put it what they want us to see - is seldom as it seems. I'm now watching for their next benefactor to come forward and bail them out, again - it seems as horrible as their lives have been (even the things they didn't bring on themselves) somehow many, many things have ended up working out in their favor...

    I was so emotionally invested in Caylee I had to step away for quite some time. Fortunately at the time, both sides were mainly "duking it out" over things we already knew!

    Kat Thanks for the breakdown on $$$, I didn't know Malcuso had donated money for the pleasure of being on the team. I think he has enough trouble in CA to keep him busy for a while, it seems the sanctions from "borrowing" clients $$$ at the time of his brother's death wasn't enough from preventing him from doing it again.

  19. I guess with the indigence status hearing behind us and Judge Strickland granting it to Casey, one of two things must be true. Either Jose Baez is the best liar in the world or he told the truth in court. Certainly, no can can say that he was so good he fooled the judge, right? Or did he?

    Happy 100, katfish!

  20. Yes, Casey being declared indigent, I am assuming Baez is telling the truth but who knows? I mean, personally, while the guy has lied plenty, he is not a good liar so for Judge Strickland to grant this motion tells me Casey and the Anthonys really are broke. I just don't think Strickland would have granted this motion without being convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the Anthony's are broke.

    Another little nugget coming to light too, seems Casey made the INCREDIBLY STUPID mistake of talking to other inmates about her charge. Now Casey is in her own cell in protective custody, but she evidently was communicating with one or more other inmates by letter. Evidently one or more detention officers at the Orange County jail are also under investigation because they did not follow proper procedure when handling inmate to inmate communications.

    However in these letters, while it has been said Casey did not confess per se as in say 'I did it' but she did say things that could be viewed as incriminating. Clearly Baez is scared enough about what was in those letters that he is trying to fight them being used as evidence and is also trying to fight them being released to the public as I am sure the state will do if Strickland does not block their release.

    So far Strickland has not allowed the video of Casey 'panic attack' at hearing of Caylee's body being found, to be released but that video may come in at trial, we will see. Where Casey heard a 'body had been found' and she starts hyperventilating and seemingly having a full blown panic attack. This is a young woman who you could not get her to show any emotion if you held a gun to her head yet when she hears this news, she seemingly doubles over almost. The problem with Casey and her personality, she is so damn dramatic. When I say that she is at the opposite end of emotions, with no in between. She either sits there stone cold showing no emotion or she acts like this and has panic attacks and sobs and crap like that or on the other extreme she is smiling and laughing when just minutes earlier she was sobbing. Again, that is just how she is, she turns emotions on and off like a light.

  21. Also, in regards to Casey and her jailhouse letters. That is just stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Particularly when you are a defendant in the highest profile case in Orlando and one of the most high profile cases in the country in recent times. You never talk to other inmates about your crime, particularly if it is before trial because the Orange County jail is like any other jail, full of snitches that will lie or distort and agree to testify against you so they can get sentence reductions or charges dropped.

    To be honest, I imagine Baez warned her about this. However the way Casey is, I think she did it for the attention. That is how her personality is. Truth be told, I do not think her being in jail even drives her all that crazy. I think what drives her crazy is the lack of attention. Like in the jailhouse videos, those are interesting to see or hear. In fact, she did those against Baez's advice too. He did not want Casey to have any jailhouse visits from anyone except him and the reason is, attorney visits are the only ones that are not recorded. Or if they are recorded, they are exempt from being released to the public. Same with phone calls with attorneys, those are the only ones that are not recorded.

    However Baez wanted Casey to stay off of the phones and stay off of the visits since the visits at the Orange County jail are all video visits and thus all are recorded. However Casey could not help herself, she wanted the attention and to be honest those videos and phone call recordings will all be played at trial and will damage her even more. I have watched and listened to those videos and they speak volumes about Casey and how she really is. I mean, in those videos she of course does not confess but if you listen carefully to what she says, it becomes very obvious that she did it.

    At one point saying she had 'no insight' into the situation. It is obvious that she had already emotionally detached herself from the situation by that point. Whenever Casey does cry or get mad, it is always about herself, not about Caylee or anyone else. But like I have said, Casey was not concerned because frankly, she knew there were no leads, when Cindy asks if Casey has any leads and Casey actually said there are no leads, it is because Casey knew there were none. Casey knew that there were no leads because she knew that Caylee was dead.

    I have actually heard rumors and I do not know if this is true, but I have heard rumors that in late 08, after Casey's indictment for murder but before the body was found, that Casey was actually offered a plea deal to manslaughter and she turned it down! My guess is that the state wanted her to do too much in exchange. I think the plea offer was for 15 years on the condition that Casey tell where Caylee's body was. I imagine Baez would only allow Casey to plead out under an 'Alford plea' where Casey would not admit guilt but would admit there was enough evidence to convict her.

  22. Dave- I can think of a third possibility where he doesn't need to be the best liar in the world or could have been truthful in court and still have a deal set up somehow for down the road.... maybe they just didn't ask the right questions.
    In the legal world everything is so darn literal, one day in court they spent 20 minutes discussing "may" and "shall" after one attorney said they "may" do something(can't remember what) but the motion they filed says "shall". LOL
    I don't know what is true concerning Baez but one thing is clear the Judge has ruled Casey is indigent. So be it!
    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  23. anon 3/21 6:10 and 6:29 pm.
    I agree with your comments, it seems Casey is her own worst enemy. I was surprised to hear she was so dumb as to put anything relevant to the case in writing.
    George and Cindy Anthony's finances have no bearing on Casey being declared indigent because she is of age. It does seem they are all broke though.
    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  24. LCM- I just realized I didn't thank you for your kind comments, TY! Funny you say that about being left brained. I attended a seminar my doctor gave where we did an exercise to determine which side of our brain is results showed that I use both sides of my brain equally. Evidently fewer people use both sides but I am a LIBRA. BWAHHH!
    Can't wait for the results of today's hearing for Stacey B.

  25. Hey there Kat! You are more than welcome.. That is funny I am 49% and 51% or something ridiculously close and sometimes feel it gets me in more trouble than it is worth. Are we something like 1% of the population?? But I'm not a libra or even close....

    I read more of your Shelley incites this week (while waiting to see NO DEAL) I didn't realize he is/was married! Shocking...

    Have you been reading the Casey papers? it's making my brain melt!!
    Any word from Syn?? (((HUGS)))

  26. LCM,
    I have been trying to get through the latest doc dump in the Casey Anthony case. Geesh!

    Yes Sheley is married, the Mrs. is in prison right now she is about one year into a four year sentence for stealing a stereo out of a if she follows the rules she will be out in a year. All I can say is birds of a feather.......

    One last're not one of those Virgos are ya?

  27. Katfish
    I enjoy reading at T&T and also at Daves. I saw your blog listed on both and decided to check you out. I like your blog~your writing style suits me. It is also VERY nice that you respond to your readers! Dave also does this and it makes me feel like I am in your living room having a conversation! I rarely post..mostly lurk but I wanted you to know I am here and very interested in your opinon!

  28. flgrammie-
    Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean more than you know.
    Sprocket is my "blogging mentor", she got me started blogging so she will always be my favorite; however,the rest of the contributors at T&T are top rate and I think do a great job! Dave...I learned of Dave through Ritanita over at T&T. I have been a reader over at Dave's for sometime but have really started to comment and get "into the mix".
    You are welcome here anytime! Feel free to say hi now and then. Your opinions are always welcome here, but just knowing you are around makes me happy. Thanks again!

  29. oops...I forgot to finish my thoughts about Dave. He is the hardest working blogger I know, and of course it shows with the number of readers and commenters he gets. We are very fortunate he is interested in the Anthony case. I have learned a ton from him. I like that he tries to give both sides a fair shot. Okay, I'm done jabbering for now. :)

  30. Linda From New YorkMarch 27, 2010 at 4:41 PM

    Hi Katfish. See you at Marinade Dave's a lot.

    I was reading along and the following stopped me in my tracks:

    The couple claims Bank of America failed to notify them of their delinquency as required by federal regulation.

    Notice with the Anthony's NOTHING is EVER thier fault (or Casey's).

    OK, I am going to read on! That just struck me as in , WTH? Are they serious.

  31. Linda From New YorkMarch 27, 2010 at 4:45 PM

    Looks like the biggest reality check for these people will be coming in 2011, when Casey Anthony is finally found guilty for the murder of her daughter.

  32. Hi Linda. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hope you enjoy the read. I'm working on a new Casey entry. I don't usually cover her much, as I explained in my post, but there has been a few new things going on to motivate me.

    It's true, I have been spending more time at Daves. I have read over there for a while, but jumped around to a lot of different places so I didn't comment much....just in and out....I finally got tired of most of the places covering this case....too much fantasy and fighting not enough facts. I decided to take a comfy seat over at Daves and chat. (waving)

    Yes, 2011 will be the BIG REALITY check. Hopefully there will be some accountability this year leading up to CONVICTION! ;)

  33. River Cruz is NOW on the Prosecution witness list which IMO gives credibility to her affair with Ga -IMO-

  34. BB12-Chris- Thanks for stopping by. I agree being on the State's witness list does seem to give River some credibility. I heard recently she was on the defense list....I never went to check it out because that didn't make sense to me there is so much misinformation around this case. Come to think of it, I haven't seen a defense witness list , have you? Thanks for the link to the State's list. :) I put you on my blogroll.

  35. This is Kadrmas 21 posting, I will say, the letters, the jailhouse letters which I read of Casey's as they were released by WESH-TV an Orlando TV station and they posted it in a PDF file on their website. It does give interesting insight into Casey and further backs up what I have always thought of her. Some disturbing allegations on her part against BOTH her brother Lee and father George as she accuses them of molesting her, George when she was a child and Lee when she was in her teens, from the sounds of the letter she claims these incidents happened with Lee when she was between the ages of 12 and 15.

    Basically and this is just an opinion, whatever your opinions of the Anthony's, I simply do not believe these molestation incidents happened. I just think that is a smokescreen put up by Casey and to be honest, I think it is her way of possibly drafting up a defense. I doubt she will break but if she did this would be the perfect excuse, daddy and big brother molested me, kind of thing. In fact, the FBI, as far as I know they never asked George but they DID a while back ask Lee to submit to a DNA test to prove he was not Caylee's father, he submitted and of course the results came back that he was not Caylee's father. But either in the trial or especially in the penalty phase it could come to this and knowing Baez I would not put it past him, if he were to accuse George and Lee of molesting Casey thus trying to get a mitigating factor before Judge Strickland claiming that Casey suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her dad and brother.

  36. Reading the letters and other info released by the state, I do believe that both George and Lee believe that Casey killed Caylee. That is where these molestation allegations from Casey suddenly come from. She is mad that that George and Lee are not buying her bullshit story. In public, yes, both will stick to the story and say they believe 'someone else' did it but when the shit really hits the fan which it will sooner or later no doubt they will throw Casey under the bus.

    Interestingly, in these letters, Casey was VERY angry at her parents. She was angry at them because basically what I just said above is true, they have already thrown her overboard. I think George in particular knows that Casey did it. George was a cop, he knows what a dead body smells like. He smelled that smell in Casey's car and I think from that time at least suspected she did it and I think that opinion changed to him knowing she did it when she got out on bond and was retaining her smirky attitude. I guess at one point he snapped and grew irate that she was continuing to dodge questions and grabbed her by the neck and threw her up against the wall and basically said something like 'get the fuck out of my house' or 'I want her (Casey) out of my fucking house".

    George, by all accounts is the more passive one in that marriage between him and Cindy by far. However if you push George's buttons enough he will snap and for him to snap tells me he was really convinced by that point that Casey did something to Caylee. But I guess George, like Cindy, considered Caylee their daughter and with her gone, I guess he rationalized in his mind trying to get Casey off the hook, feeling that he had already lost one daughter and did not want to lose the other one.

    I mean again, I am not asking for folks to like or respect the Anthony's. However I do think in their own way they are grieving and are sorry about what happened to Caylee. It is obvious that George and Cindy loved and still do love Caylee. Even if you disagree with their actions after the fact, it is hard to deny that they love Caylee. Casey is their daughter so yes they love her too. No one wants to see their kid go to prison, especially when their child is accused of murdering their own child.

    But yes, Casey's narcissism showing through so much in these letters. Me, me, me. Enjoying to some degree the media coverage although of course she does not like she is portrayed in a negative light but she likes the coverage nonetheless in terms of her name being all over the TV and newspapers and internet. But another odd thing about Casey that I actually had not thought about much until recently, I had overlooked it for the longest time. The photos of her and Caylee. Whenever Casey was around and a photo was being taken of Caylee, notice how Casey always was not only in the picture but was front row and center? It was like this 'look at me, look at me, here I am' kind of attitude. Typical of Casey's narcissism.

  37. Hello Kardmas!
    I agree 100%. Casey is a proven liar and to believe the things she wrote without any corroboration doen't make sense. I am going to write an entry about these "letters" and some more specific opinions so check back.

    I really do try not to take G+C to task too much....they didn't kill Caylee, no evidence supports that what so ever.

    I still haven't finished reading all the stuff that was released, got a crick in my neck about 1:30 am from the sideways stuff snd went to bed. I'm on page 118 of 482 so I have alot left to read.

  38. Hey Katfish, do you know or know of a blogger named 'Marinade Dave' ? I guess the shit is hitting the fan with Judge Strickland in this regard. Today Baez filed a motion to have Strickland removed as trial judge because Strickland is known to be friends with 'Marinade Dave'. I guess Strickland and 'Marinade Dave' have both admitted they are friends but Strickland denied talking to 'Marinade Dave' about the case and 'Marinade Dave' also denied talking to Strickland about the case and said Strickland never mentioned anything to him about it. Personally I think Baez should keep Strickland on the case. Strickland has actually been a lot more fair to the defense than a lot of judges would be.

  39. Also Katfish was wondering your opinion of the Casey jailhouse letters? Oh if I was Baez I would be beyond enraged. Yes inmates are encouraged to communicate with their family and friends on the outside. However to write to a fellow inmate about your case is a big big NO NO. I mean that is just, beyond stupid. Plus Casey while like I said, while there is not anything really explosive there, as in no confession, the other inmate will be called to testify at trial I am sure. Robyn Adams, who said that Casey basically when the bones in the water were found how Casey acted flip and basically said something like 'that is not my daughter' and said it with conviction. I mean she knew that was not Caylee, because she knew where Caylee was. The fact Casey was all smirky did not help her cause. As Robyn Adams described Casey, Casey was 'giggly' and acting like a teenager at a boy band concert.

  40. Yes I know Marinade Dave,actually, I have a link to his blog in this post and on my blogroll. He is a good guy. It's crazy the media reports are saying that he was biased against the Anthonys, that couldn't be further from the truth. The post that's heading said "Casey Must Die" was an article on the state's decision to go for the death penalty not his opinion. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even support the DP.

    We'll see how it turns out if the Judge recuses himself,from what I understand there is a low threshold. In hindsight perhaps he shouldn't have called Dave when he learned Dave is sick.I think he is just a nice man. They do not have a personal relationship, Dave has his phone number and e-mail on his blog!

    JS has to read the blogs because of the change of venue motion filed by the defense.(Daves blog was cited in that motion) Dave is in Orlando and attends hearings.At the end of a hearing Strickland recognized Dave (he has a pic of himself on his blog)and called him to the bench to congratulate him on his fair and unbiased reporting....the TV cameras were still rolling. Dave also injects some intelligent humor in some of his blogs which are actually usually educational as well and I think the judge may appreciate that as well. IMO it will be a loss for the defense, he has been very lenient with them. Well, need to get outside...I can hear my Mr. calling.

    I am still going to do a blog on Casey, her penpals, and my opinions of them. I have been doing research and have read all the letters. I still have to read the supplemental stuff but I have heard what's in them so that shouldn't take much time. I have gotten side tracked...several times and have a large yard/garden to spring clean.(2 fish ponds and a lot of flowers)I also have a vegetable garden but I square foot garden in raised beds so that is a snap....Mr. katfish helps but it is all still a lot. HGTV was my favorite pasttime before I started following trials and blogging. :)
    Please keep checking back. I will get it done. You can register with Google without having a blog or showing any personal info on your profile. If you do that you can follow me and will know when I post too. Just a suggestion not a requirement, although to be honest I have wondered why you don't blog, you seem informed and like to write. If you ever decide to let me know and I will follow you. :) :) :)

  41. Yes, I think in the end, Strickland will step aside from the case. However this in my opinion was a bad move by the defense. When I say Strickland will step aside, he will do it more for the purpose of legal safety, he certainly does not want to give Casey any grounds for appeal if he can avoid it and she might get a new trial if Strickland stayed on the case and she were convicted. So I say Strickland to play it safe will recuse himself but we will see.

    Orlando area legal analyst Richard Hornsby who is a defense attorney, said that this was a terrible move by the defense and they will come to regret it. I think they will too. Like you and I have said, Judge Strickland was actually pretty fair to the defense and actually has granted them a lot more leeway and has granted more of their motions than most judges in Orange County would. I still think Judge Strickland will end up recusing himself for appearances sake but if he recuses himself or if he refuses (which if that happened the defense I presume would appeal to the 5th District Court of Appeals in Florida which is headquartered in Daytona Beach to see if they would force Strickland off). I mean, it is just, I can guarantee if Strickland leaves the case, the defense will almost certainly get a judge assigned to the case that is way more strict and way more pro state than Strickland has been thus far.

  42. You are probably right Kardmas about Judge Strickland removing himself from the case. I read somewhere the defense has been trying to get rid of him ever since he filed a bar complaint against Baez. And then there is his comment the first time he saw Casey in court. Something like Miss Anthony and the truth are strangers....he was angry that Caylee was missing and she was leading LE on a wild goose chase.

    Dave really does try to stay in the middle of the road with his opinions. That is one reason he was willing to talk to a PI from the defense. He is an upright guy.

    I hear MD gets bad mouthed on a lot of blogs. (I don't go to a lot of places, but he does talk about it some in his blogging )He has "pizzed" some people off because he speaks his mind when posters get crazy trashing people, like the Anthonys. I think he respects everyone's right to their own opinion who visit "his blog" but demands that they express their opinion in a respectful manner. I try to do the same here.
    I'm ticked off at the media because they have portrayed him (even Jane Velez Mitchell) as a biased blogger. I think they only read the captions to his blogs without reading the content. Half assed journaliam IMO. TTYL kat

  43. Well sure enough Judge Strickland recused himself from the case last night. The defense will regret this move in the end as I am betting the chances are better than not that a judge that is a lot more against the defense than Strickland was will be appointed. I am also not surprised about the media trashing marinade Dave. The media are hypocrites like that. They trash not only Casey but the entire Anthony family more than anyone yet they have the gall to call Marinade Dave a 'biased blogger'. Of course Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace and other tabloid crap like that, I suppose they feel threatened by the bloggers muscling in on their action.

  44. Yup, sure enough too, Chief Judge Belvin Perry will be the new trial judge in this case. Perry is the Chief Judge for the 9th Judicial Circuit of Florida which is Orange and Osceola Counties. Big mistake by the defense. Perry is a well known hang judge. Very conservative, loves the death penalty. 6 or 7 guys at least on Florida's death row were sent there by Perry. Perry runs a tight ship, he will not put up with any crap from anyone, particularly the defense. Plus, I think the defense will see Perry be tight with the money. As Chief Judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit, Perry is the one that actually sets the judicial budget. So he himself will be determining how much money goes to Casey's defense.

  45. Hey Anonymous! I know you probably don't believe me, I have said it so many times....I really am working on a new post about Casey. I have done all the research except for those 4 new motions about the constitutionality of the death penalty. They may get left out of this many things to write about. Rather than just report the facts, I try to find some angle to approach the subject along with the facts. My brain hurts. LOL

  46. Oh Anonymous, I forgot to add (assuming you are Kardmas)....I keep checking on Jensen. Still awaiting assignment but I notice the briefs have been received (4/7)at the State Law Library. They must confirm the authorities submitted by the parties are valid before assigning judges to decide the appeal. moving along....slowly....I for one have learned alot about the appeal process by following this.