Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Out Continues From The Murder Of Emma Barker

Emma Barker was an adorable 18 month old baby girl who lived at the home of her grandparents in Lancaster, CA with her single mother Stacey Barker  when she was reported missing on March 18, 2009.  Emma's uncle Nick and Stacey's boyfriend Brendan Borrelli reported to police that Barker had been attacked and said her daughter was missing. Barker claimed that she had been attacked and knocked unconscious while loading Emma into her car seat after playing at a Lancaster City Park. Barker said when she "came to" 6 hours later at a Park ~N~ Ride, 10 miles down the road, she found herself only partially dressed and Emma was gone. The community was horrified, was there a psycho attacking mothers and stealing their babies in Lancaster?

The next day when the "truth" came out it was just as horrifying. Stacey Barker led police to the spot on the side of the highway where she had dumped Emma's body after changing her story to one (of many) that Emma had died accidentally after suffocating on a plastic baggy she found in her mother's purse when they were driving on the highway. Barker said she panicked when she dumped Emma and made up her kidnapping story because she didn't want to be blamed for Emma's death or thought of as a bad mother . This scenario garnered attention of national media....why would a mother do this to her child? The evidence didn't support any of Barker's accounts and she was eventually charged with murder for the death of her daughter.

Two years later a Los Angeles County jury convicted Stacey Barker of the first-degree murder of her daughter, along with one count of assault on child causing death and 2 counts of child abuse with special enhancements/ allegations. On June 17, 2011, Superior Court Judge Hayden Zackey sentenced 26 year old Stacey Marie Barker  to 25 years to life. She is serving her time at Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, CA.

I won't go through the whole story here, if you aren't familiar with the case or need a refresher, you can follow the link here to the previous coverage at Katfishponders.... be sure to read the comment sections too because several friends of Katfishponders attended the pre-trial hearings and trial, they provided most of the information posted on this blog about the case, but they also added additional details in the comments. As always (can't say it enough), thanks to Tori, Ange, Tiffney Diamond, A nurse, and LeftCoastMom (LCM) for taking the time to attend court and sharing the details!

This is a  case where, in this writer's opinion, justice was done....unlike that FLORIDA case of a murdering mommy, Casey Anthony.....but that's another story. This post is about the continuing quest for justice in the murder of Emma Barker....evidently justice isn't finished.

Borrelli and Barker in happier times
During Stacey Barker's trial her boyfriend and loyal supporter Brendon Borrelli testified on her behalf. As the trial progressed evidence was submitted that contradicted much of Borrelli's testimony.  A warrant was issued for Brendon Borrelli's arrest for charges of perjury (for lying in court) and conspiracy (to file a false police report) on August 19. Borrelli turned himself in to law enforcement on August 23, 2011. At his custody hearing Borrelli was released on his own recognizance by a Judge Steven D. Ogden.
Borrelli's arraignment is scheduled for 9/8/11 in Dept A1 at the Michael D. Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse at 8:30am....
According to the CA Penal Code, if Borrelli is convicted on the perjury charge he could face 2 - 4 years in  state penitentiary. The penalty for the conspiracy charge is not as clear in the code as it is for perjury, there are many variables, but we do know both counts Borrelli is charged with are felonies. We will watch this case and let you know. Sphere: Related Content


  1. Such a precious angel...thanks for the update.

  2. Here is a link to the post at NP

  3. Thanks Kat,
    This is great....we will see what we find out on 9/8...I will be calling ya then...
    Hey LC how are you? hope you make it of her BDAY can't wait to see you...

  4. At least there is someplace in the US court system where perjury is taken seriously enough to warrant action! Everyone seems to 'know' that Cindy Anthony lied, but no one does anything about it.

  5. Sandy, I couldn't agree more.

    There was a case here in IL last week that a mother was arrested for obstruction charges too. Her son had kidnapped and raped his girlfriend(ex)at gunpoint. His mom discussed hiding the guns for her son at her house during a jailhouse phone call (dumb ass)but she wasn't let off the hook because "Mothers protect their children". The Anthony case is an abomination of our justice system!

    1. I get it! Couldn't be more upset no one was held accountable for that little girl's cruel murder! Unfortunately, unless we are exposed to ALL of the facts in any case, we can't know if they support conviction, regardless of guilt. Sure, sometimes human beings make mistakes. But I can't criticize most of them who genuinely invested themselves fully to bring justice, especially to a child. Often law enforcement feel the pain far greater than even the outraged public! But I find solace in the assurance that God, who is the only true judge, does not forget about His precious children. Their sorrow on earth, committed by the unrepentant will be repaid for eternity, while the innocent & most vulnerable will live in eternity in the shelter, comfort, peace & joy of the Most High. The earthly hell will be only a blink of an eye to them, in context of their eternal life of all things that are good & just. That's the only thing that brings me a sense of peace & hope for them.

  6. I believe that MB was hiding Brendon on the tip from a friend who's husband works for the sherriff dept. in Lancaster. All they need to do is look at her phone calls, text messages, and I'm sure they would find out she was hiding him from the police. She has done things since the first day of trial that I feel warrant action be taken against her for all the things she has done to help out her son that I believe she knows is guilty. And people wonder where her son gets all these great traits, from his mother that has little regard to the law as her son BB, and they should both spend sometime behind bars for the things the have done from the begining.

  7. Anon,
    A very good source said that he was sent a letter by mistake from the LASD saying he had a warrant out for his arrest, that gave them time to find a Attorney and make arraingments to turn himself in.
    Now, I can't say that her friend's husband did or didn't have anything to do with that but I would like to know if this is true or not because HE should not be in Law Enforcement if he is feeding Criminals Information about their pending Arrests, that makes him just as bad as the criminals....
    I know LE reads this BLOG and if this person is giving out Information, they will find out, then there will be MORE backlash from the SB, BB saga and he might lose his job.
    I just can't see why a sworn Officer or his wife would put his Job on the line for the Borrelli's, that is just foolish!
    We will see if they check phone records from MB or BB, we saw that it was easy to do from SB'S trial.
    If you find out anything else we will be here waiting...LOL....TTYL

  8. Tori, I have heard through a good resource that BB thinks nothing is going to happen to him, and he has gone through with his plans of moving to Valencia were he is going to work at the new Schooners they are opening up out there. I have also heard through the grapvine that MB has lost her job with BofA because of here drinking, and partying. They also mentioned that it was because she was writing bad checks from her bank account in order to have money for her drinking and partying. This just goes to show you were here kids picked up all of there bad traits, from her and her partying ways! I was also told she was the one that told the police he wasn't home, and didn't know where he was when in fact he was working at Schooners that day. She then went to pick him up and got him out of Lancaster, and took him to the SFV to hideout! I believe this woman should pay for the things she has pulled, and for lying to the police. I hope that the DA will fight to keep BB in jail until his trial begins because between him and his mother he is a flight risk that I wouldn't trust. The DA should also look into charges against MB for lying, and helping a BB flee the area. Besides the fact that if she isn't held on lying, and abetting, and also giving imformation to BB during the trial of SB right outside the court room doors then were is the justice. Both of these people can not be trusted, and should both be off the street. I also here that MB is blaming law enforcement for harassing her son, and just doesn't get it that her son, as well as her have broken the law, and should be held responesable for thier actions! I pray that the DA will go after both BB, and MB for all the stupid ass things that they have done, and lied about since day one! Neither one has any respect for the law, and they throw thier blame for everything on everbody else but themselves! Can't wait to see what happens to BB at his hearing on the 8th, and to see if they bring up charges against MB. They should also try to find out who the sherriff is that tipped off his wife so she could call MB and give her a heads up. I can't believe that anyone would help these two pieces of trash out, and put themselves in jeporady of breaking the law. Can't wait to hear what happens on his day in court on the 8th...Keep up the good work, and lets all pray that Emma will get the justice she really deserves!

  9. Anon....
    All I can say is WOW....from what I hear BOA pays very well and I think someone said that MB has worked there for a while, that is sad if she has lost her Job behind behind drinking, has she Just started drinking heavy? Why would they wait until now to fire her, maybe that is why she is mad about the name being in the paper.
    We will let you know what happens on the 8th.
    TTYL T

  10. Tori, from what I have heard MB has been drinking heavy for the last 5 yrs or more, and she continues to do so. It is sad when a person puts such a good job behind all their drinking, and can't see how it effects their everyday life. Then you throw partying and drinking with your sons every weekend, it just compounds all the problems in your life. The best thing that could happen to both BB, and MB would to spend time in jail sobbering up, then maybe they will see that their choices have put them in the cell that they would be sitting in. I do know that if they check MB, and BB's text messages that they will find out that MB lied to the police about her sons where abouts, and that she helped him escape being arrested the day his warrant was issued. I truly feel that MB should have to do some jail time for feeding information out during the SB murder trial, and then for her cover up with BB. This is a family that is totally dysfunctional, and puts themselves above the law, with their drinking and driving,and from the exploits they have shown during the SB murder trial. One other note is I heard that the person that tipped MB, and BB off to the warrant is a colored person with a wife named Monica who works for BofA, and it is her husband that works for the Sherriff department. I hope that all their lying will catch up with them in court, and it will put both BB, and MB in jail for sometime, then maybe they will think about all the crap that they have done, and all the people it has affected.

  11. I find it so sad the children pay the price for the dysfunction of the adults around them.Thankfully,most don't pay the price that little Emma did.
    I get what you are saying about BB and MB but truely BB is no longer a kid and should be held accountable for his own decisions. My first thought when I read anons opinion that MB should be charged as well, was one of charging is one thing but proving is another. As anon points out, phone records could be checked and could go to obstruction charges. I just don't know if the state would persue that given BB turned himself in a few days later. Anon, you are entitled to your opinion and your opinion is welcome here; however, I don't expect to see MB charged for this unless they have other evidence. Sounds like she is having plenty of problems unrelated to this case though.

    BB chose to lie to LE and under oath. I think he should be held accountaable for that.I agree the employee of the LACSD should be investigated too.

  12. Did BB go to court today? If so, what happen?

  13. Hi Kat and Anon,

    Yes BB and MB were in Court, his Lawyer asked the Judge for 6 Witness transcripts from the Trial but could not name which transcripts or dates of testimony he wanted.Judge Denied it, said when you can tell me which ones and dates, the Judge on the case and the Court transcriber give it to me and I will OK it..I am not going to transcribe the whole trial for you! he asked for something else, but like I said before, that courtroom is surrounded by glass and people in there talk while court is being held so it is hard to hear what is being said unless you listen really hard, Tiff said that the Judge Denied the Lawyers requests 3 times but it was hard for LC,Sniff and Tiff to hear what the other 2 requests were that were denied.
    I don't know if Judge Ogden read BB'S record or what but he was not so nice today, Tiff said that Judge Ogdens son was killed by a drunk driver and he is hard on people that drive drunk, I am going to look that up later today and see what happened with that...
    BB and MB talked to the Lawyer in the hall for a few mins and both came back in looking mad as hornets...
    I don't think he thinks he is off the hook now....
    His Grammy, Mom, Brother and some girl were there with him but MB sat away from BB and did not speak with him, when Tiff and Sniff walked in they looked at Tiff and had flashbacks of the SB trial they knew who she was and did not look very happy about her being there, she said she got looks the whole one paid attention to LC before Tiff sat down and started talking to her then they knew LC was there for BB also...I thought that was funny!
    They said BB had his face in his hands with his head down most of the time....
    The end result was next hearing is on the 20th of September.
    We went to lunch and talked about what BB'S defense might be for lying on the stand....we could not come up with anything, we also pondered, what 6 witness transcripts could they want? the bulk of the witnesses were Professionals, there were very few personal ones.
    I wonder if they will pull his Cell phone records from that time, I remember Kelly saying that he had a different carrier when this happened and got a new one after...
    As for MB I don't know how she is going to make it with no Job and being a Alcoholic, she does need to DRY out if she is, yet one more person SB had taken down with her bullshit!
    I was talking to My Nephews wife yesterday whom I hadn't seen in months and she told me that she had worked with SB at BOA when she first came here from NM and that she knew SB and Anthony, that she had went to the Baby shower the girls at BOA gave SB, she told me that Barker was always bitching about Emma after she got with BB, that SB said she wanted to party on the weekends but Mom didn't want her to and wouldn't watch Emma, that SB was tired of trying to find a babysitter for Emma so she could do things with BB and that this was almost a daily conversation near the end of Emma's life about Emma's needing a babysitter and how unhappy she was about it that she could't party witn BB and his friends.
    She left BOA 2 weeks before Emma's death, she said she saw it in the paper but since she had a job and kids she did not pay careful attention to it, MAN I wish I had known that then she would have been a great witness for the DA...well toooo late now, unless SB gets an appeal and a new trial, then I will whisper her name to the DA'S office!LOL
    That is all that happened I will be out of the country on the next court date so we will have to depend on the eyes and ears of our other ladies to fill us in on what is happening. talk to you all later.

  14. @ TORI.. Thanks for the update.

  15. T,
    Thanks for following through on this. When is his next court date? Can someone try to get the case number at the next hearing. I'll see if I can find anything that has been filed. Any word as far as a preliminary hearing or arraignment? I'm so glad LCM was able to make it down for the hearing. Did you guys do anything for Emma's birthday? Just wondering.

    I have been tied up with Sheley since August 29. It took 8 days to get a jury seated, I am working on that post now and we finally heard openings and a few witnesses yesterday...I'll do that post tomorrow.

    Glad to hear you say, "I don't think he thinks he is off the hook now...." this is so not a game!

    Have a great trip! (((HUGS)))

  16. Tori I was at my nephews house over the weekend and he wanted me to take a look at something on Face Book, and what I saw really showed me just what kind of people that BB, and MB are. Almost ever picture on both of their pages are of nothing but drinking and partying. It seems that what has been posted is true about them both being alcoholics, and caring about nothing more than drinking. On BB's wall he even makes the comment about just loving to party, and loving his new found life in Valencia. And as far as his mother her profile picture is of her and the other son at a bar with him sitting behind her, and she is sitting with a bottle of Corona and a glass filled with beer. I can't see how anyone could post nothing but pictures of partying at the bar, or at home drinking and partying with her boys. Just by looking at all of thier pictures you really get the sense that the both of them have a big problem with drinking. My nephew also told me he had heard that MB took BB to his grandparents house in Reseda when the warrant went out for his arrest. How could someone put thier own grandparents in jeporady by taking him to hideout so he wouldn't be arrested before turning himself in. I hope that when he goes back for his arrainment that the judge will make his bail so high that he won't make bail. If they don't I think he is a flight risk that they look at and should take that out of the equation. If LE or anyone else has a chance try to check out both of them on FB and you will see what I saw. No wonder MB looks like she does with all the drinking she has done over the years with her sons, and friends has really taken a toll on her. I can't even imagin what it will do to her when her son is convicted for his cover up in this whole mess. With having been fired from her job, and dealing with her son's problem I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't push her over the edge, but like the old saying goes want a tangled web we weave when we practice to decieve. They will both deserve everything that happens to them with nobody to blame but themselves.

  17. Well only 3 days to go until BB goes back to court. I wonder if it will be short and to the point, or will the the date be moved up another month or two. I hope it doesn't so he can start shaking becasue he needs to pay his dues! I have heard that he is now working in Valencia at Schooners, but people must not know who he is really. I also had someone tell me that they have even spotted MB at Schooners drinking for the whole evening, know she has to drive home. I had read the post from anonymous..and found out that the FaceBook stuff is out there to see so if you belong to FB check it out! These are two of the biggest drinking, bar sitting fools I've seen. Lets all pray for Emma tomorrow at church, or at home, but also that justice will come to BB before long. One other thing I hope that they press charges to MB for hidding out her son, and lying to LE about his were abouts!

  18. @Tori, or LCM...I sure hope that someone is there today covering the latest on what is happening today in court for BB. I hope you guys will post something today on what actually transpired in court. I'm just praying that they don't postpone his date again, it's time that BB pays the piper for his lying, and covering up the murder of poor Emma Barker! I'm amazed of what I saw on fb after just reading the post from anonymous yesterday. If the judge's son was killed my a drunk driver he won't be happy to see the fb pages of BB, and MB!!! You can tell that drinking is a #1 priority in both of the Borrelli's life...everything revolves around the next drink, or the next party to drink at! Lets us all pray that something good will come out of todays hearing, and that is BB going to jail until at least his trial! Can't wait to see what you women have to post today! You have done a tremendous service to all of us out here by keeping us informed on what is going on in the never ending battle for justice for little Emma Barker! Lets us never forget just what those two people took from this world!

  19. Does anyone know what happen today in court with BB?

  20. Did anyone attented BB hearing yesterday? If so what happend to him. Is the trial being postponed again? We all would like to know what happend yesterday to BB.

  21. Sorry Anon, I haven't been around this past week. I will check around, I think Tori said she would be out of the country for this hearing. Some of our other trial buddies may have went though.

  22. Well it looks like no one attended BB hearing on the 20th. I did hear that it was put off again until Oct. 11th. and that BB attorney is tellin him that the DA is just grasping at straws, and really has nothing on him. That basically that the DA is just harassing him and nothing more. This I heard through the grapvine, and that is was what MB was saying. It sure would have been nice to hear what really went on in court that day, but I guess that all the bloggers did not attend since there has been nothing written on here. I guess we will learn more in October.

  23. I saw the story in the local paper and it really didn't say much. Just a refresher of SB and her trial and how BB might be involved. But I did hear from someone that works with BB and they said that he is scared to death that he might go to jail.

  24. Hi anon,
    From what I understand, nobody from our group was able to attend this hearing. Someone did say they would try to find out, but hasn't gotten back with me yet. Thanks for your updates though.
    Sounds like BB has a better grasp on reality than MB....of course it's his azz that could wind up in the slammer.
    As for the DA harassing him...that's a joke. The State's Attorney's office has much better things to do than harass citizens. Once there is a preliminary hearing, we will hear some of the state's case against him and a judge will decide of there is enough to take him to trial...that is unless a Grand Jury indicts him....then it goes to trial w/o a preliminary hearing.
    It's my experience that in the early stages of a case it's not unusual for there to be continuances.

  25. Anyone know if BB's hearing took place yesterday and what was the outcome?

  26. Well today BB is back in court and I was wondering if anyone will be there to see what happens, and to see what kind of look that BB will have on is face this time? I hope that they don't postpone this any longer. BB has been enjoying life to much and to long to not be spending sometime behind bars! I have heard that his oldest brother is supposed to be going with MB, his yougest brother, and his grandmother. I know that they all of them think he has done nothing wrong but that is because MB has told them along with all her friends and family that the DA is just on a witch hunt with BB. Maybe today they will get the ball rolling and put that low life BB behind bars were he belongs. I don't know if the will put him in jail as a flight risk, but I belive the more that this get going the more of a flight risk he is. First off his mother MB I can see trying to get him to flee, or taking him herself if they know that he will in fact be serving time. I can't wait for if and when it happens that he is handcuffed and taken away. I know for a fact that his mother has talked to him about fleeing if he is going to spend time in prison. The sad thing is that I also heard that his grandparents in the valley who are in there 80's gave him 10k for his attorney because neither MB or her mother could afford an attorney for him, and it is those same grandparents that MB took BB to when the warrent went out for BB not caring that she was putting them in jeporady by breaking the law! That goes to show you what kind of person that she is. We can't wait to find out what happens today as it is time for some justice for little Emma again! Let that punk rot in prison, or become some big ol thugs toy, any and everthing he gets he deserves!

  27. Kat, or Tori did anyone attend BB hearing today? I hope it wasn't continued for another month or two! I've heard his is getting very comfortable in Valencia working at Schooners. He is still into his old ways of drinking and partying, and he now thinks that not much is going to become of this hearing. Let us know if you have heard anything as we would all like to know if this punk is going to do time for not protecting Emma from her deranged mother when he had a chance to! Thanks for all you and Tori have done to keep us all posted!

  28. Any news on what took place yesterday at BB's hearing? Did anyone go to the hearing or do you know someone who did, we are wanting to find out, let us all know? We want this guy to get what he has coming to him for all his lying on the stand, and messing with a false report to the police. Hope we see something soon! Thank you ladies for all that you do!

  29. I heard from a great source that MB was telling them that the hearing yesterday for BB was continued until the 17th because the DA was still not ready for trial, and that if she isn't ready by the 19th that the judge is going to drop all charges. Can this be so? Why would the DA not be ready after all of this time? My other question is why would the DA waste the tax payers money if she wasn't going to be ready for a case that is almost as big as SB hearing. I can't believe that she would not have all her duck lined up in a row to go after this lying punk who did nothing to protect a young innocent child like Emma. Is this true of what I am hearing about his case that the DA is not perpared yet? BB did nothing but lie on the stand, gave a false police report, and knows more than he has ever told. If this case get dropped I think there will plenty of pissed off supporters of justice for Emma, and many more pissed off tax payers who money is now wasted on something that never came to be. Also aren't they leaving an opening to take the county to court on harresment charges? I think this is turning into a mess if any of this is true what MB was telling people about yesterday! Kat can you or Tori find out what is really going on if neither of you attended the hearing? Someone had to be there if not don't you have anyway of finding out for us? Hope to see something posted soon. The 17th is not that far away, and I hope they do not let this guy free for what he did, if so I don't know where the justice is in Lancaster anymore. Thanks you Kat, and Tori if you can find anything out at all.

  30. Gayla G.
    I agree Anonymous. The mother and son should pay the piper for the crimes that they have committed. Especially BB for his lying under oath, obstruction of justice, and for abetting SB!
    The DA handling that case should be looking for another job! That's unbelievable that the DA is never prepared for court so they keep shelving the date later and later.
    I would not be surprised if the case gets dropped because of the DA, and how she/he hasn't bothered gong to court and presenting the already known/disclosed evidence against BB.
    Come the 17th, the DA will probably still not be ready and BB will get off scott free.

  31. Anon 11/2 and Anon 11/8,
    Sorry I've not responded sooner...I have messages on some posts for other cases too that I need to respond to. Personal obligations have kept me away from the computer.

    I certainly want to see justice for Emma as well. The state needs to be able to prove the elements of conspiracy and perjury to obtain a conviction. I have no idea what the hold up is but I'm personally reluctant to be too harsh on the state for delays. The last I knew Kelly Cromer(KC) was prosecuting BB. KC is a fantastic prosecutor who I credit with getting the 1st degree murder conviction against Stacy Barker. Do you know if she is still on this case? Is the 17th supposed to be the preliminary hearing? I will contact Tori and see what she knows.

    Unfortunately, per the legislation recently passed in CA, it is unlikely BB will spend much time in jail because of the over-crowding of the CA Prison system. The rest of the country is paying close attention to the over-crowding situation in CA and how they deal with it.

    Right now CA sounds like "the place to be" for those who want to take their chances with nonviolent crimes such as DUI, perjury?, theft, etc...really sad.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  32. Hi All,
    Sorry I have been MIA...was out of the country and then lots of Family matters to attend to.

    I was not able to attend these other hearings but if the Grandparents paid 10,000 for that Attorney they got ripped off...he stumbled over everything at the hearing!

    I am sure that KC has her shit together and has everything she needs on BB, I don't think this would go to trial this quick as his Attorney needs time to prepare a defense for him.

    I think it is just wishful thinking on MB'S part, I also see on her FB page that she is looking for work, I don't think you could find any kind of work at the bar!!! unless it is a bartender...LOL

    I do not think it would be wise for BB to run because Kat is right...the over population situation in the jails would almost give him no time, but it would be on his record and that is what counts...

    I WILL find out what is going on and let you know ASAP.
    I hope that it is not as you say and will be thrown out....that worries me...
    Hey Kat how are You, Jack and Your Mom doing? I hope fine, miss you girl...T

  33. So did BB go to court yesterday? Just wondering if anyone knows what happen?

  34. So what ever happen to BB? Did he walk away free even though we all know he had something to do with that little baby's death!
    I have looked in our local newspaper and there is nothing about it!

  35. So, I take it BB got off scott free? If, so that is a shame!

  36. Im a correctional officer @ VSPW for Barkers housing unit.I normally dont look up inmates to find out what theyre in here for because I figure theyre here for a reason but the Discovery ID channel came & did an interview with Barker & a week later true crime writer Ann Rule came to interview her.In 8 years of working here I havent seen that happen before with any of the inmates in the housing units Ive been assigned to & so it made me curious.I knew she was in here for murder but I didnt know the details that she murdered her baby.Barker is a model inmate & has alot of friends.She gets more mail than any other inmate I have ever seen & she gets weekly visits from her family.They must keep a bunch of money on her books cuz she buys alot of food & stuff from canteen.She talks alot about her family & how her parents divorcing & how her little brother is engaged & expecting a baby girl in a couple of months & her mom will have to move to Florida with the brother cuz she will have no place to stay cuz the family cant stand her & how her dad won some money playing the lotto & is quitting his job & moving to Bass Lake to be closer to her & how with the money he is buying a house there & will be able to pay for Mark Geragos to defend her when the case is retried. She didnt say how much he won but it must be alot cuz Bass Lake is expensive & the attorney theyre talking about defended hollywood stars so thats not cheap.Barker bragged to other inmates about how Ann Rule will be writing a book about her & other mothers accused of killing their kids & how she will be on tv when Discovery airs their program about mothers who killed their kids.In her cell she doesnt even have a pic of her baby just her dad & other family members.She spends her day working out prison style with situps pushups burpees crunches & reading all her mail.

  37. @ Anonymous 1/9 at 4:39 PM....Thank you for the heads up on the status of SB's incarceration... I sure hate to think Stacey Barker would be able to profit from the death of precious Emma.
    I would like to see the book Ann Rule writes about mothers who kill their children.

    Wow! What a year the Barkers had in about your highs and lows.

    Did you read back to the beginning of the case? I'm convinced that Barker killed her daughter in a fit of rage and loss of control. Can't help but wonder if SB is given a new trial....would Brandon Borrelli change his testimony?

  38. Interesting, never a dull moment with this one. I'm really curious what grounds she would have for a new trial?

    I hope daddy and his princess are very happy together - if all this is true they deserve each other.

  39. Kat,

    See, we should have done that book! I am on the fence about Ann Rule, she is kinda boring and tedious (?) when doing a book... Inmates are not allowed to profit from books about their crimes....PLEEEEESE if her Dad had won the Lottery it would have been in the local paper also California is a community property state which means that HER MOM would get half of the winnings in a Divorce, I have seen nothing a local winning anything great! I will call Craig and try to verify that fact.
    Mark Geragos...I don't think so! she is no Celeb...Yes He has been in the AV court before we did see him but he was defending a Celebrity that did not show up in person but sent him.
    Figuers she has pic's of her Dad not Emma! they are a joke!
    She didn't have many friends on the outside how in the world did she get so many on the inside, is there a ad for losers to get mail? wow, this makes me sick if it is true..
    She deserves nothing, not even tolite tissue! stupid Bitch! well it has taken me 30 mins to write this and getting more and more mad at her and my stupid computer! I will check back later.. @the Guard in her unit..what is the address and Inmate # I know some people that want to send her mail!

  40. CO
    Did you also know that she was a BIG LIAR...she thinks she is good at it but she proved she ain't...her and her Dad have something strange going on.......eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!

  41. @ Anon She is his princess - following the trial he came right out and said she didn't deserve the Guilty verdict for murder - leaving Emma along that road in the weeds yes, but not murder. He is in a deep state of denial. Let's not throw anymore fuel on the crazy train.

  42. LC, yeah what a joke, he said she should only be charged with "Leaving Emma Behind" like she left her at a store alive and well....
    I do not believe she has any friends in prison and is not doing all that well and that Daddy is moving to be near her...I think this is all BS, made up by someone close to her on the outside.
    Someone in Palmdale or Quartz Hill perhaps? LOL
    Kat do any of these goofs know that there is such thing as Tracking a ISP.... I just had to do it girl! so they tried to make us look like fools and say they were a CO in her housing unit at Chowchilla and low and behold that CO just happens to have a ISP in Palmdale,Ca....
    Well CO we ALMOST fell for it! another liar to add to the list of many in this case...LMAO!

  43. To anonymous CO:
    If you were indeed a CO, you would be offended by inmate Barker- WE1723 profiting from killing her baby, receiving media attention, and having lots of spending money for the canteen...

    Number 2- I know for a fact that baby killer's are not popular in or outside of prison. As for getting so much mail, that's bullshit. Her case was not at all well known and received little publicity,
    On the outside, she only had one delusional friend left, and maybe one lover that would be amoral enough to continue contact with her.
    Other than those two, if they bother writing, that would leave "Daddy dearest", possibly one brother, some grandparents, and maybe her "Auntie", a staunch supporter, but that's about all who would write to inmate Barker.
    Hell, the only publicity she gets is from this blog- no one else is interested in inmate Barker.
    Also, this site is not to give publicity to inmate Barker, but to honor her victim, baby Emma.

    Funny how you write that "The Family" hates Sue Barker- but they love killer Stacey and visit her often!? WTF!!?? What in the hell has Sue Barker ever done besides love baby Emma! She is the only one who seems to be disturbed over the death of Emma and HOW she died. Someone from that family needs to care about who was responsible for the senseless death of that baby.

    "The Family" doesn't hate inmate Barker for killing her baby girl? Hmmmm....

    I'll leave it at that!

  44. ANON,


  45. Hi, Katfish!

    Long time; no "see". Hope you are doing well.

    I am wondering if any one has heard from LCoastMom recently.

    I miss her immensely. She is a dedicated child's advocate. She supported justice for Emma Barker and Emma Thompson with tremendous passion.

    There is a prayer thread set up for her at Websleuths.

    It is awesome that LCoastMom is missed by so many in cyber world. Her dedication to seeking justice for defenseless child victims is admirable.

    LCoastMom, I hope you are doing well. May God bless you and keep you in His loving care. Praying for your recovery!

    Tori, have you heard from LCoastMom recently?


  46. Hi Ann-Tx! Thanks for stopping by. I'm doing ok but those I love have been falling apart and keeping me busy. I'm still following cases as much as time allows...just not enough time for blogging. I hope to get back to "it" someday.;)
    I spoke with LCM in Dec and Jan. I was missing her a lot!!! Had to hunt her azz down. LOL She is/was doing very well...still fighting the fight! She hasn't been spending much time on the computer since last Summer. Her daughter said she is reading a lot! I didn't know there was a prayer thread at Websleuths for her, does she know about that? That is AWESOME! I'll stop over there and pay my respects. LCM is in my prayers always. I do know how to reach her if you want to send a card or something.Do you still have my e-mail Ann-TX?

  47. Hi, Katfish!

    So glad you responded!

    I am glad to hear you are doing well.

    Thank you so much for the update on LCoastMom. I am glad to hear she is doing well and still fighting the fight!

    Katfish, I don't have your e-mail addy any more. My computer died a few weeks ago and I had to get a new one. I lost a lot of important info . . . like your e-mail addy!

    If you are a member at Websleuth's or Reality Chatter, please PM your addy to me there. If you have a "throw away" addy, please post it here and I'll e-mail you. Then you can give me info on how to contact LCoastMom. I would love to contact her and send her a card.

    Websleuth's have a tread set up for LCoastMom. There are currently 63 pages and 1,260 comments!

    Wow! Many folks miss LCoastMom and many are thinking of her and praying for her.

    I do not know if LCM knows that this awesome thread has been set up for her at Websleuths. There are many prayers, thoughts, well wishes and beautiful pictures posted for LCoastMom.

    Here is the Link to the thread which was set up on 3/13/12:
    Websleuths -- "Please pray for WS member LCoastMom"

    I will check back often to see how you will get your e-mail addy to me!

    Take care, Katfish! I miss you and I hope you find the time to write articles again one day. I always enjoyed reading your articles!



  48. Hi Ann-TX You can e-mail me through my blogger profile :)

    I went to Websleuths right away yesterday to see the prayer thread for LCM but I couldn't find the thread, wouldn't let me sign in because I forgot my password. I no longer have the e-mail I registered with so i can't request my password... I tried to re-register with my g-mail and it said "katfish" already has an account and they want a more secure e-mail. LOL I'll figure it out :/ I have an e-mail from Comcast(I don't use it) and I can change my user name if need be. That is just so AWESOME that this page was made for LCM!!! I can't wait to see it and let her know :D I couldn't get to the thread through the link you posted...said I had to sign in.
    If you have any problems getting the e-mail off my profile let me know here. I am notified of posts....but the link may be "rusty" LOL.

  49. Its funny Stacy has 2 brothers but there is only mention of 1. I went to school with Stacy and her older brother. He was one of my best friends. Stacy was evil in school. Her parents are far from saints and they always loved Stacy and the little brother more. There is no talk about the older brother last time I talked to him he was so distraught. He addored that little girl and I am almost positive he thought she killed Emma. Emma was his light in a dark family. I have always hated this family except the older brother. What mother doesn't keep pics of their baby? Murderers like these need the death sentence not a cushy cell.

  50. I just watched this on ID and wanted to read further about the investigation. I wasn't watching much television when this happened so I had no idea. Why, how, where was the father??? Heart wrenching. She could have given her up for adoption. I hope they never release her. Rest in peace sweet angel.