Sunday, August 24, 2008

One of these days I'll get started here!

The first post on here is my " in the courtroom" report of the August 6 arraignment of accused spree killer Nicholas Sheley in Galesburg, IL. I look forward to attending the next pretrial hearing on October 6. I will blog here about my overall feelings on this case and others; however, my " in the courtroom " coverage of Sheley's pre-trial hearing and the actual trial will be reported exclusively on Sprocket's Trial & Tribulations blog, as a guest entry. Please check it out there. :-)

T&T was my favorite place to go for coverage of Phil Spector's 1st murder trial and I'm looking forward to Sprocket's "in the courtroom" reporting of California v Spector round 2 ! That trial should get underway in October as well, unless Spector's defense can come up with another stall tactic!
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