Friday, August 29, 2008

The queen,the princess and the pawn- The Caylee Anthony Saga

I remember the first time I saw Cindy Anthony on Nancy Grace. She said her granddaughter Caylee was missing but she knew Caylee was still alive because Caylee was so special that no one could look in her eyes and do anything to harm her. My heart sank right then. I knew she believed every word she said, but I also knew that "special" doesn't provide an armor for children. We have seen it time and again. Was Adam Walsh, Polly Klass, or Dylan and Shasta Groene not special? Yes, of course they were special! It became apparent then that Cindy Anthony was living in some fairy-tale land.

As she spoke it also became apparent that Cindy was very much the "queen of her castle". Some have criticised her for her attitude with the press and her unwavering public display of support for her daughter in the face of some pretty distressing evidence. Casey's friends told the police that Casey said she was overbearing. Stubborn could probably be added as well.

For the record I don't fault Cindy for her, queen of the castle status. I would like to think I'm the queen of my castle. This is a woman who has been married many years, she has raised two children, works as a registered nurse and keeps a tidy home. FGS, even with the crush of media in front of her house Cindy and George are out there piddling in their yard. The queen refuses to surrender her castle!

When the Princess Casey came home with a "bun in her oven", the queen said, " it will be OK ". In Cindy's fairy-tale when the princess was older she would be thankful that the queen discouraged adoption and they would all live happily ever after. The problem here is Princess Casey lives in her own fairy-tale world and doesn't want to live under King George and Queen Cindy's rule.

The "bun in the oven" was a beautiful baby girl named Caylee. For a time it looked like all was well in Anthonyland and they would live happily ever after! But this was not to be. Little Caylee was soon to become a pawn in a struggle for power in Anthonyland. King George and Queen Cindy doted on little Caylee, probably much as they did Princess Casey and her brother Lee long ago. Because the king and queen loved Caylee and the princess so much , they made them very comfortable in the castle hoping the princess would stay with her daughter. The princess not only stayed, but by her own admission to police, she took more than fair advantage of the situation.

As time wore on and the novelty of a baby began to wear off, the princess began to formulate a new fairy-tale world. A world where she can do what she wants, when she wants, and she will be the best at everything she does!


In Anthonyland the princess began having trouble living her fairy-tale life. As the baby gets older, the king and queen expect her to be responsible for her daughter and hold down a job. Lucky for the princess she was a master tale spinner. How many times did she leave the castle, pretending to go to work at Universal (In her dream job as an event planner with her own office, none the less).

Was she pretending the whole 1 1/2 to 2 years that "Zanie the Nanny" took care of Caylee?


This is where the fairy-tale takes a darker turn.....only the Anthony clan knows for sure what happened in early June that prompted the princess to flee the castle with her little pawn. Did they find out she was lying about her job? Did they complain she was spending to many "all nighters" with the boyfriends to properly care for Caylee? Had they caught her stealing?Who knows, but one thing is for sure. By all accounts she left with Caylee on June 9. We have learned from statements to the police by Casey's friends that she and Caylee stayed at random places with friends and took Caylee with her to parties.

We also know that the princess returned her little pawn to Anthonyland sometime father's day weekend. The neighbors reported there was arguing in Anthonyland that Sunday night of June 15th. The next day was the last time that Caylee was ever seen.

I don't pretend to know what happened to Caylee from here on out. We do know that Casey went on a lying and stealing spree. Her fairy-tale world expanded to include a lot of vacations at the beach for Caylee and her nanny. She also told friends that her parents were splitting up and she would buy their house. (I assume with the money that she makes at that dream job.)



I wanted to believe this fairy-tale, that Caylee was alive. I never believed there was a Zenadia caring for Caylee, but I did think it was possible that the princess was so determined to rule the kingdom she had hid her pawn from the king and queen. As the forensic results have been leaking out the past few days, it has become clear that little Caylee is no longer alive. Something we all really knew after the cadaver dogs had "hit" in the backyard and in the trunk of the car....but I admit I still wanted to believe it was a mistake.

I just saw a news report from today, Cindy still thinks that Caylee is alive and is working on starting a new search for her. Until Cindy and George accept the reality that Caylee is gone, we can expect Casey to continue with her fairy-tale world. Perhaps if she sees that no one in Anthonyland believes her anymore and that they are grieving for Caylee she will tell the truth. Sphere: Related Content


  1. Keep 'em comin' katfish! You've got a good writing style and it can only get better and better!

  2. Thanks Sprocket! I must say I think the media needs to back off on this story a bit...the coverage is getting a bit stalkerazi! IMO The wheels of justice need to start turning on this case! Hopefully little Caylee will be brought home for a proper burial soon!