Friday, October 17, 2008

The grim reality of Casey Anthony's fairytale world

When I left off with my impressions of this fairytale world that Cindy and Casey Anthony have been living, it was August 29. I haven't blogged about this case since then (too frustrating!). I have been following the story and have read or watched the evidence that LE has released, much of it confirms the hypothesis posed in "The queen, the princess and the pawn", the first chapter of "The Caylee Anthony Saga".

This is a story about a struggle for control and little Caylee was often the pawn used to gain control.

Casey created the illusion that she was in control by pretending to have a job and a nanny, and"she has got it together". Cindy created the illusion of her successful mothering by accepting and perpetuating Casey's lies and explanations thereby looking like she was in control, and "she has got it together". *

In Cindy's case, she covered for Casey's behavior, because if the truth came to light, it would reflect poorly on her. While in Casey's case, Caylee was becoming incompatible with the image that she wanted to project in a culture of friends and acquaintances that hadn't yet matured to the level of placing anything or anyone above the goal of going out and partying. Add to that the directive Cindy gave her to take responsibility for her child, and you have someone that is not only angry for Caylee hindering her desired lifestyle and status, but also for being a symbol of Cindy's direct control over her decision making.*

The statements made to police by those involved in Casey's life have given a lot more insight to the whole Anthony clan and the dynamics at work in Anthonyland. While I don't believe anyone other than the princess is responsible for whatever has happened to Caylee, it seems they all know more than they would have us think. The question that Cindy asked Casey on July 15 remains unanswered...... What have you done?

On October 14, an Orange County Grand Jury determined that it's more likely than not, that 2 year old Caylee was killed by her mother, of course an indictment isn't proof that Casey killed Caylee, but at least the wheels of justice have started to turn. There seems no doubt that Casey is guilty of the four counts of lying to the police, she admits as much in her statement given to police at Universal. She is pretty well busted on the theft, fraud and child neglect charges as well.

Right now the walls of Anthonyland seem to be holding up against the siege they have endured...web cams running 24/7, reporters on their door step, and angry protesters who seem ready to kick their ass, they are sticking together but the cracks are definitely starting to show.

The Anthony clan, mostly the queen, created a moat around the castle with no trespassing signs and yellow tape in an effort to keep everyone off of their land and out of their lives. Alas, this may have been effective but for their insistence on hammering in those signs themselves. It only invited confrontation. It seems that most of the negative attention they have received, they have brought on themselves. Casey's lies and efforts to mislead the police and inconsistent statements by the family and the defense team, including some that defy logic, are the fuel that drives the public interest.

Having said that, it also seems wrong to camp on the curb waiting for news to happen, especially at a private residence, it gives the press a stalkerazi image and the protesters (many of whom I think had good intentions in the beginning) are looking like try-outs for Jerry Springer show. Perhaps now that the princess is incarcerated with no bail they will back off ! Law enforcement is doing their job.

The " Caylee was kidnapped" rhetoric seems to be the mortar that is keeping the walls from tumbling down in Anthonyland. Even as George Anthony arrived to testify against Casey to the grand jury, he carried a binder with a "Find Caylee" flier on the front. George spoke about the family’s latest efforts to find his granddaughter, adding they are disturbed by the fact the Sheriff’s Office shut down the tip line in mid-august.The family’s private investigator is looking into multiple potential sightings of Caylee, around the country, including New York and South Carolina, Anthony said.“We’ve been getting info out about Puerto Rico, because we believe that’s where she is, but the info I’ve gotten over the last three months is that my granddaughter has been to nine different locations,” Anthony said his family has been cleared by a judge to access all 5,000 tips recorded by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office tip line. Remember this is mortar. If they let go of this "Caylee was kidnapped" the walls of Anthonyland will come tumbling down.

According to Cindy Anthony and Jose Baez, we will all "understand" Casey's actions once the truth is told at trial. What are we going to understand about a mother not reporting her child missing for 31 days. ( Would we even know Caylee is missing if not for Cindy hunting Casey down?) What's to understand about all the lies and efforts to mislead the police when they are trying to help find her daughter? And the most disgusting aspect of this searches for chloroform and missing children before her daughter goes missing and chloroform is found in her trunk along with signs of human decomposition? Last but not least, let's hear the explanation for dancing and partying at the clubs while her daughter was "missing".

Cindy said on the Today Show that there is nothing in this world that would convince her Casey has killed Caylee. Does that mean if her body is found....then someone else did it? Trying to create some doubt are we?? It's obvious the queen is pretty heavily medicated and she would be well advised to stay off of national TV. These appearances don't help the princess's case and may well hurt.

It doesn't help either when the spokesman for Casey's defense, Todd Black, calls into CNN Headline News and says,"This is a very serious case involving not just the loss of the life of this little girl, but the loss of whatever is going to happen with Casey Anthony." He has issued several press releases since making the statement, the latest release states, CNN released a “complete fraud and stooped to the lowest low, shamefully toying with the life of Casey Anthony, who sits falsely accused of murder." Whatever! Whether you meant it or not Mr. Black, you said it. You guys just need to shut up! Save it for court.

On Friday, October 17 Casey entered a plea of not guilty to charges that she killed her daughter, Caylee..

On Tuesday October 28, 2008 at 8:45 a.m. Anthony will appear before Circuit Judge Stan Strickland for arraignment in the First Degree Murder Case.

She will return to court on Wednesday November 5, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. for the child neglect and check fraud cases. Circuit Judge Stan Strickland will also handle that appearance.

Texas EquuSearch has announced that they will resume the search for Casey Anthony’s missing 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, on Saturday November 8. According to Tim Miller, founder and director of the organization, it will be the “biggest search in history.”

In related news, Leonard Padilla has sought out the aide of bounty hunters from around the United States, who are now planning on coming to Orlando to help out in the search effort and have also raised money to finance it. Equusearch is going to train the bounty hunters to be search team leaders.

None too soon, the grim reality of Casey's fairytale world will come to light in the woods around the airport, and even if Caylee isn't found, the grim evidence of what happened to Caylee will be presented in a court of law.


*excerpts from post by cb (great post) on The Criminal Report Daily on ID

FOX Orlando

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