Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phil Spector re-trial coverage on The Legal Edge

I received an e-mail this morning from The Legal Edge info staff, they directed me to Michael Bryant's blog for the latest on PS2. I posted the blog here for your convenience; however, I recommend you check out the site and get registered for upcoming trials. (On a personal note, I had a lot of trouble registering with TLE until I used a hotmail account, if you are having trouble I would suggest you try to register with a hotmail account.)

Thank you Legal Edge for trying to work this out, your efforts are appreciated !

Here is a copy of the blog:

Missed By a Hair

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Of course if talking about Phil Spector’s hair a miss is as good as a mile. For those who read only headlines…We did not get enough PS2 fans to pledge their allegiance to a TLE production of the music producer’s re-trial.
We tried. We wish we had longer to get the word out. The hundreds of folks we got to commit in five days might have blossomed into the number we needed (1000) but we are out of time. I will be calling Judge Fidler this morning to officially bow out.
Thanks to all who tried to rally the troops. I believe there is still hope for Openings, Closings and Verdict to be televised but there has been no official word on that yet.
TLE is moving on. The two trials we were considering have been moved into 2009, so the pickings are slim but we’re lining up the best of the rest. And construction continues on our new features so keep an eye out for more as The Legal Edge Network works to become the place for all things legal.
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  1. One of my reporter friends predicted to me several months ago that there would be no live coverage of Spector 2.

    When Fidler announced in court last month that no news organization had approached him (yet) about putting cameras in the courtroom, I had a feeling my friend's prediction would come true. Sadly, it has.

    I commend MJB of The Legal Edge for the time and energy he spent on researching the possibility of PPV coverage and all that he tried to do, but in reality it was too little, too late.

    If you look at the numbers, there are very few people posting on message boards about Spector. The reality is, the Court TV Board (I'm like Kim @ Darwin, I have a hard time calling the place "In Sessions") rarely even has 1,000 individuals logged on to their entire forum at any one time. I've searched. There isn't another crime forum on the Internet where there is extensive discussion by thousands of posters about this case. Sadly, that's what it would have taken to get 1,000 individuals willing to commit to pay for 3-4 months.

    There will be a still photographer in the courtroom, so we will get photographs of all the witnesses, and of course, Phil's "hair."