Friday, February 6, 2009

Laying Caylee Anthony To Rest

The Memorial service will be shown in it's entirety on HLN this morning; however, If you prefer to watch on the computer via live streaming here are some links (ie. no commercials):




A date has finally been set for a public memorial for little Caylee Anthony, the Orlando, Florida toddler who went missing last June and whose remains were found near her home on December 11. If you aren’t familiar with Caylee’s story you can read about it here.

The long awaited date for Caylee’s public memorial service was confirmed today via press conference by Brad Conway, attorney and spokesman for George and Cindy Anthony. The arrangements for the memorial are as follows:



TIME: 10:00 a.m. Doors will open at 8:00 a.m.

According to Mr. Conway, there will be tight security in place to ensure safety for all who attend and ensure there are no disruptions. Accordingly attendees will enter through metal detectors, no cell phones, cameras or video equipment of any kind or purses, handbags or backpacks will be allowed. There will be provisions made for the press with a place for video pool and still photography pool. HLN will carry the memorial service live.

Mr. Conway was asked about a list of people who would not be allowed into the church. He said they were not releasing a list, but the security personnel will be aware who these individuals are and they will be respectfully turned away at the door. He added these people are aware who they are and when asked specifically about bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, Conway sort of chuckled and said something to the effect that he was starting to think Padilla was moving in and he wished he would just go home. Conway also made it clear that no one will be allowed to get on their soapbox about the legal aspects of the case. This memorial is for the purpose of showing dignity and respect to Caylee and memorializing her life.

The church holds 5000 people and Conway said there are plans in place for overflow, although he didn’t elaborate other than saying he expected it to be standing room only.
Conway said the reason the Anthony’s wanted to do a public memorial is to give thanks to those who have helped them out and those who have come to love Caylee. When asked if the Anthonys would be speaking during the memorial he said he didn’t think so.

There has been criticism because Cindy has planned this memorial and not Casey. To me, it makes sense that Cindy is the one planning this memorial, she is the one who took responsibility for Caylee much of her life and who Caylee seemed to turn to for consolation.

There is also speculation that the Anthonys plan to profit financially off of this memorial and I hope that isn’t true. During his press conference, Brad Conway said this memorial was made possible by anonymous donors who are covering the complete cost of the event and the Anthonys will bare no burden of the expense. My gut says that some media outlet/s have donated these funds. Many media outlets have gotten a lot of “mileage” out of the public interest in this case and I wouldn’t be offended to hear they have foot the bill for the public to memorialize little Caylee.

My thoughts on this memorial service are that personally I wouldn’t attend, even if I lived nearby, but I can understand some of those who would. Particularly those who know the Anthonys in some way, whether a neighbor, a church member, a clerk at a store where they shopped, someone who volunteered in the search for Caylee whether it was physically looking or making donations of some kind, school friends or coworkers, etc… Do you get my drift ? I think it is inappropriate to attend just because you are curious or want to be able to say…I was there and the Anthonys did this or that wrong…that in no way honors Caylee.

I haven’t decided whether to watch the memorial on HLN, but I have already included this little girl in my prayers for sometime now and can honestly say she will always have a special spot in my heart. I guess it boils down to each of us doing what we can feel comfortable with. There are some wonderful tributes to Caylee on YouTube here is just one of many:

One last thing about laying Caylee to rest. During the press conference today Brad Conway was asked if Caylee's remains would be at the memorial service, he said they would not. He said no private burial has taken place yet. I am not calling Mr. Conway a liar but I don't expect the public will be told when the private funeral has taken place and I wouldn't be surprised if it already has been held. Rest in peace little Caylee! Sphere: Related Content


  1. Thanks for this beautiful tribute. You have tears falling down my face. What a precious child.

  2. Well Folks,
    It seems I was right about little Caylee, we still don't know if there was a private burial (Honestly, we don't really need to know that, it's private) but Caylee's remains have been cremated. If she were my Grandaughter i would have wanted her laid to rest privately before holding the public memorial.
    My impression of the memorial service is that it was a beautiful service with the music and prayers and videos of Caylee. George really gave us a wonderful picture of what Caylee was like, a fun and loving child. I'm sure that all of them will really miss Caylee for the rest of their lives. While Cindy and Lee have my deepest sympathy for their loss, I'm going to reserve comment on their statements at the memorial other than to say they really know how to create drama.
    RIP Caylee Marie Anthony!