Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trial date set For Stacey Barker Murder Trial

Stacey Barker 2008
Finally, a July 26 trial date has been set for the Stacey Barker murder trial. Barker is a 25 year old Lancaster, California woman accused of smothering her 18 month old daughter, Emma Leigh Barker, before dumping her body in tall grass at the side of a freeway on March 18, 2008.

Memorial  for Emma Barker in Sylmar, CA

There was a hearing yesterday, June 8, 2010 at the Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse in Lancaster, CA. Before I get into the details of the hearing, I wanted to share a picture taken last week of the memorial that has been erected in Emma's honor at the spot her body was dumped in Sylmar. A friend (who goes by the hat name A7XMommy) had the opportunity to stop by the site. She was pleasantly surprised by this memorial because this area had always been tall grass and overgrown with weeds before and now someone has not only honored Emma, but the area around it is being kept mowed, even 2 years later. 7XMommy used her cellphone to get this picture and was disappointed by the quality but the message is clear....little Emma will not be forgotten. Thanks for sharing 7XM!

Now, on to the hearing. As noted in earlier posts about this case, friends of katfishponders (Tori, Ange and TD) are attending the hearings in this case. The information provided here is compiled from various posts and e-mail correspondence and phone calls about the hearing details, so this report is not verbatim and may not be reported in the exact order that it occurred in court.

 Superior Court Judge Hayden Zackey presided over this hearing. Deputy District Attorney (DDA)S. Kelly Cromer is representing the people and Stacey Barker is being represented by Public Defender (PD) Roberto F. Dager.
This hearing was held in a different courtroom because the air conditioning in Judge Zackey's courtroom wasn't working and as Tori put it, "It was 2 degrees hotter than hell today". She also noted that in this courtroom on the back of the table where the defendant sits was a sign that says, "Do not communicate with prisoners" and stated a PC code violation number.

The reason we mention this is because at the last hearing, when Barker entered the courtroom she said "hiii" to her boyfriend in a flirtatious manner, during the hearing she was bouncy and laughing with her attorney, and when she was led out of the courtroom by the bailiff  she turned in a "coy" way and said "BYE" to her family...kind of like she was somewhere other than a court of law.....bidding farewell to her fans. She was definitely in violation.

It should be noted today when the defendant entered the courtroom she was in compliance. The way the girls described her at this hearing was,"SB came out looking thin, sullen, worried and defeated.....looking at the floor the whole way to her seat next to her attorney, she didn't even try to make eye contact with her family or boyfriend."

The regular accredited press from the Antelope Valley News was in court today. Time Warner Cable was also there recording the proceedings. One of the camera guys put a microphone on the attorney's table, Public defender Roberto Dager removed it and handed it to a bailiff, Johnny, who gave it back to the camera he just set it behind the table and the hearing started.

Judge Zackey started the hearing by announcing the next court date will be June 28 to finish up all pre-trial discovery, motions and whatever else. Then he said we'll be back on July 26 for trial, this will be 40 of 60.
The attorneys for both sides were having a "debate" about some new discovery that the defense hasn't received yet. DDA Kelly Cormer has some CD's that consist of taped visits with civilians that went to see Barker in jail and some letters to and from another inmate at the jail.

Evidently Dager hasn't seen the letters yet because Judge Zackey told Cormer to give the defense a CD of the letters. DDA Cormer told the court she wants to have all of the discovery transcribed to include who Barker is talking to and who is saying what. Hmmm.....must be planning to use some of this in court if the state is going to the trouble of having transcriptions made. What part about "no rights to privacy" is it that people who are incarcerated don't get?

That was the end of the hearing and the bailiff, Johnny, pulled out Stacey Barker's chair and took her by the arm to go back into lockup before she could even say goodbye to PD Dager, she didn't even attempt to look at her family and boyfriend.

Hopefully, both parties will get all the loose ends tied up by the June 28th hearing so the July 26 trial date will stand! There will be justice for Emma soon. As I have said before, Truth = Justice. It is time for the truth to come out, whatever that may be. Sphere: Related Content


  1. Hi Katfish, thanks for the update. Any chance the trial will be televised? I haven't seen much on this case, what is the defense?

  2. It is possible the trial could be televised, I don't know if it would be nationally, such as on InSession.The case did receive some national attention, Nancy Grace...and the like.

    Originally Stacey Barker claimed it was a kidnapping, then led police to Emma's body and claimed it was an accident, but said she hid the body because she was afraid of being blamed. Her story changed numerous times including a confession of intentional homicide. Here is a link to part 1 of the 2 day preliminary hearing for a sample of her stories (there is a link to part 2 at the end of part 1):

    After finding out the names of the experts on the defense witness list this evil blogger used google and found out one is a specialist in post traumatic stress syndrome and the other false confessions. So I guess the defense might be....Emma smothered on a baggie causing Stacy to develop PTSS which caused her to dump Emma by the side and inflict wounds on herself to back up the staged kidnapping story and police coerced her into a false confession......
    They may also attempt to undermine the ME's findings....he has a little Dr. Ribe or Ribe's box.
    We'll see....very sad.

  3. Hello again! I was able to get enough e connect to read the comments on the last NP site (now closed) but could not move to the next "page" or even sign in. boohoo! so I gave the pond a whirl and it only took 10 minutes to open!

    [I tried posting this earlier but had a lil trouble - (called no connection or some such thing! ) I saw your comment and so sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you shake what got you down. (((HUGS)))]

    My last post at NP (the part that poofed) explained that I am "borrowing" e-connect. I have my wifi ready lap top but have no wifi here at my dad's house. I purchased a plan at Verizon because we know the cell phones work here, (as opposed to t-mobile or at&t.) Don't know if it matters with E.C. anyway brought it home and plugged it in and was told as soon as I downloaded the disk I would be reconnected to the world! There. was. no. disk. I had asked before leaving the store because the little 'plug in' was in an otherwise empty / used looking box - and I was assured it was complete and new (it was not new, it was rebuilt) so I put on my pissy panties and returned it - nicely as it turned out becuz my sales person was not there! so any-who here I sit 3 weeks later, still barely connected - not even enough to open my email! Please tell the girls I tried to make it on Monday but duty kept me tied up all weekend, til very late Sunday so I had no way of touching base - but I am hoping things calm down by the end of the month!

    There is a lot going on here, I'll 'splain to you in private ASAP. Just need to decide what I am going to do to reconnect. (feel free to erase the above if you would like..)

    The photo above (7xM) started the tears again, just like reading Nurses comment and all that followed. Do you think Ms Thang realizes she is in a world of poop? Maybe Dager had been telling her he was going to get her out on a plea. The DDA Ms C has my forever gratitude - she has done a great job getting some worthless POS off the street for a goodly spell. I will register to vote in LA when she runs for DA or judge. (legally of course!)

    I am so happy to know you are getting hits from WS. I put your link on almost every post any time I use your "draft" or even part of it. I have not connected there since leaving AZ, but when I do it is Emma's thread (there is a link on the 1 year post at NP) - to a "single post" but you can access the thread from there. I had also been following "Kat" Smiley a mom in WA who disappeared, Baby Gabriel Johnson from Tempe, some reading on "Muffin" and a couple others just to keep up to date. (That's all!)

    So Ms Thang was not a happy camper! *smile* maybe her oatmeal was lumpy! I know at her age - 25 years was a lifetime away, and now that they are behind me - they were but a blink of the eye - but it was my blink, not wasted away sitting in some crummy 8x8 jail cell. Waiting for mail and hoping whatever slop was going to be on my plate was edible. (well sometimes but it was my own doing ; ) I was busy raising my 3 monkeys (plus a few others) - having a career, building a life. Not rotting away inside - while I knew my friends were out living.

    She deserves not to ever walk in the sun again as a free person, IMO 25 yrs is still too short - Emma could have lived 90 more years easily - She has sentenced her parents to the rest of their life without their gbaby and (not to mention the daughter they thought they raised.) sb (allegedly) tossed her future out the window - in an afternoon of complete selfishness while committing an act most of us can't bare to contemplate. She has put her whole family thru a personal hell that I hope and pray I never know. Why should she be allowed to have a free life again?


  4. (OOPS I guess I wrote too much too. 8D)

    Devil Dude, not too hard to figure out - who else would look at her twice knowing what she did - besides a sick-o (who may believe her lies) Kind-a like the new bff's KC thought she was making. These edge of society peeps that neither of them would have looked at twice prior to joining rank and file. Her family must be so proud.

    Congrat's on Emma's story going front page - all of yours should, people don't know what they are missing. With Emma in the news you may get a following and all of the stories you put out there will go straight to the front page.

    Wouldn't it be great to get some national coverage - I can't tell you the numbers of letters and emails that were sent to NG to get that little bit of air time.

    I guess we are going to have to hope and pray the jury that is seated is smarter than sb's atty - IMO not too difficult but one never knows. Although I'm thinking if I murdered my baby I'd be stressed and cooking up some false memories too.

    Hugs to you my friend! Cath (Get well!)

  5. Thanks for stopping by LCM and especially for your well wishes. I'm hanging in there. I attended a short hearing on Mr.Sheley this morning. I'll put up an entry later, I need to do some research.

    I really do think the girls are right about devil dude being SB's pen pal and have done some research but I didn't include it in my post because I wasn't positive, well I did have it in the post, but took it out after talking with T. I wish Judge Zackey would have said his full name and instead of just inmate Sutton.

    Sorry to hear about all of your connection problems. I know that is frustrating especially when you have paid for a service you're not getting. ~sigh~ caveat emptor sucks. It not like you can test it in the store and you did ask before leaving. I'm glad you were able to return it....was that at Verizon? I have my own issues with them.

    I'm going to e-mail you soon but I'll understand if I don't get a response right away.
    {{{Hugs back to you}}}
    GET YOUR CONNECTION FIXED!!! To heck with the pissy pants, you may just have to open a can o' whoop ass on them peeps.LOL Miss Ya!

  6. Katfish, thanks for the update. Will look forward to the posts since the story has pretty much gone "poof" in the MSM. Thank you also to
    Tori, Ange and TD for attending the hearings

    I am so weary of "young thangs" who have babies they don't want and never think of the adoption alternative. There are so many fine couples who would love to have an adorable baby to raise to adulthood, giving them all the milestones in life their "unnatural" mothers never considered.

  7. Ritanita,
    Isn't that the truth....there are so many options available for "young thangs" who aren't ready for the responsibility of parenthood.
    Stacey Barker's parents and brothers had even arranged their work schedules to help take care of was after they complained she was taking advantage of the situation to party that Emma died. Sound familiar? grrrr

    Tori said that this hearing was taped by Time Warner Cable and she saw parts of it on TV (news?) Wed. night but couldn't find anything online.

  8. Hi Kat,LCMOM and Ritanita

    I hear there was a big storm there Kat and winds of 80mph...are you Okay? first thing I thought about was you when I heard the news this mmorning!

    Court is on Monday and I really hope that both sides have everything in order so trial can start on the 26Th of July as stated by Judge Z.

    Yeah, the Mz.Thangs out there really piss me off,they are under the impression that if they get preggers by some dude that the guy will be with them forever, how so untrue, it is their fantasy of a fairy tale life with this guy and the baby, then when things get tough and the guy leaves or she finds out he is no good, most girls just suck it up and take care of the baby the best they can alone, NOT this chick or CA, these Angels were in the way of a good time so what else could they do but Murder them....

    Speaking of DDA Cormer, she just won a case and got the guy 25 to life (this is another case she just finished) this guy and the baby girls Incubator checked into a motel to party for the night, the little girl wet her pants and the dude threw her in a Ice cold shower, put her in front of the air conditioner, then punched her in the head and chest for HOURS until she passed out and they called 911...she had surgery on her brain but is still in bad shape..this is the most henious crime because the dude said the Incubator helped him PUNISH the girl....she(aargh, mom) got like 12 years for the brutality....these chicks need to be "fixed" I wish that was a option along side the jail time...
    anyway girls I hope all is going good and everyone is fine..I will see ya here or at NP on monday...T

  9. PS...any man that kills their own kid or girlfriends kid should be "fixed" also..friggen jerks...

  10. Hi Tori, We have been having storms for the last 2 weeks. We lost a few big branches out of a tree in back yesterday, but dh has a chainsaw and we have a fireplace inside and a firepit outside....make lemonade???
    DDA Cormer sure is good at what she does. I don't know how she can stand dealing with these awful cases over and over....she is the the voice of the children and the warrior for justice for all of us.....I suppose that is motivation.

    I realize it's radical, but maybe we need to "fix" the child killers and neuter the child molesters once convicted.

    I look forward to your report on Monday. I hope LCM can make it to the hearing too. TTYS Hugs

  11. Hey gals! I came by to see if the new post is up, I did see it at NP, so much going on. Hope to hear from you soon. (((HUGS)))