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Stacy Barker- It's Time To get This Trial Under Way- Guest Entry By LCoastMom

LCoastMom (LCM) is a friend of katfishponders and I'm pleased she has allowed me to bring this post here to share. LCM isn't from the Antelope Valley (AV), but she has made a point to attend a couple pre-trial hearings in this case and has plans to attend some of Stacey Barker's murder trial...whenever / wherever it finally starts. Look for future posts from LCoastMom here at Katfish...ponders once the trial starts. Tori and I will still be doing our collaboration too....between us we should have pretty good coverage. Check back for updates and trial coverage!

Emma, only 18 months old when she died, had just one Easter celebration. If she lived, Emma would now be 3 1/2. Old enough to go to church, if her family so wanted - in a cute new dress, with a bonnet, ruffled socks, little purse and matching shoes - old enough to have an Easter Egg Hunt - an Easter Basket with a chocolate bunny that would have melted into a fine mess and maybe a new stuffed toy to snuggle at night.

Instead, if the family celebrates Easter with Emma - it will be at the Joshua Memorial Park & Mortuary, where her little grave sits - a marker displaying a picture of a toddler with a smile that would melt your heart.

While Emma waits for Justice - her 26 year old mother, Stacey, waits in the Central Regional Detention Center - in lieu of $1,000,000 bond. On April 18 - jury selection began in a case that is now 25 months old. Rumor has it that a jury has yet to be seated. Her attorney, Roberto Dager is still requesting a Change of Venue. As if taking the trial out of the AV is going to make a difference. The citizens of Los Angeles are all feeling, thinking individuals - just like their contemporaries in Lancaster. If Mr Dager is only interested in jurors who won't care that Barker is accused of murdering her daughter, this trial will never start.

Barker is entitled to a fair trial, with a jury of her peers - those peers are the folks she went to school with, worked with, shopped with, and passed by on the streets in the town where she lived.

It's time to get this trial underway! No more stall tactics, no more delays. Sphere: Related Content


  1. LCoastMom and Katfish: Thank you for this very moving post. Most of what I know about this case; I know from reading here.

    Shocking really, another precious child's life taken senselessly.

    Sometimes it just seems too much to bear.

    I'll check back more often.

    Justice for Emma Leigh.


  2. Thank you nan11 - we're certainly hoping Justice for Emma is coming soon!

  3. Thanks for stopping by nan11!
    I'm not surprised that most of what you know about this case is from here. Because of Tori,LCM and a few others who have attended the pretrial hearings we have had something worth while to report that isn't pure speculation. The fact that these women live in the area where Emma's family live and the trial may(?) take place they were able to provide some extra insight as well. We don't report everything that they hear because some of it is unfounded.

    When the story broke, Nancy Grace and a few others picked up on the case but there really wasn't much for the media to continue following up on the story. Emma was recovered the day after she was reported missing and the Barkers weren't out courting the media has a lot to do with the lack of coverage as well.

    This case is very similar to the Casey Marie Anthony case except that Stacey Marie Barker relented after 12 hours and led LE to the tall grass just off the freeway where she had left/dumped Emma's body and Stacey really did have a job. Both were young single mothers living with their parents who reportedly had relieved these young mother's the burden of providing care and support for their child. It seems in both cases as the Caylee and Emma went from being infants to toddlers the grandparents began to demand more responsibility of the "tot moms". Stacey herself told police that she and her mother had fought the evening she left with Emma about her partying ways and they would only watch Emma when Stacey was at work. Emma never made it back home. According to Stacey's statement to LE she didn't want Emma to grow up like her and be a single mother living off her family. I'm pretty certain the defense will claim these statements were coherced from Barker by the LE. She had numerous inconsistent stories. ~sigh~ yes it is overwhelming.

  4. Hi, Katfish!

    Thanks for the article from LCoastMom!

    LCoastMom and Katfish, I am most interested in this case. I followed it in the main stream media until it went "flat." Thanks to this site, I've been able to get updates.

    LCoastMom, you were a strong supporter of the Emma Thompson Case (Houston, Tx). Many folks in our area were very appreciative to the many folks from out of state who supported "Justice for Emma!"

    I support justice for precious little Emma Barker! I can hardly wait until Stacy Barker's trial gets underway. LCM, I look forward to your trial reports and the reports of others who may attend Stacy's trial.

    Katfish, thank you for covering this case!

    ~ ~ ~ Justice for Emma! ~ ~ ~ ♥

    Best regards,


  5. Hi Ann!

    Thank you! I've not forgotten our other Lil Emma either. Currently learning much about patience -

    Please keep in touch with us!


  6. Hi, LCoastMom!

    I will certainly keep in touch with all of you here at Katfish Ponders during the Stacy Barker trial.

    For your info, I posted info about this trial and this site on The Hinky Meter in Developing Stories. Links back to Katfish Ponders.

    Please see my comment by Ann-Tx Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:09 am:
    The Hinky Meter - Developing Stories - Page 13

    Also, I posted several comments including Links back to Katfish Ponders on Emma Barker's thread at Reality Chatter. My comments (by Ann - Tx) start at Today (4-26-11) at 2:38 pm.
    Reality Chatter
    Emma Leigh Barker -- Found Deceased 3/18/09

    I do not know if Links are allowed to be posted here. If this hits the Spam bin, I will soon know!

    Katfish, thank you for covering Emma Barker's story and the upcoming trial of Stacy Barker!

    Special thanks to LCoastMom and whoever else attends the trial!

    ~ ~ ~ Justice for little Emma Barker! ~ ~ ~

  7. Hi Ann! Thank you so much for linking our stories...much appreciated.I'll go check out your comments :) I just got off the phone with Tori and she says the AV news is reporting that a jury has been seated out of the pool of 80 venires brought up; however, they still have to get the alternates. The article said jurors may see evidence as early as tomorrow.....the way this case has been going they will probably be lucky to finish opening statements let alone admit any evidence....I could be wrong but....there should be justice for beautiful Emma soon! ٩(^‿^)۶

  8. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey KF, is that jury including the 6 alternates?

  10. never mind! lol... that was me sleep posting!

  11. @ Gia, I was hoping you would see this :)

    @ LCM, are you making fun of me?...I'm the sleep poster around here LOLOL I spoke with Tori and she doesn't know how many alternates they are wanting. Hopefully they got them today. I would think for a trial that would last a couple weeks 4 would be enough but ? .

  12. As of 4:00 Monday they had almost exhausted the entire jury pool and no jury yet.

  13. Hey my friend! No I was laughing at myself for totally missing "they still have to get the alternates" - which is what Tori "told me" on Tuesday too...

    That horrific case T told us about after the "other" hearing last week has been all over the news... what a monster!


  14. Thanks Anon! Waiting patiently - Tori is at the Courthouse this AM...

  15. @ anon 12/27 12:17 pm- Thank you for taking the time to comment but a jury has been seated (tues?) and word is the trial started today!

  16. Who's patient? Bwahhhh! Not me :) LOL

  17. We're in opening statements???? YEAH!!!!!!!

  18. Yep all Opening statements today from both sides and Direct Examination from Kelly Cromer of Sue Barker, Stacey Barker's Mom. tomorrow is Cross of Sue by Roberto Dager....
    I will let Kat do her write up and then comment on it as I am so tired...
    LC when you coming??? ttyal T

  19. Hi, Toria!

    Thanks for the info. I am glad that this trial finally started!

    I could not find any main stream media articles regarding today's testimony.

    I did find a brief article dated 4-18-11 from KABC, Los Angeles.
    KABC Los Angeles, CA 4-18-11

    "Jury selection starts in Palmdale child death"

    The death of little Emma Barker is very tragic. I would think the media would be covering this trial. Do you know why they are not covering this trial?

    When I googled, I came up with the brief article from April 18th.

    I am looking forward to the article by Katfish. Thank you for sharing your info with Katfish.

  20. It's too bad this trial is so far away from me (at least an hour and a half in good traffic) because it would be a good case for T&T to cover. I commend you LCoastMom for attending as much of this case as you have and bringing it to Katfish's readers. Kudos to you!

  21. ##$@$#$#!
    I have just spent about 5 hours typing up Tori's notes from the first day and my PC screen went black. I lost 2/3 of what I have done. UGHHH! Thank goodness I had done some on my netbook at the Dr's office today and that was saved or I think I would have lost it all :( I have never had this happen before. Normally blogger saves as you go I don't know what happened....I didn't notice anything unusual. Bummer! Back to work ~sigh~ it should be easier this time.

  22. Hi Sprocket! This case has been a page turner for sure and trust me....the first 2 days has been far more interesting than I expected.

  23. Thank you Sprocket - worth every minute.

  24. Thanks for all these updates. It is really not covered in main stream media.

    Typical in the Ca. press, we don't have those sunshine laws like FL, and many cases/trials are never reported on past the initial crime coverage.

    I remember crying when I heard of this murder of yet another little child, and all the similarities to Casey Anthony's lies and background.

    Thanks so much for the link to this Ann, I have been wondering about this case! Extra big thanks to all of you here helping report the details of the hours in court! Y'all are amazing too!