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We Will Provide Coverage Of The Stacy Barker Trial...Stay tuned!

As most of you know the murder trial of Stacy Barker, 26 of Lancaster, CA started Wednesday, March 27. Barker is accused of smothering her 18 month old daughter Emma on March 18, 2009 before dumping her body in tall grass off the highway in Sylmar, CA. This trial is expected to last a couple weeks.

 I have been spending a couple hours on the phone with Tori each night after court as well as touching base throughout the day. Unfortunately, yesterday after working on an article about the first day of trial for 6 hours.... the opening statements and the beginning of the direct testimony of Sue Barker, I was typing away and my screen went black. When I was able to get things going I found I had lost almost 3/4 of what I had written, (•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿ ̿”” my computer is lucky to be alive I was so disappointed. I've never had this happen before...blogger usually auto saves every minute or two so if something happens you don't lose everything, well......IDK why it wasn't saved I didn't notice any problem as I was working....all that was saved was what was done on my little netbook. ◔_◔
OK, I'll quit whining but I just want to let you all know that I'll start working again tonight  (it's the first sunny day in over a week so I'm in the yard working today). We are forecasted with rain again this weekend and Mr. Katfish is already on notice : I will be at the computer all weekend. My goal is to be caught up before court starts back up on Monday. Tori has been taking great notes and our other friends Tiff, ANurse, Ange and Gabriele are attending and helping to fill in the blanks. Let me tell you....this is an interesting but disturbing case!!!!

I need to get back outside but I wanted to take a minute to let you know what's going on. Oh, one more thing! LCoastMom hopes to be in CA on Monday and she will be adding reports as well. (✿◠‿◠) Big Hugs and Love to our friends in the courtroom! Hope you've have a great day in court today! Kat Sphere: Related Content


  1. Hi all,

    Mary the courtroom is A-17 and Monday it starts at 9:30AM on Tuesday it will be at 1:30PM.

    Monday is when BB is going on the stand from what we hear in court today.

    I know I have been Lax in getting the coverage to you but I will sum it up here as RD has had to re-cross all of the witnesses a nunber of time...he is taking tooooo long asking the same questions just different ways.

    Day One and Two was Susan Barker, they took 2 days with her because she retracted most of what she said with the phrase "I don't Recall" to the hard questions...I felt so sorry for her I could feel her pain and she looked like she was in a daze...this has taken a toll on her, Ange commented that she felt like she just wanted to hug her and tell her it was NOT her fault, that she felt heartsick for this woman she did not know...a Husband that would leave her in her greatest pain for thoughts and words she said about her Daughter, A Daughter that had killed her only Grandchild, she is in great fear of losing her husband sad she loses a Granddaughter, A Daughter and if SB is convicted because of her testimony she would also lose her Husband, because SB is a Daddy's girl and always has been..

    Sue let it be known the day Det's told her Emma was found dead, she said to Det. Naba (on tape) "I know she did it, and I want you to prove it" from what she said she had no Idea she was being recorded when she made statements concerning her feelings about SB and BB and the death of Emma. she Locked her bedroom door after this because she was in fear of SB...FEAR that SB could also do it to her! that is why SB went to the Grandparents home, because of Sue's fear of her.

  2. Sue Admits to being a Alcoholic and taking anti depression meds....she said that she would take 4 to 5 shots of Cuevero Gold Tequila a couple nights a week before Emma's death but was not a Alcoholic, after Emma's death she became an heavy Alcoholic, Drinking while taking her meds also....Dager said you took the pills with alcohol? she said Yes. he said didn't you know that that could kill you? she said NO, (everyone knows that is a lethal combo) something was said at the end of her second day like "her testimony needs to be memorialized in case something happens to her" by JZ, I don't know for sure but sounds like they are saying something without saying it straight out, I sure hope she is not going to do something stupid to herself because she did say she has a LOT of guilt about Emma's death...I would let her know to seek help if she had something bad on her mind...IT'S NOT HER FAULT! I feel for this woman as a human being in deep pain and wished I had the words to heal her heart...this is so sad, how many more people were hurt by this stupid action of SB....

    Today was Anthony's Mom on the stand, Girls we have been asked to do a favor for the family and that would be not to use Anthony's last name here. ok. we may use his Initals or just Anthony...

    I was Very Impressed with Anthony's Mother, she did a damn good Job on the stand, she didn't give Snidley an Inch....oh he tried to trip her up but she didn't let him...Great Job Mom..

  3. RD was trying to make it seem like Her and the Family Just "didn't care if they saw Emma or not, if they did they did, if not oh well whatever" that is what he said to her before KC objected...some of his questions were so misworded JZ had to rephrase them for everyone to understand....Mom was upset at a question about a Savings account she had opened for Emma for College and cried...RD said are you upset, she said yes, he said are you upset with SB? she said yes, he then said you are sitting there with all this anger for her....She said "I have NO anger for her, I am NOT angry, just upset" way to go MOM!!!!

    Anthony was next today, He was in a bad place....he also was taking all the blame for not being a bigger part of Emma's life because of Drugs and Alcohol abuse during SB'S pregnancy. I really wished that he had made more of SB'S attitude about letting him see Emma on the stand but I along with the Group could tell he was feeling guilt and sadness and kicking himself in the butt because he did not take control of the situation and demand visitation with Emma through the courts earlier in her life, he said by the time he made that choice to do so and fill out the papers he was just waiting on money from taxes to file the papers but he never got to do that because she was taken away from him forever!!! how very sad, my heart selfish of her another casuality to add to her list of people that have been affected in a negitive way by this...

    RD is making it seem it is Anthony's choice he was in her life for such a short amount of time, he is taking advantage of Anthony's beaten down emotional state to say stupid things I will put them down at a later time, I am sure the Jury did not think highly of RD after that.. as this is just a short note of the trial so far...Kat is writing it up as I type this...thanks Kat for all you do....

  4. Deputy M Villalobos is on the stand and tells the court that he had intimate relations with SB during the time she was with with BB, he had met her through her brother and they had "Casual Sex" for 1 week...3 times in that one week and they were NOT a couple, they were not dating and he knew she was with BB at the time...they kept it on the down low when BB was around. also that when SB would bring Emma to the softball games of her brother (MV & NBwere on the same team) that everyone that knew SB would hug SB and tell EB hi..except BB he would not come out of the dougout and he did not associate with SB while she had EB with her. BB did spend the night at the Barker home once while her parents were out of town, MV remembers that EB was already asleep that night when BB came over, they were all in the Garage hanging out and SB said her and BB were going to sleep, also he said SB was a very good Mother, is this is a real good friend or boyfriend that could say she was a good mother to EB ? (you be the Judge of that Question) here is backround, he was not with her and EB daily, nightly, weekends...he did not date SB, did not take her to dinner, not to the movies or anywhere social (his testimony), he only had Sex with her....(that they both hid from BB, while she was with BB since Dec,2008 ) oh did I say that he met SB in January 2009, Emma was killed in March 2009, so he only knew SB and EB for a few short months....what was your Judgment of that question????

    Oh also her Mom and RD said she was also seeing another guy from work at the same time as BB and MV......was this guy also just a Booty call or was he a dating relationship that encluded EB? we will never know because they could not locate him to use as a witness of what a good Mom SB was to EB...

    That ended Day 3, Monday starts at 9:30 and they have made BB wait around for 3 days outside of the courtroom, if I was him I would be pretty mad already for being put off and having to be there all day without being called, I know he had a Job and feel if waiting around has caused him to lose pay or miss work he has a right to be mad...

    Kat is writing up the whole story encluding Q & A asked and answered and most of the comments made by RD....stay tuned...LOL

    Tuesday Trial starts at 1:30PM...I will be back soon....Nik got your msg...Thanks...I will pm you tomorrow...K.... Hugs to all

  5. Thank you Tori for hitting on the highlights of testimony the first 3 days of trial! You are right, I am working took some great notes girl!

  6. Thanks Kat....enjoy your weekend if it's not raining...ttyl T

  7. Hi, Toria!

    Thank you for the updates on the trial. I am looking forward to Katfish's article.

    It sounds like Stacey Barker slept around like Casey Anthony!

    I don't think Deputy M Villalobos is qualified to say Stacey was a good mother!

    Toria, was he dressed in his LE uniform when he testified?

  8. Ann, No he was in street clothes...I didn't think so either since he didn't know her that well....
    Kat here is something I found on a old nowpublic blog from the Prelim is interesting as AH just testified and Heartbroken gets the message across that AH could not tell RD..

    Heartbroken (not verified)
    at 22:31 on August 28th, 2009

    I WAS a friend of SB and worked with her for years. When she brought Emma to work, she was such a happy baby and SB made it seem like she was her life... apparently we don't know people behind close doors. I am soooo disgusted by her. I wish her death! Anthony wanted to be involved in Emma's life. But SB made it clear that if he wasn't with her, she was not going to let him see her. Which is exactly what happened. She has no problem telling people that. As soon as she gave in for him to see her, she again wanted Anthony back. And since he wasn't going back to SB, he could no longer once again see Emma. Just crazy!There was always something alittle off about SB. However, at work her desk was covered with pictures of Emma. SB gave me a Xmas photo of her and Emma last Xmas, that pic is now on my desk, with SB cut out and only Emma there. I keep it on my desk as a reminder she will get justice and she never deserved her fate. SB could have simply given Emma to her grandparents if she didn't want her. I was curious what really happened and because of your page, I know now. Thank you sooooo much for keeping this log! I will keep checking weekly for the latest to till case is closed and that bitch is sentenced. Please keep this page going and I thank you for taking the time to write this! Thank you for keeping Emma alive is spirt. She was sooo precious!

    Heartbroken (not verified)
    at 09:10 on August 30th, 2009

    You guys are all great! Trust me I'm 100% onboard with everything you are saying on here. So let the SB bashing continue. : ). The bitch gets what she deserves. Hopefully someone already handed her ass to her in jail. She should be a target. Anyways, I had a friend over last night who is a best friend of a guy she use to date prior to BB. We got to talking about how his friend felt about the whole crazy SB thing. SB only dated this guy for 2 weeks he dumped her because she was starting to act crazy. Telling him that she loved him and wanted her to be Emma's dad and get married. That was his sign to get out quick. I remember SB telling me this story and I even thought she was crazy. She was desperate for someone to accept her and her daughter right away. SB and I were pregnant at the same time. I look at my little girl and could not imagine doing anything to harm her. She is a sick bitch that is for sure. I'll keep looking for the new link. Take care everyone! Thank you for welcoming me in the group.

    Continue reading at Judge Rules Stacey Barker Will Go To Trial For Murder of Emma | NowPublic News Coverage

  9. Kat I brought this over from NP because it sends chills through me...Max Shines knew all of this before we hear it in prelim or in Trial, I think it is interesting..
    someone found it for us...

    Challange Questions (not verified)
    at 00:34 on May 4th, 2011

    Is this what you're looking for? Copied and pasted from Now PublicMax Shines (not verified) at 18:19 on May 18th, 2009

    Good Evening Folks, Okay with the real Syn stand up......... A person has to know who their talking to from time to time otherwise, I end up downtown pushin a basket and having conversations with self on a more constant basis. (max... attempting to keep a straight face)

    LC..... not to worry, but I think your 'puter is in serious need of counseling! (grin)

    Okay kiddies..... lets assume the DA has the proof to back the charges. State options weather to plea bargin or take case to trial, why, if I can plea bargin the case to say, 25 to life w/wo parole without jury trial it just cuts a long lenghthy trial of which the outcome may be unknown (ref point: OJ, Officers in King beating). Funny thing, not one of us can figure the outcome of a trial. I honestly believe that the DA would only use SP for leverage or because she knows she can explain and prove exactly what happened to Emma that night, also, because she was a child who could not fend for herself in accordance w/ age.

    Everybody seems to be on the same page when it comes to actions: The actions do not match what happened. I know no-one reacts to the same situation the same way but when I think about it, it still makes no sense.

    You say your childs death was an accident, okay, so why all the mellowdrama? You were scared of how bad you would look, oh in that case, you had Emma just to look good... (max is now concerned on a number of levels). I dont give a sh*&^& what the hell just took place, if there was an inkling of an opportunity to save my child from harms way or death...... I'd of sacrificed life and limb (been there, done that). If my child had lost breath, lips blue... the whole nine, how could you fail to call 911 drive directly to a hospital and hope there was a chance for revival or at least called your parents and have them take the child to a hospital to see if anything could be done? Or dropped the child at the front door. If you want me to go with the irresponsible acts of a 24yr old, not buying it.

    You drove around with a lifeless childs body in your car..... for how many hours??? Exactly how much time did you have to think about it, how much time did you have to think before you drove to the Roxford Exit of the 5 freeway, turn left, go up a hill, find a fenced field and dump, not place but dump the body of an 18 month old child. (DA will drive this point home every chance he/she gets)

  10. (CONT)
    I hear another story of her choking on a plastic bag.... how big is the damn bag? Doesn't this bag have to be over Emma's entire face to stop her from breathing, I mean a sandwich baggy.... you need to sell me on that one.

    Im not sure but I think SB drove more than 100 miles that night, well get that info later on at trial.

    Now ladies and Gents, here is your challenge: Here are the questions:

    * Timeline…… what time did this actually take place, what time is the official time of death as prescribed by the corners office.

    * If the official time of death was appx 4p(guess), what happened in those 5 hours.

    * What do her cell phone records say, what towers did she pass in those 5 hours?

    * Has anyone here seen Lancaster Park at 5p.... you can see the whole thing from the 14 freeway and there is only one way in and out of the childrens section (swings/slides). Someone had to have seen her there. What about park and ride, you can see that from the freeway and from Ave S, again no one saw anything?

    * What did she say during the first, second and probably third interviews w/ the sheriffs investigators?

    * Suffocation is the cause but in what way…is it a plastic bag or at the hands of another? * If the corner cannot prove what happend, would the charges stand or woul the DA impose the lesser of the charges?

    * Why the drive from Lancaster to the Valley (perhaps Long Beach) the back to Palmdale?

    * What would be the reason for dumping a child (someone your supposed to love) by the roadside? (note) That is not an easy place to find.

    * The emotional reasoning of the SB around and at the time of emma’s death.

    * Does anyone think any of the following: A. Spur of the moment, did she loose it and something happened, B. Could she have been jealous of the attention Emma was getting in the family and became outraged. C. was she angry because she wanted to continue with a life style the did not include children or strengthen her relationship with her man. Or did she simply decide she did not want to be burdened with child anymore?

    * What will be Prosecutors opening argument?

    * What evidence will be produced by Plaintiff?

    * What evidence will be produced by Defendant? Media: The media is coming..... believe me, they are coming, the timing is not appropriate as of yet.

    All I can say is WOW.. I don't know if our thoughts on his questions are on this thread that Challenge found, but notice the date on these questions are less then 2 months after Emma's death.....

  11. Kat,
    I had the pleasure of Meeting Det. Sandra Nava yeaterday afternoon after court, she approached us as we waited for Craig to finish asking K.Cromer questions...
    She said I have a question and I am just going to ask it....are you FROM KATFISH?
    Of course we told her yes...she laughed and said I thought so...I told her about nowpublic and a little about Max's knowing an awful lot in the first month or so. she asked how we thought things were going? I told her they were going good, RD is acting Jerky and I think the Jury is seeing it.
    he is hounding and yelling at the wrong people, the people that he is "picking on" are not the people that were the last one's with Emma before she died that day, he is making it seem like they are the reason Emma is dead, because they didn't do this or that, or like Anthony, he tried to ask NB if AH was a good father...well, we see in other cases that no matter how good of a parent the other one was it did not stop the other parent from taking the childs life, so what does AH not being part of her life or not being allowed to even try to be a good parent have to do with anytyhing? he did not hurt Emma that day!
    Or bringing out the fact that Sue is a Alcoholic, on Rx Meds, has been Abused in her life and is tooooo controlling...Sue had nothing to do with what happened to Emma that day and her Issues in life had nothing to do with the death of Emma....
    Who would know their daughters attitude and maybe level of anger or what she is capable of doing in anger better then the Mother? that is why I think Sue thought SB killed Emma the day she was told and she then asked Det. Nava to prove it..Mad or not Sue also wanted Justice for Emma that day.
    Anyway, Det. Nava is the person that I felt she was the first day I saw her on the Stand at the prelim, a special caring woman that sometimes takes a case to heart even if they know they shouldn't...she is still Awesome in my book!
    I happened to see her on "L.A.Detectives" on ID a few weeks ago, she was working a child abuse case, that was so sad the baby had been abused by the Mothers boyfriend, he was pinching her all over her body, The Mother knew about the Abuse but did nothing about it out of fear for herself....they showed the baby's body and it was sick....I saw how Det. Nava was upset about it and it became clear later in the show it was because they showed Det. Nava's little boy and he was around the same age...aaaawwww, this lady has a big heart!
    I am also Very Impressed with Kelly, she is also a big hearted woman....Kudo's to Both! your hard work is apperciated!

  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to bring this over here to the pond. I did put a link to NowPublic Stacey Barker search page on the newest post here.
    I'm so glad that you got to meet Detective Nava and that she knows about the pond is an honor for me...REALLY! LE doesn't get near enough positive feedback imo...for the most part they are just hard working peeps like the rest of us but the are dealing with people at their worst on a regular basis.

  13. YES KAT, SHE is great and does her job well! again I want to put this up but in bold caps, hope you don't mind...this proves BB is not truthful about things!