Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Emma Leigh Barker RIP

A Lancaster CA jury convicted Stacey Barker today on 3 counts:



Sentencing for Barker will take place on June 17, 2011
Here is a list from the California penal code:
California - First-degree Murder
Title 8, Ch. 1, Sec. 187; 188-190

SECTION 187-199

187.  (a) Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being, or a
fetus, with malice aforethought.
   (b) This section shall not apply to any person who commits an act
that results in the death of a fetus if any of the following apply:
   (1) The act complied with the Therapeutic Abortion Act, Article 2
(commencing with Section 123400) of Chapter 2 of Part 2 of Division
106 of the Health and Safety Code.
   (2) The act was committed by a holder of a physician's and surgeon'
s certificate, as defined in the Business and Professions Code, in a
case where, to a medical certainty, the result of childbirth would be
death of the mother of the fetus or where her death from childbirth,
although not medically certain, would be substantially certain or
more likely than not.
   (3) The act was solicited, aided, abetted, or consented to by the
mother of the fetus.
   (c) Subdivision (b) shall not be construed to prohibit the
prosecution of any person under any other provision of law.

188.  Such malice may be express or implied.  It is express when
there is manifested a deliberate intention unlawfully to take away
the life of a fellow creature.  It is implied, when no considerable
provocation appears, or when the circumstances attending the killing
show an abandoned and malignant heart.
   When it is shown that the killing resulted from the intentional
doing of an act with express or implied malice as defined above, no
other mental state need be shown to establish the mental state of
malice aforethought.  Neither an awareness of the obligation to act
within the general body of laws regulating society nor acting despite
such awareness is included within the definition of malice.

189.  All murder which is perpetrated by means of a destructive
device or explosive, a weapon of mass destruction, knowing use of
ammunition designed primarily to penetrate metal or armor, poison,
lying in wait, torture, or by any other kind of willful, deliberate,
and premeditated killing, or which is committed in the perpetration
of, or attempt to perpetrate, arson, rape, carjacking, robbery,
burglary, mayhem, kidnapping, train wrecking, or any act punishable
under Section 206, 286, 288, 288a, or 289, or any murder which is
perpetrated by means of discharging a firearm from a motor vehicle,
intentionally at another person outside of the vehicle with the
intent to inflict death, is murder of the first degree.  All other
kinds of murders are of the second degree.
   As used in this section, "destructive device" means any
destructive device as defined in Section 12301, and "explosive" means
any explosive as defined in Section 12000 of the Health and Safety
   As used in this section, "weapon of mass destruction" means any
item defined in Section 11417.
   To prove the killing was "deliberate and premeditated," it shall
not be necessary to prove the defendant maturely and meaningfully
reflected upon the gravity of his or her act.

189.5.  (a) Upon a trial for murder, the commission of the homicide
by the defendant being proved, the burden of proving circumstances of
mitigation, or that justify or excuse it, devolves upon the
defendant, unless the proof on the part of the prosecution tends to
show that the crime committed only amounts to manslaughter, or that
the defendant was justifiable or excusable.
   (b) Nothing in this section shall apply to or affect any
proceeding under Section 190.3 or 190.4.

190.  (a) Every person guilty of murder in the first degree shall be
punished by death, imprisonment in the state prison for life without
the possibility of parole, or imprisonment in the state prison for a
term of 25 years to life.

 Assault on a Child Causing Death

273ab.  Any person who, having the care or custody
of a child who is under eight years of age,
assaults the child by means of force that
to a reasonable person would be likely
to produce great bodily injury,
resulting in the child's death, shall be
punished by imprisonment in the state
prison for 25 years to life.
Nothing in this section shall be
construed as affecting the applicability
of subdivision (a) of Section 187
or Section 189. 

Child Abuse

273a.(a) Any person who, under circumstances or 
conditions likely to produce great 
bodily harm or death, willfully causes
or permits any child to suffer, or inflicts 
thereon unjustifiable physical pain or mental 
suffering, or having the care or custody of any child,
willfully causes or permits the person or health
of that child to be injured, or willfully causes or 
permits that child to be placed in a situation 
where his or her person or health is endangered. 
A child abuse charge in CA is considered a "wobbler"
(can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony
 depending on the facts in the case) if prosecuted
as a misdemeanor shall be punished by 
imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding 
one year and a $6000 fine, if prosecuted
as a felony and there is a conviction the
penalty is  in the state prison for
two, four, or six years.
Last but not least, another great big thanks to 
Tori, Ange, Gabe,
 Tiff, Anurse, and LCM for 
taking time from your busy lives to attend 
these hearings the last 2 years and this 3 week trial! 
You are Emma's Angels!
Thanks to LCM for this sweet picture of Emma!
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  1. This is such wonderful news - thank you for the quick update, although I can't wait for the details on Stacey's reaction. Did she manage to squeeze out a tear this time? Great job ladies - I'm sure it'll be nice to have a few days off and for the jurors to get back to their normal lives. Hopefully they can recover from what they've had to witness - and for Stacey's family...may god bless them and heal their futures as well.

  2. Anon, 5/24, Stacey had absolutely no reaction! hopefully Tori will come fill us in on the day!
    I wish the same for the jury, and Stacey's family.They are not responsible for her actions and have no doubt been tortured!

  3. I was kicked off the Jury, I told them from the beginnning I thought she was guilty. Thank you for all your hard work and updates!

  4. Hi Kat thank you for your kind words. It still stings a little but I know there is no way I could have safely made the drive so I'm telling myself it was for the safety of the other drivers on the road...

    Nice writes! I understand what you were up against with all the writing / time that would have been involved, but I've missed you! Tori did a great job though!

    I hope you have a fantabulous vacation and get great seats for the Anthony trial (great witnesses too!) I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back! Make sure to hang out in the hallway outside the courtroom for a few minutes so we can wave at you!

    (((HUGS))) my friend.

  5. Hi kat and all,

    Yes, it was a hard Journey but worth ever hour spent on putting into words and talking to you and LC was the best part....thing we find we have in common are many...all the hours spent talking to you Kat was not all about this case and I will always cherish you as a friend! same for you also LC you are special and I will keep in contact with all of you for long after this is OVER.
    I thought it was strange, I had found Emma's story through looking for my old friend's son that day...TODAY we walk into court and who is sitting there....My old friend, her son Andrew has gotten into another Jam and is waiting to be seen by Judge Z again....how funny they were there to begin this and to end it.....Ijust thought "how weird"
    Anon you are lucky they let you go, the pictures of Emma were heart breaking....some of the Jury was crying through out the Trial and today MANY cried as they filtered into their seats for the verdict. it was hard on them!
    All I saw was the Barkers with their heads down, the Grandparents crying silently and SB answered Judge Zacky her voice sounded steady and not emotional at all, so I don't think she cried.
    JUNE 17TH we will be there to see how JZ passes her sentence, will he go for High term or low term...and how will they run?

  6. Oh yeah Kat have a great Vacation...tell Jack to enjoy his 4 stars....LOL happy birthday to Chole...did I spell that right? see that is why I say I am no writer...spell like ca-ca LOL

  7. This is GREAT news! Justice has been served! I will NEVER forget that little girl, she will forever be in my heart. I hope Stacey is haunted every day of her life! Thanks for all your hard work covering this case. You all rock! I will continue to read your blogs!!

  8. and let the fisting begin in Gen Pop as msperl said so eloquently.....somewhere

  9. Thank you so much for your coverage after the last 2 years. I worked with Stacey Barker she sat right next to me. I remember holding lil Emma. It has been a very hard road for me. I remember Stacey attending my Baby Shower and telling me how lucky I am to be having a little girl and how much she was Happy with Emma. This broke my heart. Every time I drive down to the San Fernando Valley and pass the area where Emma was left I think of her. I am so pleased that this has come to an end. Emma will be forever in my heart. Thank you all again!

  10. I am glad that justice is done for Emma...well, just about done. This case is so sad regardless of how this plays out. That sweet little girl should be flashing her beautiful smile and growing with her Mommy and Daddy, Aunt and Uncles, Grandparents. :`(

  11. I was on the jury, and it was a very difficult case. I personally knew nothing of the case until seated on the jury, and now, I've been searching for more information, and there's very little to be found. Thanks for giving this case the attention it deserves. I hope to hear an update on the sentencing.

  12. Anon, May 31@ 7:22pm,
    Thank you so much for your service. Jury duty has got to be one of the most difficult tasks that we can perform as Americans and also one of the most important duties.....our justice system depends on the willingness of citizens to set aside their personal life for however long it takes and give a fair review of the evidence. I for one agree with the decision made by the jury in the Stacey Barker case and thank you! We will follow up on this case and report the sentencing.

    To all everyone commenting here.... I will never understand how our country has came to the place that a case like this receives so little attention from the media.???? Little Emma grabbed onto our heartstrings and has never let go....bless her little heart.....who knows what she may have done to change the world? I do know quite a few who she has changed their life....I am one. I hope we can learn from people like Stacey Barker and Casey Anthony (unfortunately there are many more)what makes them tick in order to reduce if not eliminate the chances of this happening again....perhaps that will be Emma and Caylee's impact on the world to save other children the same fate! katfish

  13. Hey Kat,
    Hve you got to see the trial yet? I keep looking for you in the gallery....
    How is your trip going?
    Dang I have been watching this trial non stop all day....CA and SB are so much alike...I heard yesterday that CA used Zanax to put Kaylee to sleep...WTH? now they are saying that she ran out of Zanax and found out how to make cholororm and that is how she died....CA didn't know how much to use and killed her...
    OMG...that little girl was in for a rough life with this witch as a mother!
    Anyway girl, let me know when you get home...T

  14. Hi Tori!
    I have been watching as much of the Casey Anthony trial as possible, but I did miss a lot of last week with preparing to leave and traveling.

    I have wondered for a long time if xanax had played a part in this case. Unfortunately, unless Casey confesses, none of us will know for sure the actual circumstances leading to Caylee's death and even then her word is worthless. The chloroform via xanex explanation makes as much sense as any I have heard. I don't believe for one second this girl would have sat in solitary for 3 years to cover up an accident....and think it would be appalling for her defense team to allow that.

    I will try to attend on Wed,June 8 and Thurs, June 9. I hope I can get in. I have no intention of running like I'm getting in line to buy tickets for a rock concert. I was extremely put off by this behavior when I saw it on TV this morning.
    I will contact you when i get home....should be by June 16. I want to know what happens to SB!

  15. Hi Tori and KF!

    KF how's the vacation going? Was Chloe's Bday surprise a huge success? Are you staying dry with the first day of hurricane season bringing some stormy weather?

    Kat I heard one spectator (on Tuesday) say she got in line at 3AM!! There were 100 people waiting at 9:00, seeking 50 available seats. Good Luck I hope you get in!

    Baez is making me nuts!!!!

    T - I'll talk to you either late Friday or sometime Saturday.

    To anonymous juror - thank you so much. My heart goes out to you having to sit through this trial - but you and the other jurors did an amazing job of delivering Justice For Emma Leigh.

  16. Chloe is sitting here with me as I read this and she said good, yes, yes! I agree. We got here 15 minutes before they got home from the beach which was also a surprise....cut it close. The look on her face was priceless.

    We are just getting ready for church....the kids are receiving awards for completeing this years Awanis program.

    I know people have been crazy about getting in. I will go but refuse to step on people to get in.

  17. Awww Thanks LCM! It's really nice getting away from home and witnessing first hand the lovely life my family has built down here in sunny FL but I must admit I'm starting to feel a twinge of homesickness. Hopefully that will change next week when we go to Orlando and our final weekend when we are taking Chloe to Kennedy Space Center. I'm going to set us up some reservations at Coco Beach for some ocean time when noit at KSC. I have spent entirely too much of my vacation time glued to the Anthony trial.....it is something else....eyeroll....
    talk 2 u soon <3

  18. Hi Kat & LC,

    How is everything going with you two?
    I saw the People running like mad to get a seat for the trial...It reminded me of "the bull runs in spain" LOL
    Glad to hear you are having fun with the family, I know how it is to be some place having fun but missing home too....can't wait to talk to you when you get home...

    LC, Any word from the Doc's? how are you feeling?

    I sat and watched the Jurors faces during the hardest parts of the case..
    The Photo's, Anthony's and his Mom's testimony most of you looked so sad even some were crying!I saw a lot of you crying at different times, the one lady that almost passed out in the hall and said, Oh this is just so hard, Is the one I felt sorry for...
    I noticed how when SB got on the stand, you were all listening VERY well to what she was saying, I know you all saw a different side of her when DA Kelly Cromer started her questions and SB got smart with her.
    I just knew you all were going to see through her lies...
    The one that got me was that she got a hangover from 1/2 a beer...because she was only 110 or 115Lbs...NO WAY!
    I have a few Questions for you if you choose to answer them....
    1)Did her lack of emotion have any effect on you?
    2)Could you tell she was faking the crying when they showed the Home Movies? (they played some of it when you were waiting to come in from lunch and she failed to cry but as a few of you cried she asked for tissue)
    3)Did any of you READ the letters to John Doe? we they as steamy as Judge Zacky said they were?
    I want to agree with Kat and LC, you did a great Job.
    Thank you for your service and your Verdict, I'm glad you all gave Emma the Justice she deserved, I know it must not have been easy but Thank goodness she will be past the age she can have more children when she gets out. (she told her Dad she wants a BOY in one of the Jail recordings...WTH..she had her chance and blew it)
    We would love to hear your thoughts on everything, not many of you wanted to talk after court, I know you needed to get home and try to wipe some of this stuff out of your mind, I know some of you might still cry at the thought of Emma in the photos, I do! Take care and feel confident in the Verdict that you rendered was the right one for everyone....
    TTYL T

  19. I’m happy to talk about the case now. We (I’m speaking for most of the jurors since I was with them so much) just wanted to leave since it was such an emotionally charged day (by the way- I’m the young guy that sat up front or number 8, and although I didn’t express my emotion, I was very sad for everything that happened because I have two young ones myself).

    Her emotion did matter to us very much- or her demeanor you could say. What we saw was a lack of remorse and the ability to turn tears on and off. We heard from multiple police officers how she was able to stop and start crying, and I found that during her interviews that she became more emotional in later interviews (like she was supposed to) when Nava said she wasn’t very caring. When the verdict was read, I did not see an ounce of anything in her expression (similar to how she appeared on tapes during interviews). So, yes, I saw through the ruse. I also saw the same defensiveness on the stand when Kelly caught her in a lie, which is the same defensiveness when she was lying during interviews. Her testimony neither hurt nor helped her case. In my opinion, enough evidence was there either way.

    Many of us read the letters; I read them for purposes of establishing her demeanor after the fact. Again, there was no remorse, and they were very sexual and immature. She spent a lot of time writing fantasies and expressing future desires (marriage, etc.). Some were disturbing, and not something someone who truly cared about the loss of a daughter would write, especially to someone whom he/she had just met.

    For me, the “smoking gun” was the blood in Emma’s nose and the double dose of Benedryl (which to me along with the made up story and the lies in the texts while she was driving, demonstrated premeditation). A meticulous mother of an 18 month old would not give a double dose of any medication for any reason.

    It was a hard case, and five of us stayed behind to thank Kelly for her service in such a hard case; for a prosecutor she cared very much for Emma. I’m very impressed by her.

  20. Hi Anonymous

    Thanks so much again. I have thought all along this was premeditated - the baby benadryl and the long drive to LA...what came out in the last couple of hearings - about BB being seen at the PnR before the 911 call surprised the heck out of me. Did any of you have a hard time with the information about his possible involvement or did you just accept Kelly Cromer's instruction at opening statement 'that Stacey Barker is the only one charged with killing Emma'? I'm actually a little surprised that Dager didn't push the BB involvement idea more heavily - but to do so would have taken away from his and Stacey's assertions that this was all a tragic accident. Glad to see you all saw through this ridiculous idea.

    Again you have "our thanks" for seeing this through. You all did an awesome job of finding Justice For Emma. Let's hope that SB will soon be locked up for life.

    If you have any questions about anything that was not revealed in the trial, ask away - someone here will most likely be able to answer it for you. Are you or any of the other jurors planning on attending the sentencing?

  21. Juror #8, Thanks so much for answering Tori's questions. I have a question that I hope you feel no pressure to answer, although it was one of the first things that came to mind when I heard the verdict. Because of the time taken to reach a final verdict, I have no doubt that you all took the time to properly deliberate the case and apply the law, but I'm wondering how many votes did it take to get a unamimous verdict? Did you take a vote right away? If so how did the count line up just based on the testimony, evidence and arguments? Thank you again for your service!

  22. Hi Anon and Girls!

    Kat how you doing down there in FL? are you training for the mad dash to the front of the line? LOL...Good Question you ask too.

    LC Any word from the Doc yet? also the BB thing another good Question...Call me!

    Juror #8

    Thank you for being so candid and answering my Questions.

    We think we know who you are, You are the one with the TOED SHOES,Glasses and Dark hair?
    Not that it matters just trying to picture you..
    Thanks agian for your service, I know how hard it was.
    Kelly is a Tiger, we refer to her sometimes as a bulldog..LOL!
    That is what bothered me since her Prelim Hearing, her total lack of emotion but back then we didn't KNOW how bad it was until we saw the tapes and heard the Interviews at trial..It was so unreal that a Mother could sit there and not be crying for them to find her Baby, Just worried about herself...
    That is another thing we had a feeling about is the it was premeditated..
    Like Kelly said "Emma was not getting SB the kind of attention she wanted any longer" Just think if you (the Jurors) had found her Innocent and believed it was just an accident, she would be the center of Attention once again.
    In jail she will not be the center of attention, she will be nothing but a Baby Killer and one of the most hated people there.
    I knew that the letters would be daming towards her, how can you think of SEX and Marriage and write stuff to a person she hardly knew...
    She is a Shark, cold blooded...
    I knew she suffocated her for sure when I saw the pictures of Emma with the red (wind burn looking) patches and Lines inside the red on her face, you could only tell Emma struggled with SB to cause that kind of mark and pattern.
    Also the tape that showed her not giving a crap, when the Det's left her alone, that one is so telling, she was acting for the Det's and then once they are gone she is BORED and wants to leave, still not asking if they have found Emma or are they looking for her or anything..
    Did you hear on one of the tapes, she said "I just want to go home with my family and mourn for Emma" Well, this is BEFORE she told them Emma had died in a baggie accident...at that point she was still a KIDNAPPED Child...a few of us caught that one...

    Anyway girls Tiff awaits our company for Breakfast so I will check back Later...T

  23. @LCoastMom- I don’t think anyone had a hard time with Brendon’s possible involvement. I think most of us (I definitely do) believed he was involved after-the-fact, but not with the actual murder. He was most likely lied to after the murder, but he’s still an accessory. With the scent dogs picking up a driver’s scent going eastbound on S, it’s pretty evident he was there. Plus, it’s impossible to get to Stacey’s house from Brendon’s in the amount of time he did after Stacey’s initial call unless he was on stand-by. We were there, however, to examine Stacey’s guilt, so that was fairly irrelevant. I would love to attend sentencing, but with all of my absence at work with the trial, I just don’t have the time, which is why I’m following this blog.

    @Katfish- No problem. I’m glad to answer questions. We did examine all of the applicable evidence when coming to a final verdict, and we took many votes- one at the beginning to see where we stood, and then several others (if I had to put a number on it, I’d say around 5). I don’t think we ever really moved from murder, but many were torn between second and first degree murder (I never moved from first degree because of the evidence presented). Three people had trouble with premeditation, so there was a lot of speaking out against other, what I considered unreasonable, interpretations of her actions. We also had read back from several testimonies to refresh the memories of several jurors.

  24. @Tori lol- yup that's me (my toed shoes are running shoes called Vibram Fivefingers- the other jurors got a kick out of them). Her demeanor was very problematic for many of us, and even if she wasn't the emotional type, her behavior was evidently faked many times.

  25. Anon...
    LOL..yeah, I heard the Sheriff at the front Line tell you they were cool and he wanted some...
    We also saw you at Costo one day shopping, we were having some Pizza for lunch and looking around.
    So are you a runner and do they help any?
    My husband did the LA marathon a few months back and the Santa Monica last month, he has been looking for better running shoes...

    Yeah, I think Brendon was in on the cover up and the making up of the lie..
    Yeah he got caught up in lie's and his story did not make sense to me at all.
    I will wait to see if they put charges on him, you know she denied him having anything to do with any of it...that really bothered me the line she said "you owe me", Kelly said that she meant she killed Emma for him and he owed her, I didn't think that way I thought she said he owed her for not bringing up his name as helping her...I am not sure which one to believe now.

  26. Hey guys! It's Nikki. I was just on NP and I had to come here to see what was going on, since it seems like a ghost town over there now :)
    Very interesting indeed! T and LC, I wrote you guys back btw :P Kat, hope your vacation is going wonderfully. I hope that you are all well!!

  27. Kat,

    Nik is right It is a ghost town at NP...
    I had answered you back the other day before I came here and poof it was lost! you know how that is, I was PO and have not been back yet!
    I was wondering if we could take Juror 8's comments over there?
    I know you posted a link but as we know some people don't follow the links...LOL
    He has some Interesting stuff...
    talk to you all later, T

  28. T, you know I don't mind as long as juror#8 doesn't mind. Countdown 2 days until sentencing!!!

  29. Juror 8 doesn't mind!

    Tori A- They do help my feet a lot- and I don't know if I'm a runner, but I do run, and they are my favorite all-around shoes.

  30. Thanks Juror #8 :) There ya go T, sorry I took so long to reply, I actually thought I had :)
    I just got home from vacation at 8 pm CST....I'm really looking forward to hearing the results tomorrow in the Barker case....please call me after court tomorrow if you get a chance. If not, I'll just have to hunt you down, bwaaahhaaha!

  31. what time does SB get sentenced???

  32. Anon 6/17, I tried to find out what time Sb would be sentenced and her booking report shows the courtdate for today but lists no specific time.....sorry. I think most often when a time hasn't been specifically stated the court opens at 8:30 and her case can come up at any time after....depends when the inmate bus gets to court and what is on the court's docket.

  33. Thanks katfish....the suspense continues....

  34. I can't believe any of you. Stacey is my cousin. She is the most caring loving person. I have little but allot more detail on what happened then you all do. All that you hear is awful. Yes I know they say she killed little Emma but I truly do NOT believe that. How could she do that? Stacey? No, not the track star,model,pop dancer, that loved her little girl! Im sorry but Tori, please stop with the nasty name calling and rude as can be blogs and websites. Just be done with it already. It makes it so much worse on the family and I. Please.

  35. Anonymous 7/22 @ 6:56 PM,

    I'm not going to debate Stacey's guilt with you, that has been decided by a jury of her peers after they reviewed the evidence presented in court and engaged in thoughtful deliberation.

    We are well aware of the testimony and evidence presented at trial. It's truly a shame if there was exculpatory evidence you know of that didn't come in at trial. (Being a track star, model(?),and pop dancer are not exculpatory evidence.)

    We heard from other family of Stacey before trial that they knew so much more about the case than we did and they chastised anyone who had already formed an opinion to "let a jury decide"...well it seems the jury agreed with our conclusions.

    I'm very sorry for the pain and grief Emma's death and the results of the trial have caused you and yours, but don't lay the blame for that at our door-step. We have a right to our opinions just as you do.

    I don't fault you for loving the parts of Stacey you know and love....she will need you in the coming years.

    As for your comment to Tori, I will let her respond, but because this is my blog, I will say.... if reading the opinions people have of Stacey causes you additional pain, why in the h#ll are you people reading it?

    I can probably speak for many others that have followed this case, when I say, once we know justice has been done and where Stacey is going in the CA prison system to serve her time, we'll be "done with it".

  36. From Concerned...To: Anonymous Cousin

    Just now I came across your post in regards to your defense of Stacey, whom you claim is your cousin.

    Well I can't believe what you wrote!!?? WTF! Why don't the few Stacey defenders start their own blog where they can tout what a wonderful person Stacey is. Why hasn't there been any sites revealing ANY EVIDENCE or VALID explanations, or "details", that show and PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt, that it was "just an accident."

    EVERYONE has the right to say whatever the hell they want to say about that psycho baby killing bitch.

    It was evident to everyone, EXCEPT for a few Ostriches, that your precious cousin did indeed murder her innocent baby. It was done intentionally and premeditated- not a spur of the moment kill- but was a cold, calculated, and callous murder done by the hands of your cousin.

    The above reply to you is BELIEVABLE, good advice, and true.

    Your remark (sic) "I have little but allot more detail on what happened then you all do." shows your mentality. LOL! No wonder you think Stacey is innocent.

    So, just what in the hell happened to baby Emma that caused her "accidental death"?

    ALL YOU Stacey defenders:
    Well, she's had her day in court! Not only was she convicted of murder- it was MURDER in the 1st degree!! You idiots are the ones who should be apologizing! Go eat crow.

    I think I'll start a blog site featuring Stacey and her evil counterpart Casey, where they will bashed, trashed, and hashed so badly, then you'll know what rude and nasty really is.

    Oh, about Stacey being a model?! WAJ! Just because she spent a lot of money having some slutty photos of herself taken, does not a model make.

    As mentioned above, why in the hell would the Stacey defenders go to blogs to read about her? You have to go out of your way and do some searching to find blogs about that crime.

    She's not "famous", or rather infamous like Casey, where you can't help but read items about her. Jealous perhaps? Did your cousin tell or ask you to do online searches about her? Maybe she thinks she'll become the center of attention once again by the notoriety of her crime. Well, she's out of luck because all the focus is on and will only be on Casey.

    I hope that anon Stacey's cousin comes back and reads my reply. I am a concerned citizen who is not any of the blogging person's you are referring to. This is my first time here on this thread, but after I read your post, no way in hell could I not reply back to such idiocy.

  37. Concerned anonymous,
    For some reason your comment went into moderation...I'm glad I noticed it. All opinions count. One thing....maybe you should tell cousin how you really feel. Bbwwaahhh! j/k
    Thanks for stopping by! Katfish

  38. ROTFLMBO!!

    I do love that those who have watched for JUSTICE FOR EMMA are still on it! Thank you KF and Concerned!

    Cousin I am sorry for what Stacey took from your family but truly you need to educate yourself to what really happened to Emma.

    We do not seek you out looking to cause you more heartache. We simply wanted to make sure the person who murdered that little Angel was held accountable. She was!

  39. Kat, LC and Anon How are you all doing? Thank you for your having my back with ANON Cousin.

    Anon Cousin....First of all I have been rather tame in my assesment of STACEY BARKER, BABY KILLER....Many have had much more colorful names and opinions of her, so why you single me out is funny..2nd where is this evidence you have that she did not kill EMMA? why were YOU not in Court to tell the story and get her off the hook? you were not in court to see the PICTURES of that poor beautiful child with abrassions on her cheeks from the BLANKET being held over her mouth and face while she struggled for air.....you did not hear the Coroners testimony of how she was not suffocated by a baggie in her mouth, the LUNG FLUID PROVED THAT...you did not hear the 911 tape of a uncaring Mother that could only say ONCE, someone has my daughter other wise the convo was about HERSELF and her being in pain...You were not there to hear how she was not selective in who she HOOKED up with or to see her emotionless attitude towards everything, her fake ass tears when the home movies were shown to the Jury, yet 15 mins before the Jury came in to view it she had seen the tape and did not shed one tear!!! you were not there to hear her attitude come out with the DDA when she got caught up in a lie.....I am not sorry for anything I have written and refuse to listen to your BS about how she is Innocent, I spent 2 years in court hearing all THIS stuff and not one thing pointed to her being INNOCENT...you don't know your cousin as well as you think you do, her family didn't know her that well either....Guys coming into their home when DAD was asleep and he didn't have a Clue.....The drinking, the Hook ups and the drugs.....so at what point was she a Modle? and a pop dancer???? just because you take trashy pictures does not make you a modle and pop dancing at a club does not make you a professional pop dancer...I will not stop blogging about her until no one else has questions or remarks..she deserves her life to be a living hell for as long as it takes for her to fess up to EVERYONE and admit she killed Emma for her own selfish reasons! don't like it? then step off and don't do searches for her name......TORI A

  40. One more thing...you were not in that Courtroom seeing Emma's Dad and his Family break down while your Family sat there stoic and made rude remarks and faces to anyone that was against their "Killer Princess" and they do it still just as you have here....

  41. Hi Tori! I knew you would have a few things to say ;) I have given this some thought and I think the reason SB's family has singled you out is because you are the one person who was in court every hearing and for the trial and can speak the truth about the testimony and SB's behavior in court. I have always appreciated the time you spent in court for us but dang you must be super woman to have all these name calling websites and blogs too...how do you ever find the time? I can answer that....you don't! It must be easier to think there is one person out there writing all these nasty things about SB than to admit there are people all over the country who saw the truth for what it was and said much more hurtful things than you ever thought to say. Whatever....

  42. LOL thank you Kat...
    I have told these people that I only go on 2 blogs and websites, yours and NP for the last year and a half and always use my name ...they are under the impression that I use false names to talk mess about Stacey Barker or blog hateful things about her and her Family why would I, I do it out in the open...they are wrong but let them think what they want about me I could careless what child killer defenders think about me or my blogs!
    I had felt sorry for the Family but their attitudes made me rethink that and seeing how they treated anyone who did not believe their Innocent Princess hardened my heart towards them.
    They are the ones that have to move on and come to terms with the fact that she did it, was convicted and will now spend time in prison for what she did..
    It is not easy to think that a member of your family could do something so cold and heartless to their own child but it happens more then we know...you know they are GUILTY as all sin when they make up stupid stories that don't make sense to hide what really happened and that is just what she did!
    Why the Intrest of the Cousin NOW and not from the beginning when even more hurtful things were said? I am with you I don't think this is a Cousin of hers or they would have been here from the start! who was it that said "they had more Info then we did and would come back to discuss it with us after the trial ended" then never showed up again? I do believe it was 2 people that we have yet to hear from...
    If they did come back they would just say that she was railroaded by the DA and LE Det's and didn't get a fair trial...she indeed got a fair trial as you hear most of the Jurors had never even heard of her before the Trial yet they found her Guilty from the evidence and testimony alone, not from our blogs.
    HAGD Kat and I will talk to you later!

  43. From concerned:
    I just came back to see if Cousin had a replied with some cold hard proof or facts as to why her precious cousin is innocent.

    I have yet to read any of her defenders starting a site or reading any of their posts that states anything that can prove otherwise.

    In my searches I have only found 2 somewhat current sites that blog about Stacey and those are the aforementioned ones. Cousin probably is spouting off about so called "hateful" comments from way back when the news first broke.

    Why do the defenders keep saying the same ol' same tired line about NOT KNOWING ALL THE FACTS. Stacey is innocent. Stacey is/was a loving mother. So F---ing what! Supposedly, so was Casey.

    If I KNEW for a FACT that a relative of mine was innocent, and I had knowledge OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, I'd be on every site letting all the readers know what I knew/know, and how my cousin is/was innocent. I'd be trying to let the media know, and every venue possible.

    Not one single defender has EVER offered a shred of information to prove otherwise.
    It is rather interesting to note that Stacey's defense wanted a change of venue when in actuality not many were and are aware of that case. Yet, the infamous Casey was acquitted because the idiotic jurors claimed to not have enough evidence.

    So you see Cousin, there was tons of evidence against your cousin and even without any court evidence, your cousin Stacey's crime shrieked of guilt that even a blind person would come to the same conclusion as did everyone else.


    I find it appalling that the ones who loved and defended Emma, had been scorned and ridiculed by some of Stacey's family members, and felt the same about seeing "daddy dearest" and what he had to say on the news video. He refused to believe his precious daughter is guilty of killing Emma, and that the court was a circus...
    What a jerk he came off as.

    I like the above comments and I am hoping that at least one of Stacey's defenders will appear and give some valid and BELIEVABLE reasons or excuses as to why THEY think Stacey did not murder Emma.

  44. Concerned, I think you just hit the nail on the head, "SHAME ON THE DEFENDERS FOR NOT DEFENDING THE INNOCENT AND DESERVING ONE, EMMA BARKER."
    Rather than accept the fact they failed Emma let's just blame the bloggers for our problems! I don't expect any responses from any of the Barker supporters....as Tori stated above they said they would be back after the trial when they were free to talk and we're still waiting.
    Thank you for caring about Emma. Her birthday is September 2 she would have turned 4 had she been allowed :`(

  45. AAAAAwwwww...Kat, that date is not to far away and I just got tears when you reminded me...Me and My sisters will be there again this year....
    Concerned, Thank you, you said it better then I could have..I was confused when Dad said court was a circus...he only showed up 2 times before the Trial and if anyone made it a Circus, the family that was there all the time did...we were respectful of the court and people who attended.
    I am still trying to get the Info on BB, I have made a few calls and am waiting for the answers..as soon as I know I will let you all know!

  46. From Concerned: I see that not one Stacey defender can come here and give any reasonable explanation as to how Emma's death was an accident.

    I guess none of the defenders took into consideration that when Stacey had her day in court, and after being convicted of 1st degree murder, along with other felonious crimes connected to causing her daughter's death; Stacey was asked and given a chance to address the court.

    Stacey chose not to. Not one word, not any explanation, nada, zip. There wasn't any proclamations of being innocent of murdering her child, that it really was a tragic accident that she could give some insight and believable reasons as to how it happened.

    Face it, there is no validity whatsoever as to Emma's death being accidental.

    If Stacey can't come up with any defense that shows, explains, or proves otherwise, how in the hell can her defenders? Were they there? Can any of them prove that it was "just an accident"? Of course not, because there was proof, information, and evidence that proved Stacey did indeed murder Emma.

    That is ridiculous to have the nerve to criticize others who accused Stacey of a crime that she did commit. The few defenders, insist that Stacey did not kill Emma, because she said so. Well guess what? How many murderers come forward and admit what they have done?

    You'd think that someone convicted for the worst crime that one could ever commit, would be hysterical, pleading their innocence, continually denying that it was murder, or giving a damned good speech when given the choice to address the court. Hell, that cold hearted bitch couldn't even offer her family any words of remorse, or thanks for being there, or sympathy for Emma's death.

    Even Jeffrey Dahmer apologized for his crimes that he claimed to have no control over.

  47. From Concerned:
    Still waiting............

    10 months later and still no replies from the Stacy defenders.

    Well daddy dearest, cousin, and auntie, where is your proof or even a simple explanation as to why you all seem to think or believe that Stacy is innocent??

    There is however, proof that Stacy intentionally took the life of baby Emma.

    Not only was that clearly evident to all others, it was also very obvious to the judge and jurists who found her guilty by trial.

  48. From Concerned:
    Done waiting. The defenders time is more than up. Karma to those loathsome enabling Stacey defenders.
    Not a shred of proof that your NPD baby killing relative Stacy Barker is NOT guilty. The relatives and friends that defended her reprehensible behavior are disgusting baby haters. Shame on the ones who never defended the real victim! That is baby Emma who was cold bloodedly murdered by Barker.
    This was not a spur of the moment killing where a parent or caregiver loses their temper and goes too far. Nope, this was premeditated, out and out cruel and unthinkable filicide.
    Maybe Stacey will get in Prison what she gave- her torturer shows no mercy, inflicts plenty of pain and suffering, until finally the killer's life is snuffed out.
    I bet the baby killer's defenders wouldn't believe it was all just an accident.