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Stacey Barker August 11 Hearing - Star Witness Doesn't Want To Play

Emma Leigh Barker
The murder case against Stacey Barker finally appears to be nearing the trial phase of the legal process. At a hearing held at  the Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse in Lancaster, CA.on August 11,  Superior Court Judge Hayden Zackey said the court is still shooting for a trial the week of September 26, 2010.

 At a previous hearing Judge Zacky required the prosecution and the defense to agree if they want him to preside over this trial the only excuse for it not happening in September is if his schedule has a conflict.

Stacey Barker is a 25 year old woman from Lancaster, CA accused of suffocating her 18 month old daughter, Emma Leigh Barker, to death before dumping Emma's body in tall grass on the side of the freeway on March 18, 2009.

When Emma was first reported missing, Stacey Barker claimed Emma had been kidnapped. Barker claimed she had been knocked out by "the kidnapper" as she loaded her daughter into her car seat when they were leaving playtime at a local park. Barker claimed the next thing she knew she came to six hours later in her car, now parked several miles away in a Palmdale park and ride lot, partially unclothed, injured and her daughter was missing. Because Barker did have injuries consistent with a struggle she was transported to the hospital for treatment and an Amber Alert was issued for Emma.The next day Barker admitted making up the abduction story and led authorities to Emma's body. She said the little girl died accidentally, causing her to panic (afraid she would be blamed) and leave the girl's body near the freeway.
On April 27,2009, Barker was arrested and the charges filed against the young mother include murder, assault on a child causing death and child abuse. Stacey Barker formally entered a not guilty plea to all counts on August 12, 2009. She has since been held at the Century Regional Detention Facility in the city of Lynwood on $1 million bond
The purpose of this article is to share the details of the hearing on August 11. Once again, Tori, and friends have taken time out of their day to attend the hearing and share the details with us. ~ thank you ladies ~
The hearing got started early, around 9 a.m.. Deputy District Attorney Kelly Cromer was first in the courtroom today, followed by Public Defender Roberto Dager. When Judge Zackey came in, court got under way even though the defendant wasn't in the courtroom yet.

At the July 26 hearing, PD Dager had requested an inmate named Erin Sutton, who was communicating with defendant Barker, be brought into court to answer some questions. PD Dager told the court that Erin Sutton is or claims to be a GOVERNMENT AGENT! Judge Zacky asked, "Do you mean a government informant? Dager said," NO, on one of the taped conversations with my client he identifies himself as a Government Agent. An employee of the state." Dager wants him in court to answer questions about other cases he has testified in and so forth...under oath and the hearing was scheduled for August 11.
Erin Sutton

We overheard someone say something like "HE" is refusing to talk or that "HE" should refuse to talk...something along those lines, it was hard to hear.(.Apparently the "star witness" for the day didn't want any part of these proceedings.) Shortly after, the Bailiff informed the court, "He" is here" (in holding cell). Judge Zacky and the Bailiff exchanged a few words before the Judge called PD Dager, DDA Kelly Cromer and the Court Reporter with her steno machine to his chambers.
 (We speculate that Erin Sutton was brought into Judge's Chambers to answer Dager's questions in private. We were disappointed at not being able to hear Sutton's testimony; but, unless it is sealed we will find out eventually, especially if the state uses any of the communication between Sutton and Barker at trial.)

 I should add that  Mr. Dager told the court this information about Sutton, on the record, on July 26. While we normally report anything that is on the record, we felt we should wait to disclose this until after this hearing. If Erin Sutton has incriminating testimony against Ms. Barker, you can be sure the defense will try everything they can to discredit him. Frankly just the fact Sutton  is a convicted criminal gives the defense a leg up, especially if he is benefited for testifying.....that is....unless Barker was recorded saying or wrote something to incriminate herself

An Aunt of Stacey Barker commented at the Now Public forum., evidently in reply to our question, "Why would Stacey Barker associate herself with such a guy as Erin Sutton aka Vampire?"
This is a quote of one of her comments, "The answer to your question is Sutton was a plant by the DA on the bus.  The intent was to extract some sort of information regarding Emma's death.  He was convicted and sentenced to 26 years, for some sort of child molestation.  He was offered a deal (and was found guilty bgy[sic] his peers of his crime) to get a lesser sentence if he befriended Stacey.  So there you have it.  Let's talk about the DA making a deal like that to cover her week[sic] case on Stacey." She added this in another comment,"The DA has nothing on Stacey, that's why they offered a convicted person like Aaron to try and get evidence and it turns up nill[sic]!  But he gets 18 years off of his sentence??? There's justice at work."

 I supplied the link to her comments and our replies at the NP forum above, if you are interested. I do want to say that as far as we can find (Tori contacted the Superior Court phone line for inmate information) Erin Sutton is in jail for felony robbery not child molestation and he is not on any of the state sex offender registries that we could find. We don't know if Sutton is an "informant" or "government agent" but can pretty comfortably say it sounds far fetched to give someone an 18 year reduction in a 26 year sentence for "just trying" to solicit information. I don't know who gave them this information, we'll have to wait and see if it's correct or not. Granted, as family of the accused,  they are in a very frustrating position and we have no desire to argue with them. We have a right to follow this case, form our own opinions and share what we hear in court with you. What matters at the end of the day is what the jury of Stacey Barker's peers decide after they have heard the evidence that is allowed into court.

OK back to the hearing:

Dager, Cromer, the Judge and the Court Reporter came back,. Zacky said the next hearing will be on August 26  for wrap up of discovery. Judge Zackey then  instructed the Bailiff to bring Ms.Barker in please...
When SB came in today, she appeared to be in a snit, walking heavy and mad looking. She didn't look into the gallery at all, she plopped down into the chair next to PD Dager and faced forward.
Zacky advised Barker we are still shooting for the week of Sept 26th for trial. We'll  be back here August 26 to discuss the motions you want filed (or have filed ?) specifically mentioning some previously filed motions:

1) MOTION FOR CHANGE OF VENUE - This motion was filed on January 17. When Judge Zacky denied the motion for COV on February 18, he told the defense we have a large jury pool and we won't know until we poll the jurors if that is necessary. {Meaning  it was denied without prejudice, so it could be brought up again later. )

2) EXCLUSION OF MEDIA - After filing  the change of venue motion  on January 17, PD Dager informed the court if his motion for COV was denied,  he would ask that all media and news reporters and people in the gallery that report on this case on blogs be kept out of the courtroom.
Judge Z said he would have to do some research on this, because of the "Freedom Of Information Act", the community has the right to know what is going on.

Judge Zacky continued," ALL the other motions you want to file at that time will be heard", and then asked," You will be bringing in expert witnesses right?" The judge reminded both sides," We will finish up any discovery either side may have." adding, "Discovery is a ongoing thing."

DDA Cromer said, " Here are some more letters and phone calls" as she handed a giant yellow envelope to PD Dager, which he sort of  let  fall on the table hard, he didn't seem pleased with this new stuff.

Judge Zacky said, "OK, We will see you all back here on the 26th and court was recessed." Stacey Barker got up and escorted by the bailiff she marched off towards the holding cell as if she was mad, at the last second she tried to turn and mouth "I love you" but none of her intended recipients were looking at her, as her boyfriend and grandparents, who attend every hearing, had already left their seats and had their backs to her when she decided to acknowledge no one saw her this time.

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  1. Wow...I really can't wait to see justice in this case. Thanks so much for the update!!!

  2. Thanks for adding the dates for the COV/ Exclusion of media motions - and all the rest of the details!! (BTW that is a great photo!)

    There must be some powerful evidence that we have yet to hear, with Dager trying so hard to exclude the media. I didn't think it could get any worse than what she allegedly said to LE.

    (((More Hugs)))

  3. I noticed someone was having trouble commenting on this post today. I don't know why that happens but usually you can just comment as anonymous and identify yourself in the comment (if you wish) and it will come through. Hope this helps :)
    Sometimes you have to hit post comment twice too.?
    I value all opinions as long as they are made in a courteous manner.

  4. RE: Comments made by the Aunt of Stacey Barker about Erin Sutton.

    Obviously, with my being incarcerated I have no access to the internet. But, I have heard about the absurd comments made by Stacey’s Aunt about me and it is so disturbing to me that I convey this message via third party in response to such ridiculous comments about me.

    If you are the family of Stacey then I can understand your frustration but I would kindly appreciate that if you or anyone have anything to say please keep it honest. I have never been accused of such a disgusting crime as has been alleged and never was I convicted in trial. For the record, I was sentenced to 10 years for a robbery and an assault with a firearm - an alleged crime stemming from my confronting a convicted child molester who tried to give my 12 year old daughter private guitar lessons. I went to trial in 2008 and the jury hung. In 2010, I accepted a 10 year deal that had absolutely nothing to do with Stacey’s case. Mind you, I have absolutely no reason to lie nor have anything at all to gain. My involvement is only to see some sort of justice for a beautiful child’s life cut short.

    It disturbs me that someone would say such disgusting things about me accusing me of being a convicted child molester. I’m convicted of an alleged crime while protecting my daughter - not for killing her. So to Stacey’s Aunt and anyone else who feels I’m wrong for coming forward with the truth, I just ask for you to keep it real because I most certainly am.

    Erin Sutton


    LA County Jail

  5. Erin aka Vampire,

    Thank you for commenting and clearing this up.

    I know that Stacey Barker's family are very frustrated and I feel bad for their loss; however, we felt that the remarks about you from "Auntie" did not ring true, especially the convicted child molester comment and have tried to rebutt those remarks to the best of our ability.

    We have been to your MySpace page and have a pretty good idea what happened in your case with that POS Jay "Mojo" Wilson, who IS listed as a convicted child molester. What we couldn't figure out for sure if the conviction you are currently incarcerated for was related to that case. Thank you for clearing this up.

    Erin, your statement,"I have absolutely no reason to lie nor have anything at all to gain. My involvement is only to see some sort of justice for a beautiful child’s life cut short." pretty much says it all.

    I realize you cannot say too much about the case to protect the integrity of your testimony, but that shouldn't include allowing horrible lies to be said about you.

    A jury will decide if Stacey killed her daughter but a fact they don't have to determine is the one that she dumped Emma by the side of the road because she didn't want to be "in trouble".

    Thank you for being willing to come forward and keeping "it real", particularly if you aren't receiving any benefit by doing so. Best wishes to you and your daughter.

  6. WOW....

    I tried to tell the Aunt and Uncle that they didn't read the story of Erin Sutton right, I knew he was not a POS child molester from his MS page.

    As I told Auntie and Uncle, he was PROTECTING HIS DAUGHTER not killing her or the person that was trying to moleste her!

    Erin, I would like to thank you for your email, and clearing up things for us, we like to keep it truthful and try not to put up falsehoods.

    That was a beautiful statement, "My involvement is only to see some sort of justice for a beautiful child’s life cut short." Spoken like a loving father with a beautiful daughter of his own.
    I knew you were in Jail for the Felony Robbery count, we knew that you were not a CM and we knew you were not really that bad a person as we could find Nothing on you or any record of you being in trouble ALL the time, we know that people do things wrong for reasons of their own, everyone has a story! Robbery and a confrontation of a POS RSO do not add up to something as bad as Murder/Accidental death and dumping a prescious baby!
    People are scared of you because of the way you look, they think you must be evil because of all your tat's, I feel it is only Ink on Skin and nothing to be scared of! it is true that people are afraid of things they can't understand.....

    We think we know who is filling the Family with all the lies but we will not say who just yet, how funny you got a 10 year sentence and the DA is going to give you 18 years off for talking to does that mean you have a 8 year credit to use if you ever get into trouble again? LOL, just kidding I know that is not true we thought is sounded like BULLSH-- when we saw the comment.

    Hope to hear your testimony either in person or on the tapes and letters being read in court at the trial. also, if you/your friend email us personal we would not disclose anything until it is of public record as we do not want to put this case danger of a mistrial.

    TTYL T

  7. Thanks for saying exactly what I attempted yesterday T We are pretty darn sure we know the person who is trying to help SB at a price for others to pay!! It is not OK to spread malicious gossip or lies in an attempt to help someone who caused her own troubles. That is not a defense! It's a crime against nature and when Karma comes around you know right where she will go.

  8. ~ Happy Birthday In Heaven Lil Angel~
    ~ Emma Leigh Barker ~
    ~ 09/02/2007 - 03/18/2009 ~

  9. Anon @ 3:12 am 9/30,

    Thanks for the nudge ;) There are no "bombshells" to report on the case, but there have been 2 short hearings. Obviously there was no trial in September and I have some info about that. I really do appreciate the nudge and will get started tonight on a new post this evening. :).

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    1. Para Consultoria HR, ��
      Sim. Fatos, lógica, a verdade ea justiça prevalecerão sobre delírios, negações, ignorância e mentiras. ��
      Era bastante óbvio desde o início, quando a informação foi lançado, que o criminoso era Stacey Barker. ��
      Todos e todas, as opiniões públicas compartilhadas e publicadas, acabou por ser verdade. ��
      Pena que o pai Barker não poderia enfrentar a verdade. Parece que o velho ditado "A verdade dói" aplica-se a Daddy Dearest ... ��
      Bem, ele também deve saber que a verdade vos libertará. ��
      Quanto assassino de bebês Ms. Barker �� Haha CADELA! Você nunca vai ver a luz do dia. Karma por um pelotão de fuzilamento �� ou �� ou mesmo "Sparky velho" �� LOL
        ���� Esperemos que o �� fantasma de Emma está assombrando você todas as noites. ��

      To Consultoria RH, ��
      Yep. Facts, logic, truth and justice prevail over delusions, denials, ignorance and LIES. ��
      It was quite obvious from the very beginning when the info was released, that the perp was Stacey Barker. ��
      All and all, the public opinions shared and posted, turned out to be true. ��
      Too bad Pa Barker couldn't face the truth. It appears that the old adage "Truth hurts" applies to daddy dearest...��
      Well, he should also know that the truth shall set you free. ��
      As for baby killer Ms. Barker �� Haha BITCH! You're never gonna see the light of day. Karma for a firing squad �� or �� or even "Old Sparky" �� LOL
      ���� Hopefully the �� ghost of Emma is haunting you every night. ��