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Eric Preimesberger, The Story Of A Man Who Loved Life, A Man Whose Life Was Cut Short

Eric's life was taken  by a senseless act of violence, in Reno, NV

Eric's life was taken sometime between April 21, 2010 and April 24, 2010 by a senseless act of violence, in Reno, NV.  His legal date of death is the day the M.E.'s office received him into their care which was  8/19/2010.

The purpose of the article you are reading is to pay tribute to Eric Preimesberger's life. Katfish.....ponders did a report on Eric in July of this year, entitled: The Mysterious Disappearance Of Eric Preimesberger.  If you are interested in learning about the circumstances in which Eric went missing, please follow the link above to the previous article. 

I am working on an article entitled: The Mystery Is Solved, Eric Preimesberger's  Remains Are Found, The Quest for Justice begins. In that article I will provide details about Eric's death, those who are accused and the long journey Eric's  family and friends will take in their quest for justice. To be honest, I was working on that article before I started this one. In an effort to protect the investigation, the decision was made to hold off on reporting any details about the arrest of the accused and the admissions they were making until 8 / 24. The accused have now been arraigned, so it's ok  to report those details....But... as I worked on it, I kept coming back to Eric and felt the need to learn more about his life. As I came to learn more about Eric I also learned what a devastating  loss his senseless killing was to so many. 

I will include links at the bottom of this article to a blog, The Hinky Meter and an online main stream media site,  RGJ out of Oregon, who have their posts up about the legalities and the gruesome details of Eric's death. Those articles are very informative and factual and a must read.

The information in this article was gathered from someone who knew Eric possibly the best of anyone in Eric's life, his mother. 
It's usually best to start at the beginning, so here we go.....

~A Loving Son, Grandson, Brother ,Uncle, Nephew and Cousin~

Eric was born  to Edwin and Kay  Preimesberger on July 9, 1980 in Bozeman, MT.

Eric moved with his family to Farmington, NM from from Bakersfield, CA in 1990. He attended school in Farmington and Bloomfield NM, and graduated from Bloomfield High School in 1998. He graduated from San Juan College after two years of auto body repair training.

When younger, Eric was very involved with dirt bikes, more specifically, a KTM dirt bike was his bike of choice. He loved to go fast and he rode his KTM in many races, according to his mother he had lots of trophies and broken bones to show for it. Eric rode often with Don Sheets, Jr. his cousin and best bud.

Eric was the type of guy that always had a smile on his face, a quick joke or silly impression to make you feel better. It didn't matter if you were really having a bad day, he could still cheer you up and even make you laugh. One of  his bonus sisters from Washington told his mother a story about a day when they went to the fair together. There was a person making a variety of balloon things. Eric made his into a hat and wore it the rest of the day, just to make his sister and the other two kids who were along laugh. He always thought of others first. 

Kay wrote, "Eric was the light of my life, I loved him from the moment I knew I was Pregnant with him, and that love only grew stronger every day of his life, it will never stop 'til the day I die. I remember when I was single, and working 3 jobs and coming home from work so tired and depressed I wanted to cry, I would walk through the door and both boys would run to hug me, but Eric would say " Wasn't it a great day mommy!?" and then it would be." What a wonderful memory Kay! It sounds like you have some wonderful kids!

Eric is survived by his parents ; William Wilson his bonus(step) father,  mother Kay Wilson of Farmington, NM. and  bonus mom Laurie Harns of Vancouver, WA, his siblings ; brother Coby Preimesberger and sister Teresa Wilson of Farmington NM, his bonus sisters; Kara and Nicole Lukens of Vancouver, WA , Janie Sheets of Kirtland, NM and bonus brother M. Eugene Sheets III of Snyder TX, His maternal grandparents Max and Lois Hickman of Glendive, MT. Eric is also survived by numerous Aunts,Uncles, many, many cousins and loving friends from all over the country.

Eric was proceeded in death by his father Edwin J. Preimesberger of Vancouver, WA, paternal grandparents X. Fred Preimesberger of Glendive, MT, Pete and Judy Penner of Florence, MT. and his Uncle Chuck (Charles) Preimesberger of Glendive, MT.

Eric with his children
      ~A Loving Father ~

Eric is survived by his children; Ivy Rayne Preimesberger, age 6 years and Damien Eric Preimesberger, age 22 months.
Eric was always a very hands on father. He got up with the kids at night and fixed their bottles, even when he had to work the next day. From the day the babies came home from the hospital, he helped bathe them, changed their diapers, dressed them, made their meals and feed them...he saw to it that their laundry was done and the house was cleaned.

Eric even was learning to french braid hair because one of  Ivy's friends wore hers that way and she really wanted her hair braided like that. Ivy was excited that daddy was going to be able to do her hair for her. Eric and Damien walked Ivy to and from school almost everyday, on the wet days they would drive her both ways . He was so dedicated to this that after he hurt his ankle, he walked down to the school using Damien's stroller to lean on.

Kay said," Eric was the kind of dad we all wish we  had and what all dads aspire to be. He was literally the chief cook and bottle washer."

Eric was a man who loved spending time with his kids, and truly enjoyed playing with them as often as he could. He didn't just "say" his kids were his greatest accomplishment in life, he "lived" it.

Eric lost his father at an early age, so he vowed to be the best dad ever, and he was.......until the day he was brutally taken from them.

            ~A Trusted And Loyal Friend To Many ~

While Eric's family was a very important part of his life and many of his friends are family, Eric also has a large number of "unrelated" friends all across the nation.

Eric will be remembered as a trusted and loyal friend, if you needed him, he would drop everything and come running. While living in Reno, Eric became involved with a new hobby......scooters.  When time allowed Eric loved to ride his Honda Ruckus Scooter.
" The machine that's too cool to know it's a scooter."
"Ruckus Love"
Eric was well known as a Honda Ruckus Scooter enthusiast. He belonged to a scooter club in Reno known as the BBSC (Battle Born Scooter Crew) and loved to go for rides with his friends from the club. Kay said, "If that scooter was human, Eric would have considered it his best friend". One of Eric's friends told Kay that Eric loved that scooter so much he would tease Eric and call him "Eruck". LOL! Eric was also active on an online forum named for scooter enthusiasts from all over the country and went by the user name RuckRider.

          ~The Plans for the future ~

Eric's  life was cut short by people that have no regard for human life. Eric's Mom, Dad, and his large clan of family and friends vow they will see justice done for Eric, their beloved son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin and friend.

During Kay's quest to find the truth about what happened to her beloved son, Eric and his family have touched many people that have never met them, including this author. I vow to continue to  follow this case and pray for justice to be done.

There will be a celebration of Eric's life in the near future. His family will try to let everyone know far enough ahead to allow time for those who need it, to get the time off from work and for travel.

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  1. Wonderful Kat, just amazing.....

    What you have done and said not only brings honor to Eric....but, one day when these children are older and they research for themselves......and read for themselves all that was written about thier dad, they will be eternally greatful.

    You did a great job!


  2. Awesome article. Eric was truly a spectacular person to his family and friends. My thoughts go out to his family and friends, and especially those two beautiful children. I'm sure it's very hard on them right now. Hoping they will be reunited with Kay very soon. Thank you again, Katfish, for this awesome article.

  3. Hi, Katfish!

    I'm Ann-Tx. What an awesome article! Very well written!

    After reading your articles you posted and reading Valhall's at The Hinky Meter, I feel as though I knew Eric.

    This is a beautiful tribute to Eric. I'm sure Kay appreciates this article and all of the assistance you have been to her.

    You and Valhall are to be commended for your dedication to Eric's case. It is so sad that Eric died a brutal, horrific death and left two innocent children without a father.

    It is my hope that the person or persons charged with this brutal murder are found guilty and sentenced to the maximum allowed by law.

    Justice for Eric D. Preimesgerger! Rest in peace, Eric!

  4. Kat,

    Another beautifully written piece, you always manage to put a personality behind the crime, so we all understand, this is a person, someone's family member, someone taken away from their loved ones - someone who deserves justice.

    Thank you for doing what you do so very well. (((Hugs))) LCMom

  5. Anne-Tx and LCMom,
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. For some reason I'm not getting notified through my e-mail when comments are being made....what the heck? I'm on google mail you would think google blogger could make that connection....I suppose it has something to do with changing my e-mail one of these days I'll probably get a ton of mail. LOL

    In my mind Truth = Justice and I don't think we have heard all of the truth yet but I'm confident eventually Eric will have justice.

  6. Kat fish....Your quote at the top of the page is interesting. "First it should be pointed out that if you did it, your guilty"...???? hmmm, Honey there are a thousand different scenarios in the world. The innocent until proven guilty thing is used to take that into account. If a man tries to kill or physically harm a child and you hit him in order to protect the child are you guilty of physical assault? Perhaps it might be nice for the people judging you to listen to the story before you are charged with assault....maybe then you'd have a chance to prove self defense.

    If your going to act as a leader ask and search for the truth. Dont lead people with half truths, emotion, and assumption. That quote is uneducated and emotional.

    Heres some truths about Eric. Eric was a drug user, (as pointed out in the past month on the Hinky meter blog), He also had hospitalized his wife due to his inclination toward physical assault. He was a nice guy when things were going his way....but when they weren't he liked to resort to violence. He hadn't worked in a while....but still had drugs and money. He overlooked his wife's very serious addiction to drugs, even though she was often left alone with their children.
    Lets sum this up in a more truth honoring way: Eric was an unemployed drug user. He had been physically violent in the past, and was responsible for hospitalizing people with his violent outbursts. Its safe to say that in the past Eric had scared people with his temper. Eric was recently killed in a physical altercation with Timothy Morgan. It has not yet been decided if Tim Morgan killed Eric accidentally in self defense. Timothy Morgan does not have a history of violence in any form. All of these statements can be researched through background checks...and much of it has been derived from the hinky meter blog within the past couple months. - Look for the truth katfish...even if it doesn't make a comfortable story.

  7. Anon 8/30 at 2:19 PM, PART1

    Wow, you sure told me!
    We are all entitled to our own opinions and so in that frame of mind, I say thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    You really missed my point with that quote in the header of my page and the point being..... just because you are given "the presumption of innocence in a court of law" doesn't mean you ARE innocent. I clearly acknowledge the presumption of innocence stands in the court until proven otherwise.

    I'm not stupid or emotional, although I will concede that I have had more personal involvement in this case than I do most of the stories I cover. Having said seems like you have a dog in this fight yourself.

    Where did you get the idea that I want to act like a leader? Just because I have a blog? I am not leading anyone and I have no obligation to you or anyone else. I try to be as accurate as possible because I want to, but if you want total objectivity head to the nearest main stream media outlet and FYI....even with their access to court records .....they don't always get it right either. For instance, after Tim and Kristi were arrested I read in RGJ, out of Eugene, that Kristi was still working as a stripper in Reno when Eric was killed, I put that in the entry I posted after this one until Kay told me that was wrong, so I removed it.

    The purpose of this particular article about Eric was to pay homage to Eric's life for those who loved him, and there are many who love him. I said straight up.... most of the information used in this entry was from Eric's mother, Kay. If you don't like that tough! This particular entry was not meant to be about the Tim or Kristi, notice they are not mentioned by name anywhere in the tribute, they were purposefully excluded.

    Because of personal issues, I am behind on my blogging on other cases and reading over at the Hinky Meter as well as other places I like to go. There are some very knowledgeable and nice people who comment over there at Hinky.

    I really didn't need to read much to realize Eric and Kristi had a volatile relationship and there was likely drugs involved in their lifestyle. I am well aware of Kristi's criminal history and that Eric met her when she was working as a stripper so he was aware of what he was getting into. I also know that Eric was charged with domestic violence but I don't know the disposition of that you? Remember you so aptly pointed out and I'll quote you, " Honey there are a thousand different scenarios in the world. The innocent until proven guilty thing is used to take that into account. If a man tries to kill or physically harm a child and you hit him in order to protect the child are you guilty of physical assault? Perhaps it might be nice for the people judging you to listen to the story before you are charged with assault....maybe then you'd have a chance to prove self defense."

    I don't usually write my entries based on comments from a blog especially comments by those who post "anonymously"; however, I did write the first article I posted here about Eric disappearing based on Valhall's numerous posts about the case and comments made by family of both Eric and Kristi in order to come up with a somewhat cohesive time line. I clearly identified my source as such as I would any story that I wasn't reporting from firsthand experience.
    I have to split this comment to fit in blogger.

  8. Part 2
    Now, to Tim and his being charged with murder. He was charged with Eric's murder based on his own confession as well as other evidence that has been gathered. Despite his "presumption of innocence" by the court, he is actually "assumed" guilty based on the state's "assertions" in their warranty as officers of the court that they have evidence to prove him guilty. That is why those who are accused are held in jail unless they can make bond, they are shackled and treated as prisoners until the state has the opportunity to present their evidence in court.

    The state has the burden of proof that is why the accused are given the presumption of innocence when they enter court. The defense doesn't have to do anything. They can plead not guilty and say "prove it" to the state and do nothing, or they can offer an affirmative defense. If the defendant offers an affirmative defense they are saying...yes I did it, but there was a reason such as, an accident, self defense, insanity or another affirmative defense is,no, I didn't do it and I have an alibi to prove either case the burden of proof shifts to them to prove their defense.

    If you are implying that Tim plans to claim he killed Eric accidentally or in self defense he has some serious issues to contend with if his confession is allowed into court and the confession has been reported accurately by MSM. Tim reportedly claims after he hit Eric with the bat a couple times, he and Kristi carried Eric into the laundry room, instead of calling for medical assistance or calling the police. Then...when they went back to check him, he was dead. Instead of calling the police and saying this was an accident or self defense, they left his body to rot in the car until they decided where to dump his body and burn the evidence. Oh yeah, they made up a cover up story too before eventually going on the run from OR, after they learn the case is being investigated as a suspicious disappearance.

    They have a real problem with that type of defense....they have the burden of proof...if they can convince the jury Eric had violent tendencies that may help their case, but all of their actions after Eric's death STRONGLY reflect a consciousness of guilt. Tim's nonviolent past may help him if he is convicted when it comes time for sentencing. Anonymous, I truly hope you are comfortable with this scenerio, because you may be stuck with it.

  9. just to let you know the donations made to eric's children is a fraud and should be closed. they are not in NM. and kay has not had them at all nor has she contributed anything to the care and well being of them

  10. Wow!!! anonymous! Have you alerted the posters at the hinky meter yet? They were the ones to encourage Kay to set up some type of an account. I was very well aware when I donated that Kay didn't have her grandbabies with her, and that she has of yet to be allowed to see them as they are in Montana now. As of how long Kay doesn't know because she wasn't told that they were being shipped off. Keep in mind that Kay lost her son to a senseless act of MURDER at the hands of Kristi Morgan Preimesberger and brother Timothy Morgan. Kristi has of yet released Erics remains to his family and then Kristi's mother has prevented Kay from visiting Eric's children (her own grandbabies) and sends them away without even telling Kay. Talk about adding salt to the many wounds Kay has....Where would you have her to send these donations????I would hate to know that she sent the funds to anyone in Kristi's family for fear that they would be spent on the murderers....You should be ashamed of yourself....

    Sorry for this rant in your house, Katfish. You have an awesome site and I appreciate all that you have and will do for Kay.

  11. Anon 9/4 1:13pm

    I appreciate your concern about the memorial fund for Eric's children. It was never my understanding that the moneys from these funds would go for the living expenses of Ivy and Damien.I can understand why you might interpret it that way, because of the way it is written,

    "There has been a memorial fund set up in Eric’s name for the purpose of covering costs Eric’s mother, Kay, and her family will be facing to ensure the well-being of Eric’s children, Ivy and Damien."

    It has been my understanding the funds were to be set back for future needs of the kids on behalf of their father. I noticed many over at The Hinky Meter who contributed told Kay they didn't mind if she used some of the funds to obtain legal representation to ensure the well being of the kids. Whether that be efforts to gain custody of the kids or just to ensure that Kristi does not retain custody of them.

    As long as Kristi has parental rights and is incarcerated or deemed an unfit parent, whoever has the kids in their care should be receiving support for the kids from the state of which they are wards. If they aren't they should be.

    (I know that my sister was a foster parent of 1 of her granddaughters and after several years has been given legal guardianship and still receives assistance from the state.)

    For the time being I will leave the memorial fund information up and your comment. Whoever decides they want to donate will do so aware of your concerns.

  12. Ana 9/4 9:27 pm

    Your views are welcome, especially as someone who has donated and can attest to your understanding of the situation when doing so. We are all entitled to our opinions....the only ones without a say in this situation are Ivy and Damien, and of course their father, Eric. His parental rights were terminated unlawfully.

    I trust the courts to decide what will be in the best interest of these kids, but Eric's voice should be heard in the process, it seems Kay is the only one left to do so on his behalf, unless his sisters or cousins are in a better position to do so.

  13. I am sorry about kay's son, but that is still no excuse to scam people for money and the bank has been notified and the account will be closed as it should be. It is a fraud and the money should not be used for anyting else.

  14. Let me first say I have NEVER SCAMMED OR STOLEN FROM ANYONE IN MY LIFE. Second the money from this fund was to be for helping with school clothes for Ivy, shoes for both of them,coats for winter whatever they needed. I have NEVER CLAIMED THE KIDS WERE WITH ME IN NEW MEXICO! The money will go directly to the grandfather where they are living. I will even scan the receipt from the bank account so you all can see it. I will copy the money order or cashiers check depending on which I choose. I will tell the grandfather to make sure if he sets an acct. up to be careful how he does it, so he is not accused of the same thing. All I was wanting to do was to help with their expenses that will not be covered by what little the government survivors benefits will be as Eric was so young they will not be large checks. However you all want to put someone else's morals up on this site not mine. So I thank all who helped out with the donations that were made and I will make sure that Katfish, if she wishes to, posts the information I listed above.
    have a lovely life and I really hope nothing like this ever happens in your family. Proud to be Eric's mom, Kay

  15. Just one more thing, I want to thank Katfish, Ann TX, Ana and others who have stuck by me and stood up for me you too Randie. I am still the Proud mother of Eric Dee Preimesberger

  16. Kay, You are doing the right thing by closing the memorial fund...hopefully Karen is happy now....the account has been closed. I will be glad to post a copy of the receipt showing whatever money was raised in the memorial fund will be sent to Ivy and Damien's grandfather to use for the children.

    Please let me know when a guardian ad litem has been appointed on behalf of Ivy and Damien. That is the correct thing to do for the good of the kids, hopefully it's done soon.

  17. I had a feeling that might have been Karen posting about the fund. Kay, I am so sorry you are having so much to deal with and still having nonsense dished out to you. I think you have suffered enough. I admire your determination and your strength. Eric is so proud of you and he knows how strong your love for him is. It takes time but it will get better. Continue to stay strong and believe.

  18. this is karen, no i was not the one posting about the funds, why would i do that, they are my grandchildren also and i want them to be taken care of.


  20. Well the new year came for the first time in yeas without a call from my Eric. Can you believe that Shantell Quinn actually paid for an airline ticket to NM for Kristi? WHY???????

  21. Kay, I know there will be many "moments" in the coming years that will highlight the loss of your Eric. I hope you can find some measure of comfort in knowing that Eric's memory is alive and well in the mind and hearts of many.
    It's been some time since I heard anything about how Tim's case was progressing. I'm happy to blog about this case as it progresses through the courts.
    I thought last I heard Kristi had been disposed and released on her own recognisence and was allowed to stay at her mother's in NM. I am a bit confused as to who Shantell Quinn is and why she paid for Kristi to return to NM. If you have time please drop me an e-mail and fill me in on the progression of this case. {{{HUGS}}}
    I hope that 2011 will bring justice for your beloved son.

  22. Kay Erics mom wrote:THE TIME IS FAST APPROACHING FOR THE TRIAL OF TIMOTHY Wayne Morgan. We will find out if the Feb 28 start date is still good on Feb 16 when both sides have to decide if either of them is going to ask for a continuance.
    I hope this finds all well, sorry I have not posted for awhile, just not a lot that can be shared.I will send info to you as the trial progresses and ask that you and Val put it out there for all. We are so grateful to both of you for getting the word out about our boy. He will at least have a shot at partial justice by man then Tim and Kristi both will have to face the ultimate Judge and neither of them can hide behind stupid laws or lie to Him, he will sentence them as He sees fit. If that is what this family has to wait for then that is what we will do.
    Eric's proud family

  23. That's great news Kay! Thanks for the heads up. I personally won't be surprised if this case is continued again and again and again. I hope not, but the wheels of justice turn slowly.{{{HUGS}}}